Our life in a modern city is full of different troubles, things to do and everything of the sort. It all causes stresses, quarrels, problems with health and such like things. It is not good, but people have nothing to do except continuing living their lives and doing their deeds. That is why people invented different things to help them relax and forget about difficulties of life, such as all kinds of sports, GYMs, relaxation programs, etc. Among them, yoga can be met more and more often. And this article will be dedicated to the topic of yoga and relaxation and we will speak about Garden Meditation Day. We will know what is it and when is Garden Meditation Day in 2022.


So, nowadays meditations and yoga became very popular. Every third person has his own guru, visits special training, study yoga as a science and try to be as closer to the space as possible. But what we know about all this at all? Mostly young people go to such training because of hearing modern words. They make photos, post them on the internet and measure, who is more cool and advanced. But it all is more than just being in trend. Real professionals know, that it is a huge philosophy, which separate persons perceive for dozens of years, visit special monasteries and are taught by real gurus.

Garden Meditation Day

But let’s get back closer to the history. Yoga and meditations take their roots from India. Right there from ancient times people perceived philosophical studies, searched for the harmony with nature and your body and mind. Those people thought that it all is the main key to harmony and a better life. They taught each other generation by generation, invented new techniques, share knowledge and taught others to be themselves and unite with nature. They devoted their whole life to it all. And it worked – their lives were long and bright, full of only positive emotions, they never experience headaches, other pains, stresses, depression and many other things, which the modern world is full off.

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And now people want to reach the same effect too, to be happy every day and do not think about their troubles. Some people try to reach the top and their attitude towards such things is more serious – they learn a lot of things, try to know and do more, try to treat this like a philosophy. But there are also people, who just want to be in trend and think that visiting a GYM a couple of days a week will be enough to be healthy and clean-minded. But still, they usually know, what day Garden Meditation Day in 2022 is.


What does Garden Meditation Day mean? There is nothing special organized during this time. But it is a good opportunity to try and feel something new just on your own and unite with nature. People usually go to the parks or just their own gardens near houses and try to relax. It is an interesting practice and you should try it too if you have not done it before. It is also a good chance to continue doing such things the whole year round – it is not difficult, doesn’t make any material expenses and give only positive emotions.

Also an important thing or part of this so-called holiday is nature – plants, in particular. Why is it so? Well, it is not difficult to guess, that first of all, plants are around us all the time from the very beginning of our lives. Wherever we go, we see and meet trees, flowers, bushes, etc. They are extremely beautiful, they smell pleasant, make our places of living more beautiful, comfortable and cozy. They grow wild in forests or parks, for example, and at the same time, people plant them by themselves at homes and private gardens, in the country, in the city lines – wherever they want.

But it is only the one side of the vision. There is another side, which is maybe even more important. Plants help us live and breathe. It is a well-known fact that they release oxygen and consume carbon. Without this function, people would not have any opportunity to breathe. And not only people but animals and all live organisms, which live on the ground. With their help, our lives in cities became more comfortable, though many can think that this opinion is exaggerated. But take all the plants from the streets away and you will see, that people will suffocate from gasses and all possible inner smells and results of recycling products.


So, why did we touch upon all those topics? It all is because when is Garden Meditation Day in 2022, the calendar will show and it is really an important day to pay people’s attention to the things, which we feel and use every day but even do not notice them. In 2022 it is on 3rd of May. If going back to the history again, we should admit that this day has risen from Garden Day all over the world that is why we paid so much attention to plants. Earlier it has been not mentioned as a separate day like nowadays. Now it is also connected with gardening but got a bit other meaning.

Now, as it has been mentioned, nature, plants, gardening are all connected with relaxation and meditation. Even psychologists say that gardening strengthens your emotional system, helps to relax and feel contented. It is a good thing to do not only for adults or elderly people but for any teenager and even child. They now also know, when is Garden Meditation Day 2022.

Garden Meditation Day


So, among the main traditions we can observe the next ones:

  • During the day find some time to visit a park, a garden (at your home), a lawn or forest. Just sit on the grass, relax, turn on pleasant music and feel the breath of
  • Also, a good variant to spend this day (for those, who find it possible) is to do some gardening. You can water flowers, plants some bushes or flowers too, take care of your plants, etc. Many, who tried this practice, confirm, that it really works and calm up your nerves greatly.
  • Any contact with nature and plants at this day is perfect. Find out, what is the day of Garden Meditation Day 2022, and be among plants as much as possible – lie on the grass, do gardening, or just feel the wind and sun outside. You will see, how free and happy you will feel yourself!
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All these traditions are really good and helpful both for people’s minds and for bodies. All this is preferable to be done not only once a year, but it is better to be turned into a good habit, which will make your life better. You may even create your own tradition!

Garden Meditation Day Facts

So, this day is really interesting and you will see and meet many people, doing such like things. For example, some people, who do not like gardening, for example, or have no opportunity to visit a park and just do nothing there, find a way out (and it is not the worst one, we must admit) – they take their work together with them and work or study outside – in the city parks or small forests near their offices or institutions. That’s a pity, that not all professions let people do the same things once a year. So, you can invent your own tradition too and feel how your body and health will react, feeling all this.

As this day has “grown up” from a holiday, called Garden Every Day, there is an official website, where anybody can find advice, concerning plants and hobbies, connected with it, together with many other interesting things.


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