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When is Alien Day 2020

When is National Alien Day in 2020? This question sounds really amazing. However, a great part of our readers will be very surprised to discover the existence of this special occasion in the contemporary calendar. Are you among them? If your answer is positive, it simultaneously means that this article will be interesting for you. National Alien Day is a perfect opportunity to spend the moments of your life brightly.


Investigating the matter what day Alien Day in 2020 is, we concluded that there are some matters, which may be interesting for our followers. All in all, this holiday is considered to be relatively young. However, the story of its appearance is really amazing.

The horrifying film under the title “Aliens” is considered to be the well-known 1986 sequel to the popular worldwide Ridley Scott’s cult picture appeared on the screens in 1979. Up to the present moment it has been thought to be a set on a colonial moon, which was called “Acheron”. However, the amazing detail is that at the very beginning the Moon had another name.

The scientists as well as the discoverers called it LV-426. This is an explanation, why the Americans prefer to celebrate the holiday on April 26th. They took the date from the name of the Earth satellite.

In 2016 the special occasion was officially celebrated for the first time. The establishers decided to do it in order to appreciate the 30th anniversary of their favorite film.


What does Hug an Alien Day mean? Well, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. You see, in the modern world there have been still many people, who don’t believe in the existence of these UFO creatures.

All in all we would like to mention that the life in the Universe is a natural phenomenon: it should arise everywhere where favorable conditions are created for its origin and development. And although we do not yet have evidence of the existence of life on other planes (neither the simplest nor the intelligent), the scientists, based on scientific data, try to determine the number of inhabited worlds in the Galaxy and even in the entire observable Universe.

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Everyone already knows that in the Solar System our Earth is the only inhabited place. Therefore, the “another planet fiends” should be sought on the planets orbiting the distant star-suns. The number of inhabited worlds depends on a number of astronomical, biological, climatic and other factors. And only as a result of a favorable combination of these circumstances, that is, the conditions necessary for life, can one expect that a highly developed civilization will arise on the planet.


The question “When is International Alien Day 2020?” needs the representation and introduction of some additional pieces of information. Among the contemporary men and women there are a lot of those, who don’t believe in the existence of various kinds of aliens. However, the ufologists, in their turn, do not exclude that humanity is just not alone in the Universe, but is also a race created artificially by aliens.

As one of the arguments, the scientists cite a ceiling slab in the Temple of Set in Abydos. It shows images of modern helicopters and airplanes. The age of the drawings corresponds to the age of the plate itself, which disproves the probability of a fake. The lack of flying vehicles in that era suggests that ancient people could see how aliens moved on them.

Another proof can be considered a picture of Dominico Herandao “Madonna with Saint Jovanine”. In the background, behind the Mother of God, there is a clearly visible object resembling a flying saucer, at which the surprised man is looking.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla showed the world proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. The inventor intercepted the signal from a mysterious object, which at that time was already 13 thousand years old. Later, the Americans were convinced that the object was piloted by the aliens during Operation Mercury.

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When is Alien Day in 2020, calendar will tell you if you like to know about it. However, you should be careful and attentive if you want not to miss the chance to be involved this year. As it has been already mentioned above the holiday is used to be kept on April 26th.  

As you perhaps understand there are no any official ways to spend this day in an interesting way. The local authorities do not organize the fascinating program for everybody around. The only thing you have to do is to try to introduce your own schedule. The choices are endless. Some people prefer to have a fascinating theme parties. – Propose your friends or colleagues from work to dress something unusual. Look like aliens and hug the people around.

However, you can devote April 26th to investigating something new. The contemporary media are ready to introduce you a great amount of various documentaries, science fiction films and TV programs about this direction.  It is only up to you to choose.

In fact this direction was extremely requested some years ago. Nowadays this popularity is not so huge, however, in the case of necessity you will always find those men and women, who will be glad to share this day with you. As a rule, kids are happy to be involved as well.

National Hug an Alien Day Facts

Investigating the matter “What is the date of Alien Day in 2020?” we concluded that our readers need the representation of some amazing pieces of information.

Let’s suppose that signals from residents from another planet are taken. Will we be able to understand their broadcast? After all, we absolutely do not know their language! Fortunately, the universal cosmic language is the language of mathematics, the laws of which are the same throughout the Universe. And the incoming signals can be a certain sequence of radio pulses, meaning, for example, the numbers of the natural series – 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. Then it will immediately become clear that these signals are the cosmic call signs of our mates from other planets.

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With the help of pulse signals, it is possible to transmit not only individual messages, but also certain images. It is assumed that all sentient beings are sighted. To do this, it is necessary just to send a series of “tele pulses”, which can be easily deployed in the appropriate “picture”. Line-by-line alternation allows the contemporary specialists to build a contour image containing rich information. One day there will be a problem deciphering the language of another civilization. Is it possible? – Yes, it is possible. In recent years, mathematical linguistics has been developing rapidly. With the help of computers, the manuscripts of ancient Maya have been read, which for a long time could not be deciphered. It can be assumed that the languages of aliens will be deciphered.

However, the rapid exchange of information is impossible. After all, if in our Galaxy there are really only 10 civilizations, then the average distances between them should be about 25 thousand light years. And the answer to the question sent by earthlings to the address of one of them will be taken by distant descendants. Therefore, the relationship between alien civilizations is likely to be one-sided, devoid of practical meaning.

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