Till which generation can you call the names of your relatives? Almost each of us knows those of the grandmothers and grandfathers but what about a bit earlier ancestors?

There is a day in the calendar that was created exactly for that – to delve into your family history and discover the names and people you might not have known. When is National Roots Day in 2022? Follow the lines!


Even in the ancient times, the expertise in the man’s lineage was a vitally important point as it protected the kin from the extinction. No matter the absence of today’s researches about the close relatives’ marriages, the first people witnessed the consequences of these relationships that came into this world with the ill and nonviable children. The Australian aborigines, for instance, elaborated on the special system of the kinship where every human would know their genealogy and their possible spouse. Besides, the ancestors’ cult – the worship of the dead forefathers and relatives – demanded the extensive knowledge.

The Antiquity brought the very first works on the issue of the ancestry. The philosophers and scholars – Apollodorus and Hyginus – spurred the further scientific investigation of the long journey of the individuals to the society. The following years were rich in the various legends that told about the descent of the folks and their rulers that go back to the local deities, antique gods, and heroes.


The genealogy as a science emerged in the Middle Ages. The brainhad long been considered asthe unreliable data carrier. So with the development of the statehood, the family records appeared in Europe. In particular, the church was responsible for carrying out the population accounting. A bit later, those houses of worship started to collect and store the genealogical data. Of course, the records were based mainly on the words of the individuals and thus were rather questionable.

In the period of the 16th-18th centuries, there were dozens of the genealogical books written and hundreds of the works done, especially of the French and English authorship. In the 19th-20th centuries, the science entered the list of the university disciplines. The biggest achievement of those times was the establishing of the German school of the genealogy. By the end of the 90’s, the thing turned into the wildly known and popular phenomenon with thousands of the genealogical communities and institutions all over the world.

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When is International Roots Day 2022? Well, in fact, it’s closely linked to another much-loved celebration happening in December when all family members come together for a warm and joyous pastime. Your guess?


What does Roots Day mean? It means getting concerned about the family issue at least once in a year!

The meaning of the family relationships in the life of the human could hardly be overestimated. It gives us support, warmth, and tons of love. It helps us develop our personality, overcome the barriers and deal with the difficulties that we face. The happier the family is, the more love it bestows the human with.

The family is the very first community that we get to know from the early childhood. Those values that we get in this circle of people stay with us for the rest of our lives. When we realize the whole importance of having a family, it becomes the most secure shelter on this planet. When something goes wrong, when we face the endless flow of problems, where would we go for the peace and support? Of course, we appeal to those who’d understand our sorrows better than anyone, give the advice and help to manage the bad streak.

If you see that the circle of your people is not that strong and close-knit, do everything you can to strengthen the relationships. Extend a helping hand, show the respect and don’t be shy to express your deepest love through the action and words. Don’t let the offenses tear you apart, learn to forgive the mistakes and sincerely ask for forgiveness in case it’s your fault that makes you quarrel.

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One of the main principles of this life is to appreciate the things that make us happy, and one of those is our families. Wife or husband, parents, children, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas – all of them are the treasures that we have the luck to know. Learn their wisdom, share the experience and show the proper example to the little ones – your children and grandchildren – and then you’d feel the true joy that the family can bring!

Regardless of what day Roots Day occurs on, don’t forget to say a warm word to your close persons as often as possible.


The term of the family we learn from the very childhood. Even the babies are aware that they are somehow connected to the people the faces of which they see every day. And if you think about these connections, the answer would be given by the genealogy. It is a historical science that studies the lineage of the individuals and ties of the relationship among them.

Unfortunately, little of us know the history and ancestry of the family or even the names of the relatives before the granny and grandpa. The modern world brought us to the point where there are hundreds of the various family search methods together with the special literature and archives.

Everyone decides for themselves whether they need to know their forefathers yet something deep inside binds us to dust off the thick layer of oblivion over the names of our ancestors. The first and last name of the human has never been just the simple combination of the letters. They contain the mysteries that leave their mark on those who bear them. The mark that includes their kinsmen’ origin, estate, profession, and social status. The information about the man’s genealogy helps define the circle of the family’s interests, occupations and even find the long hidden treasures. The family tree is the main document that gives the unique opportunity to look into the depth of the times.

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Family tree

The object of the genealogy as a discipline is the historical sources that contain the information about the kindred, blood, and formal connections among the people. The main subject is exactly those links. Due to the genealogy, the social self-identification of the human happens.

What is the date of Roots Day 2022? It’s annually celebrated on December 23.

Of course, everyone has their own reasons for learning the history of their ancestors. Oftentimes, they are not wholly realized, and the man when being asked the respective question answers something like “it’s just interesting” or “I just want to know”. Yet to have the luck to expose your genealogy down to the bottom, or, more correctly, to the roots, you need to be honest with yourself and answer certainly.


All in all, there are several pretty much obvious ways to observe the date. First, have a warm family evening with your older fellows and delve into the intimate conversation about their youth and the relatives they knew.

Second, make your own research on the issue of the family history with the help of the modern technologies. We’re sure there is anarchive or – the easier option – a genealogical agency in your neck of the wood.

Third, draw the family tree! But before, elaborate on the every detail of the tree to be filled correctly.

National Roots Day Facts

  • We don’t know for sure when exactly the holiday was invented but the rumors have it that it’s been celebrated for more than forty years.

Mark in your calendar, when is Roots Day in 2022, and remember that knowing your family history is one of the moral duties of the conscious person.


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