Modern poetry is a rather complex and really diverse process of the contemporary world. This sphere is attracted by the fact that sometimes a few lines know about us something inner and important and we, as a rule, do not know these matters at all. Some poems are appreciated, others, of course, vice versa. Tastes differ and it is up to you to decide, but could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Bad Poetry Day in 2022?โ€ immediately? Frankly speaking, usually we are not able to reply properly it even after the serious thinking.

And that is the main reason, why we have decided to discuss this theme on details.


Of course, it would be almost impossible to try to find the answer, what day National Bad Poetry Day in 2022 is, without mentioning the historic background of this event.

Unfortunately, contemporary men and women usually pay little attention to this unofficial special occasion, which hasnโ€™t been acknowledged by the American Government yet. However, the holiday was set on the pages of well-known administrative Politico website.

National Bad Poetry Day

But we havenโ€™t been able to discover who the establishers of this notable data were. But according to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, these people had a perfect sense of humor. Also we can suppose that they were trying to write some poetry but unsuccessfully or somebody from their surrounding was doing this, making these men or women to listen to these so called acts of creation.


What does National Bad Poetry Day mean? Of course, there is no any definition for this event. In most cases it is up to you to decide whether this holiday is important for you or not.

According to the points of view of contemporary authors, writing a poem resembles watching the world inside you or around you in quite different colors. In verse, everything can be said, every your thought, from love to pain, and from flowers in the park up to a small gate in the yard of your old farm. Some people are sure that creating poems helps them to relax.

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Of course, nowadays there is a great amount of poems, which are uninteresting and boring. However, if you are going to create your own poem, the first thing you have to do is to think about the theme, you are going to describe.

According to the specialists’ point of view, in order to write a good verse, you should see the aims you want to achieve. The most popular ones are the lines, which show the love or admiration to the boyfriend/girlfriend. Some people want to tell in memory of some tragic events or any other topics. Before you start, just think why you are doing this verse, as well as who will be the target audience of your poems. Ready? – Only under the answering you have to continue the composing of something special.


The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative to the processes, which are happening nearby. As a rule the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Bad Poetry Day 2022?โ€ is well-known in rather close societies.

All in all from the scientific point of view, contemporary poet is considered to be a man or a woman, which is not more than forty years older than the readers. However, if we take into account the speed of today’s life, it will be found out that the economic and political realities can change very rapidly. That is why the term is enormous.

The main tendency, which can be observed among almost all modern authors, is the turning to the inner world, feelings and soul. The reflections have begun to interest the poets much more than the surrounding reality.

In general there is a very reasonable explanation for this. On the one hand, the outside world has become too cruel, commercial and rational for those who have the meaning of life in irrationality. You see, nowadays it’s hard to imagine the poet-lyricist, who is leading a large oil resale business, daily arguing seriously with competitors, and starts the composing poems about the good and eternal.

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We should also discuss the art works, performed by the representatives of individual youth subcultures. Talented young men and women are increasingly attached to any movement, where they can show themselves and attract public attention. But unfortunately, their works are not always successful or even just interesting.

Especially typical is the mass poetic creativity in groups of ethno and folk communities, as well as among rappers and rockers. You can think about their works as you own want, but this is another aspect of modern poetry, from which it is difficult to disown.

As for the prospects for the development of modern poetry, we can confidently say that talents have not been transplanted, poems are born, and the level of poetic culture that has fallen sharply in the early nineties shows positive dynamics, which can not but be reassuring.


When is Bad Poetry Day in 2022, calendar will help you not to forget. This year it will be on Saturday August 18. But are you ready to celebrate it properly?

Unfortunately, there are no any rules or customs for this holiday keeping. But you can always create something special for you, your friends, relatives or even colleagues.

National Bad Poetry Day

What about trying to create a small poem, choosing any theme you like? Some men and women like to do it in teams, competing and winning the prizes.

This day is in summer and it simultaneously means that you have a perfect change for organizing a party in the open air. The reciting near the swimming pool or on the coast is an amazing way to celebrate this day. You will remember it, of course, for a long time.

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Also on August 18, a great amount of people celebrate this special occasion not only by writing some poems, making them truly ugly on purpose. If you like, you can even send these lines to your school teacher.

Bad Poetry Facts

So you have already known the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Bad Poetry Day 2022?โ€ and, of course, you can celebrate in on August 18, if you like. But we would like to give you some pieces of advice in order to make your art of creation not bad, but vice versa interesting and attractive.

  • Do not steal texts. Remember, there is a belief stole, a person, who has stolen the poem, is able to take somebodyโ€™s purse. In fact it is better to have a clumsy but sweetie text, than the stolen one. Even if your thief reveals itself only many years later, it will still be very unpleasant. That is why if you are inspired by something, try to make it unrecognizable.
  • By the way, do not be amazed by fashionable hits on love. Do not take plots and images from there.
  • There is a certain set of rhymes. If you are not sure that you are saying something completely original, avoid them. There is nothing worse than the banal content in the same trivial form.
  • Avoid comparisons. The idea of comparing a girl with a flower, for example, a rose, is not bad, but you see, a great number of various authors have already used it. Do not be lazy, strain your imagination!
  • Do not give your new poetry to a person who will not like receiving them, for example, your ex-girlfriend.
  • Never describe the disadvantages of the person whom you want to devote the poetry. As you can understand, the lines like โ€œYou are terrible, ugly, stupid, but I love you”. It looks like unpleasant rubbish.
  • Do not give a person poetry, if you have never written it before. You need at least minimal skills.


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