On this day, humanity can really overcome its laziness and finally implement all long-lasting plans. Everyone knows that people start their life from scratch in the New Year. But this holiday has its own purpose. It is an incredible chance to truly set ourselves up for some disappointments and dissatisfactions. Take a piece of paper and put down your new life, what do you need to change? Add or remove forever? So, when is National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day in 2018? January 17 is the ideal day, it is just the perfect day to set free from your primary stumbles.

Creating this holiday people were guided by the question, why should we live in a pattern? Everyone is used to start life from the first of January, and we want to have our own history. Fortunately or unfortunately, people need an eternal motivation engine, because it helps us to stay fit morally and physically. It is easier for us to cope with procrastination if we know that at this anniversary people around the world are aimed to fight with the same problem as you have. The primary concern is to create and set realistic goals. Well, some happy people just should not repeat mistakes from the past. In general, let’s delve into this holiday with a specific final goal to understand its whole essence.

Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day


The History of Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is quite ancient. In the intoxicated, confident atmosphere of the beginning of the New Year, we usuaĺly believe that the following year will be unique, that we won’t return back to our previous style of life, and we won’t let things proceed as they seemed to be. As it was written in some sources, this occasion was created as a protest against a pattern to begin  life in every usual winter holiday. There is an opinion that nobody can make important life decisions or make cardinal changes in life in a festive atmosphere. But just after all winter holidays, it is necessary to allocate time that will be spent alone with your own thoughts in order to set life priorities and goals clearly. This is why this holiday was created.

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Actually, what a day isNational Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day 2018 was specified previously. But why is exactly this date? From the opinion of psychologists and statisticians at this feast, people made the most important decisions in their lives, no one knows the real reason for this phenomenon, but a fact remains the fact that by the way, it has developed historically. And that’s why it was customary to highlight this holiday on this day of a calendar.


Interesting question is what does National Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day mean for us? The answer is rather subjective. There are different types of people, and depending on this, it can be a different level of meaning. Some people set this day for themselves as a kind of deadline. Until this time, they can lead their way of life as they wish, but when the deadline comes, they dramatically change their life. But in reality it is an utopia, we are dependent on our habits, the slower and more carefully we will introduce corrections into our schedule or even change the way of our thinking and especially perception of the world, the easier it will be for our body to get used to new circumstances provided to it.

According to doctors and psychologists opinions, this holiday is harmful for our spiritual and physical world. It is impossible as it had been said above to do everything abruptly. Yes, it is symbolic to carry out reforms on this holiday. But still, set goals; let them be small, but every day. Larger goals to set each month and so on. Do not try coping with procrastination on January 17th, so your destiny is different, for example, in a month.

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In the name of the holiday is already hidden the meaning and its content. It is a time to make reforms and new life. It is the time to set fresh goals and fresh ways of implementing them. Humans are creatures who can’t fight with themselves, they are lazy. Undoubtedly there are people with a frantic cursing and discipline, but they are unfortunately in minority.

Changes are rather difficult.

Most people want to change their lives. But the problem appears either at the very beginning – it is difficult to take the first step, or in the future – it becomes difficult to maintain the changes for a long time. But this holiday helps us to unite around the problem and motivate others to join you. For this reason, spread this tendency in social media.


By knowing when International Ditch New Year’s Resolution day in 2018 is we can understand its primary customs. This holiday hosts many philosophical, psychological and even economical conferences and seminars on similar topics related to changes in humans living. Successful people make master classes, talk about their achievements and changes. A large number of people get on motivating advertising on the Internet. In some countries, even on this holiday, only extremely useful food is sold. For instance, in many countries or states  seminars about self-development, time-management, discipline and all other important factors for maintaining motivation and being competitive in modern community are conducted.

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New Year's Resolutions

International Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day Facts:

  • About 82 percent of people who decided to change something in their lives that day were lobbied for success.
  • Approximately 9% resolve to make better financial decisions.
  • Near 13% of people promise to improve themselves or their private life.
  • Various examinations have discovered that when we try to control ourselves and stay fit, our glucose levels diminish
  • For huge numbers of us, New Year’s resolutions have enormous impact of us. We are really herd creatures, and therefore the number of applications for a new job on that day went off over the whole of America
  • The progress of American school children increased immediately after January 17

Hence, the life of every individual is wonderful in its own specific manner, since it is loaded with fascinating occasions, individuals and things. Once in a while, we encounter high points and low points. The more “plummets” happen, the more frequently we comprehend that it’s a great opportunity to change our vector of existence. Sadness, irresponsibility and other negative feelings show that the time has desired change. By its tendency, human is a being who dislikes sudden changes, but rather can adjust to new conditions. On the off chance that you have an emergency in life, you have achieved a deadlock and don’t realize what to do, consider changing your life. That is why keep in mind when is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day in 2018 and mark in the calendar in order not to skip this holiday.

People, try to find the answer to the question “How to completely change my life?” Often make things too complicated, justifying their cowardice.

Remember, we have measured only one century and we need to live it in such a way that in old age we do not cry for unrealized opportunities.


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