When is National Simplicity Day in 2021? Do you know the exact answer to this unusual question? As a rule, the significant part of contemporary men and women has never had about its existence in the modern calendar. Well, we find this fact to be an unfair one, so today we are planning to represent you this special occasion in details. Are you ready to discover something new? We are starting.


As you perhaps see it would be impossible to investigate the matter what day Simplicity Day in 2021 is without mentioning the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is usually of the greatest demand between our followers.

The date of this holiday celebration was chosen not occasionally. It has a stable basement. National Simplicity Day is annually celebrated in the United States on July 12 as the birthday of the famous American writer, poet, ecologist, historian and philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

This person gave the world a call to live a simple life and said that this is the solution to all problems.

This day is celebrated to let people know about it and pay tribute to Henry David Thoreau.


What does Simplicity Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether this special occasion means something for you or not. All in all there are two categories of modern people. The first one is sure that this occasion is not essential and there is no need in celebrating it. The second and, unfortunately, the minor one is actively involved into it.

From our side we want to add that the idea of celebrating the Day of Simplicity is based on an elementary revision of our own load level. This activity is expected to help your self-realization. The ability to relax and adequately assess priorities is not available to everyone.

If your character is inherent in meaninglessness and spinelessness, this is not your date. However, if you are familiar with the concept of concreteness and concentration on goals, spend this July 12th relaxing and resting.

The most valuable thing a person has is life. Living it, we notice that this is a difficult thing with many nuances and conventions.

Think about it carefully! How simple it would be living without the labels and obligations attached. Sometimes difficulties are imposed on us by social obligations, sometimes these are financial and economic dependencies, sometimes we ourselves create intra-family difficulties, and so on, and so on.

July 12 is as simple as the date name itself. To begin with, be simpler, this does not mean to put everything aside and get stupid.


The question “When is International Simplicity Day 2021?” is not as easy as it may see at the first sight. It involves a lot of nuances.

Following the specialists’ points of view, simplicity in itself is not a sign of genius, but the desire to simplify complex things, and even more so the ability to simplify them without losing those properties that they possess, certainly requires a lot of intelligence.

From a psychological point of view, simplicity can contribute to the solution of many confused problems for a person, by, first of all, changing the attitude towards them, when a person ceases to attach importance to insignificant details, simply discards them and at the same time begins to interpret the meaning of things that are really important in a new way.

A person can simplify the personal attitude to life, to the existing problems, to the personality and thus get rid of unnecessary mental burden.

In the most cases we simply do not notice all the simplicity of the task set before us. In general, we have already got used to the fact that everything is complicated, and we absolutely do not expect such a trick as simplicity. Dustiness of thinking, subjective experience, inability to clear the head of all rubbish, builds real walls between us and simplicity.

It’s easy to see simple solutions. Just get all this stuff out of your head. Imagine that there are no difficulties, that our world is simple to the point of emotion. Forget, in principle, that there is such a thing as complexity. Just for a few minutes. And you will be surprised how many simple and incredibly effective solutions will open before you.


When is Simplicity Day in 2021, calendar will certainly remind you. The mentioned occasion has a fixed day of its celebration, so you won’t have any problems with memorizing it. As it has been already told above, the exciting holiday is held on July 12th annually.

Unfortunately, there are no any special rules for this holiday celebration, but you are always free to create something special for yourself.

Relax and put aside what you wanted to do on July 12th. Lie down on the sofa, but don’t fall asleep! You need to make a list of commitments and chores that weigh you down. Think about what is not so important, what needs to be done right tomorrow, and what is not so essential, what needs to be done at all. Think about whether the consequences of your inaction will be catastrophic or if you yourself are dramatizing the situation and have chosen the wrong pace of decision.

Free your brain from the urge to solve everything at once and on July 12th, on the Day of Simplicity, go into the so-called standby mode. Agree to do this quite simply, especially when you consider that it is only for one day a year.

If your list is ready and you have relaxed and calmed down a little, make some tea or coffee without haste, find a corner where no one will bother you and dream that everything that burdens you with deciding by itself. Sometimes our brains need exactly the same rest as our bodies after a lot of physical activity.

National Simplicity Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Simplicity Day in 2021?” is really wide. It touches the matters of the human personality from different sides. Following the experts’ points of view, this direction usually spreads to different spheres characterizing our surrounding too.

As a rule, simplicity in thoughts and behavior may be introduced and demonstrated in something else, for example, in the interior design, represented by minimalism.

Minimalism is a style that appeared in the twenties and thirties years of the last century. Initially, it was a design in which there was a minimum amount of decor, details, pieces of furniture and colors.

However, now the style can’t be associated with an ascetic lifestyle. The interior has functionality and a clear organization that can be traced even in the details. Up to the present moment it does not require strict adherence to the rules that used to be.

In the contemporary world, the style of minimalism in the interior is very popular. In an apartment decorated according to its rules, there are no unnecessary things and details, so it is rather difficult to make a mess. Decorating is much cheaper as the style doesn’t require a lot of furniture. This is also one of the obvious advantages.

In order to create the correct minimalism at home, it is enough to follow one principle: each thing must perform a specific function and be in the room for a good reason. That is, every little thing should be thought out, comfortable and of high quality. This will simplify your life, since the resulting interior will be completely adjusted to your requirements and will be able to delight you every day.


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