The famous Socrates’ words «Talk to me and let me see who you are» become more and more determinate in a modern society. Communication, the exchange of news and information always played a significant role in people’ life. Nowadays the system of news transmission is very developed and greatly influences today’s existence. Internet, websites, Facebook, Twitter present an integral part of our life so we could imagine ourselves without it. All these sources of information serve for people and speaking about when is International Town Criers Day in 2022, one should rightly think about its efficiency and necessity because there are not any town criers nowadays. Let us consider a little about it for better understanding. Why do we have to commemorate this holiday and those strange people called tower criers?

International Town Criers Day

The meaning of the holiday

What does International Town Criers Day mean for Americans?

These special people are called also «bellmen». First of all, it is important to signalize and find out of the figure of the representative of the occupation about what we will consider a little later in this article. This feast aims to draw attention to those who announce some pieces of information and are professionals in the field. We live in a permanently changing world and need to know what is happening around us. All speakers, informers, TV and radio presenters may count the bellmen their ancestors. They are the people who do not waste their time but working for the good of mankind. As we see, the profession is very ancient. At the same time, it is curious to be more informed about when is Town Cries Day in 2022 for better understanding the meaning of it.

The definition of the holiday

As we already mentioned, the vocation of tower cries is as old as the world. It was a usual thing that every king or lord hired a man to announce his will to the poor. There were two main denominations of these people:

  • A word «bellman» is originated from a little bell that the announcers were carrying with them. While approaching to the city center or a central city place, they rang the bell and all the citizens came to listen to him.
  • Another one is «tower cries». A man stood on a high hill or even a tower that he could be seen and heard from any part of the village speaking about king’s will.
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The holiday may also underline the importance of the job and say to us that every occupation is needed. It is obvious they are not claimed to announce something today because people have a large range of communication ways but there was a kind of people who deserve to be mentioned in the history and US citizens have to know what day is International Tower Criers Day in 2022.

The history of the holiday

The history has many possible titles of the bellmen: street criers, town criers, public crier etc. The fashion of this sort of «criers» came from Middle Ages. They were like loudspeakers. Every country and continent differed from another in the business of loudspeakers. In Europe, for example, they proclaimed the words from a high nobility especially on market days where there were crowds or at weekends. The Asian and African town criers wore big drums to draw attention to them and let people know all the changes in the society.

Do you remember your favorite fairy-tales for example, Cinderella, where a brave prince sent the bellman to tell everyone he was looking for a princess with … a missing shoe. Unbelievable but true. The task of the criers was to inform of everything even strange or stupid one. All regnant’s desire is addressed to the people through a posture of tower criers. For more information let us draw a composite photo of these professionals:

  • He always wore multicolored clothes as a hat, a coat or a jacket. The main reason of that was a need to be seen from a very long distance.
  • The person had to be strong and enduring. Townsfolk were sometimes unsatisfied with the news and could even throw a tomato or another object in the speaker.
  • The bellman used to be in a very good health because he must leave a palace for a specific task and travel in every weather despite a strong rain, cold snow, and hot sun.
  • The servant is characterized by a high level of courage. He was usually risking his life because city folk could even kill him after hearing bad news.
  • His important was significant and huge because he became a linking element for aristocracy and peasants, richness and poorness.
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In a matter of fact, this is a difficult job. It requires big physical and emotional efforts. The day-off is marked June 13th every year in a calendar. It is worth to memorize when is International Tower Criers Day in 2022 and add a memo in your pocket calendars or organizers and find the appropriate way to unite with the celebrations and parties held this day.

International Town Criers Day

What are International Tower Criers Day traditions and facts?

Modern town criers do not really exist. There are passed into some ceremonial characters taking part in shows and concerts and showing people the old and important profession. Nevertheless, some local powers of Wales and England reinstated the career of city crier and. They founded the Guild of Town Criers, an official organization to honor these people. It was done in October 2010 and since then the bellmen begin to possess some legal rights and obligations. One can sometimes hear them solemnly pronounce the birthdays of royal heirs, the names of the official guests coming to the Court in the present time. In Canada and Australia, there are similar job institutes. The championships and competitions take place June 13th all over the world. People compete in the best crier’s look and speech they announce.

How do we can join the celebration ad respect the old profession? The June 13th is the perfect occasion to enjoy and have fun. Walking down the street, we will probably see the man standing on a stage and loudly telling or reading some information or news. Do not think it is a clown or circus performer because he might be a representative of an important career some time ago. Show him your respect and try to explain to everyone who is still unaware what date is International Tower Criers Day in 2022 and why we should commemorate it too. It will be pleasant for him to know people address to him. The profession is almost disappeared. The best way to keep it alive is to speak and listen to stories about it.

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One can propose to invite a professional TV or radio speakers to your place – home or work, school or university – and ask him to teach you the professional speech. Provide your own parole contest playing his role. It is funny and attractive especially for the children but educative at the same time for adults. This is very interesting to learn something new. Make all the television company for your relatives and retell the story of bellmen and their difficult destiny. Create the Facebook community for people or join the existing one. Another way of this day celebrating is making an open-air party and sharing some memories together while reading old stories, fairy-tales where appears the characters of speakers. Explain to those who do not understand the meaning of the holiday and that it deserves to exist in order to be very unusual and purely interesting.


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