The industry of producing foodstuffs is very well developed. People buy products every day, all they have their own preferences and food manufacturers always need to invent more and more things to suit people’s tastes. There are plenty of tasty things on the shelves of the shops and we always have a choice. But still, producers try to develop their factories, very recipes and invent new products. All in all, they do everything to make their income rise as much as possible. At many cases, they manage to do it and products appear, which become extremely popular among people of all nationalities. One of such products is dried jerky. We will further speak about a holiday, dedicated to the product, and will find out, when is Jerky Day in 2022.


As every holiday, even not very important, this one has its history. Actually, it is not very long, because the first time it has been held happened in 2012. As you see, holiday’s history counts only several years and it can be not much said about it. More history concerns jerky at all, its production and stages of development. As you can understand, the celebrations have no something extremely special, because of the non-importance of it. Many people even are not acquainted with such a holiday and it is rather fair.


What else can be said about the holiday and its history, is that the creator of it was a manufacturer of beef jerky invented the day to pay more attention to this product, to make more people know about it, its positive sides and certainly this all lead to the rise of sales and income, as a result. People knew about the product before this holiday certainly and loved it very much. That is why fans of such type of meat were happy to have one day a year to celebrate such a reason, though for someone it may sound funny. These jerky lovers certainly know beforehand, what day Beef Jerky Day in 2022 is.

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What does Jerky Day mean, we will decide in a couple of further paragraphs. It is an interesting holiday, at least because people pay so much attention to it and they have an opportunity to know the history of things, they like. The described here holiday is a day, which people celebrate once a year. It is dedicated to such a yummy thing as jerky, which can be made of all possible sorts of meat, from beef to ostrich or alligator even. That is why people with totally different tastes will sure find something for themselves individually.

But all in all the background of the product is very long and includes interesting facts. Such dried meat was invented so long ago, that it can hardly be imagined – even ancient Egyptians knew such a product, though the technologies certainly were different and simpler than we know nowadays. Afterward, it came into Europe, Spain in particular, which happened a thousand years ago. Also, the name of the dried meat itself has derived long time ago from ancient languages, that is why it also has its own history. A small number of people have ever thought about such things, and even fewer people knew this history. But nowadays many of us know, when is National Jerky Day 2022.


As we have already defined, the named holiday, we discuss in the article, mean the celebrations, dedicated to the invention of fried meat, which is now called Jerky. This name, in its turned, existed at ancient times and it was derived from another language by nowadays. Though the product existed from very early times, not all countries at different continents were acquainted with it. For example, it came first time to Europe about more than a thousand years ago. And it is so that we do not particularly know, when has it came to other countries.

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Certainly, the technology of making such meat is different now of different nations, and it is obvious, that it was totally different from nowadays’ when it has been made for the first times. We will not deep much into the details of the early past times, but we will speak more about what is done now. Except using different types of meat, some of which are rather extraordinary, different possible species are also added to create a unique taste and flavor. That is why the product always becomes more and more popular and more people know, what is the date of Jerky Day 2022.


So, as we speak on such a topic, it is not hard to guess that the main tradition during such a holiday is to taste or eat at least a small portion of such meat. There are total fans and lovers of it, but there are those also, who do not even know, what is it and have never tasted it. To change the situation, you can participate in the holiday, why not? There is nothing bad in it, but instead, you will know something new for you. You will find a lot of events outside, which are dedicated to the holiday especially at this day, and they may be really interesting and people love it all. If you are afraid of participating, at least watch at this all.

National Beef Jerky Day

The main technology, upon which jerky is made is that you take a piece of any meat you like, trim the fat from it, and just dry the slices. During the process of drying possible additives can be put, such as salt, species, or pepper. Moreover, is we speak about salt, it is important to mention, that it is usually added not only to make the special flavor, but to kill bacteria if there are some in the meat, and also it makes the process of drying quicker. But together with it all, different manufacturers have their own methods and there exist some unique recipes, which make this product taste perfect and different from other manufacturers.

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Beef Jerky Day Facts

So, we have discussed all the main points, concerning the holiday. It is really interesting and useful to know about where it has begun, who started it and how it all is made. There are actually a lot of facts and details, which can be told about this day and product.  For example, have you known that jerky, it doesn’t matter from which sort of meat it is made, is a very useful product for your organism? How strange and unbelievable it may sound, it is really so.

Just think logically. Meat is full of proteins and other useful elements, which are obligatory for our body. Also, it is very satisfying, so even sportsmen eat it as a snack between meals. Moreover, its usefulness in supported by the lack of fat in it – this product is much better than any other similar things. It has been announced at some time, that even astronauts decided to take this product to space as snacks. With so many advantages, it weighs practically nothing and does not spoil your health. By they way, if you still do not know, when is National Beef Jerky Day in 2022, the calendar will tell you that it is June 12 every year. Try to be involved in all these celebrations, and you will see that it is really funny and interesting.


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