There are a lot of interesting and significant holidays. One of them is Natal Day in Canada. It has different names in different provinces. One of its most known names is the Provincial Day. People celebrate this day once a year. Its main purpose is commemorating the history and traditions of the province. The program of celebrating usually lasts for a week. When is Natal Day in 2019?

The history of the day

The day seems to be very strange because the main reason of observing the day is different in many provinces. The origin of the holiday isn’t known. For foreign visitors the Natal Day is just a way to get rest and watch various interesting events. Each province keeps holding the tradition for a certain reason.

Natal Day

This day is set in August, on the 1st Monday. It will be on 5, August. It means that it will go on from Friday (4, August) till Monday. The festival was first set in Halifax-Dartmouth in 1895. The purpose was to commemorate the days of birth of the town. The people of Toronto commemorate the 1st governor J.Simcoe. They name Natal Day as Simcoe Day and honour the public’s heritage. In Alberta the reason of celebrating is the same as in Toronto, but the name is more obvious, Heritage Day. Yukon commemorates the discovering of gold in 1869. The people name this festival as Discovery Day and celebrate it on the 3rd Monday of August.

In Toronto the holiday has been taking place for mostly 150 years almost from the foundation of Canada. It is a day of creation of the city. In 2019 the country also will have its 150th anniversary or Natal Day.

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The province of Ottawa set the festival for commemorating the man who is considered to make a great contribution to foundation of the capital city and Waterway. The people and the authorities of Ottawa honour Colonel J.By. If there is a visitor’s question “What day Natal Day in 2019 in Ottawa?” there is an answer “On Monday”. Though, many provinces prefer to celebrate the 1st week of August, not just a day.

Public life on Natal Day

This holiday seems to be a public occasion, though it isn’t a statutory day. It is the case of each province to give its people a paid day-off. In Nova Scotia it is so. The majority of provinces set a holiday for the postal service. Children don’t go to school because the occasion coincides with the general summer holidays. Transport system works but not the whole day. The schedules in different provinces provide reduced timetables. Even parking is free during Natal festival. Nevertheless, there are many closures in the road because of general vacation on that day.

The government didn’t protect the people’s salary on the day. In different provinces situations differ. On the province of Halifax employers are not made to pay their workers a salary for the day-off during Natal Day. Overtime payment is not required here too. Nevertheless, there is a demand of closing all the department stores. They may be opened only for six hours at night. So, if a person is an employee, he may work but he can’t expect an extra salary for Natal Day according to the laws of Halifax. When is Natal Day in the province of Halifax? It is the same day as in the whole Canada, in August, on the 1st Monday.

Natal Day is a statutory occasion in New Brunswick, so it is a paid day-off. The specialists usually get extra money (plus 50%) for their usual payments if they work on Natal Day. The authority didn’t invent a special name for the day. It is a province’s birthday, so it was named as New Brunswick Day.

The main thing for employers is to sign an agreement with people who work for them. The observation of the payment on the day and the process of functioning of the company will be dependent on that agreement and the laws of province.

It is better for visitors and citizens of the provinces to check the timetables of transport service, shops and governmental establishments. Because of parades and other festivals, there are some problems with making journeys across the city. In Yukon and Quebec people don’t have inconveniences as it isn’t the public holiday.

Natal Day fireworks

How do people celebrate Natal Day

Before visiting Canada on this occasion, it is better to ask a simple question. What is the date of Natal Day 2019? When you come to the country, you can see a lot of decorations. They are displayed everywhere. Each province has its own symbols which are always displayed throughout the Canadian towns. The main symbol is the national flag of the country and each province. There are many posters of famous people.

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Natal Day is a very busy occasion because a great majority of events is planned. People usually go to their relatives, make a festive dinner and a great cake. In New Brunswick it is a tradition to treat people to a marvelous giant civic cake.

Besides the family celebrations, the Canadians attend many municipality festivals. They go to see parades, sporty events. Some provinces have different competitions and contests.

In Halifax-Dartmouth festival several fireworks shows will take place on 5-7, August. The local authorities will lead such events:

  • Natal Day rocks the waterfronts at Alderney Landing;
  • Sobeys Pirates;
  • classical music in Public Gardens;
  • free face painting in Public Gardens;
  • road race;
  • busker festival and other interesting entertainments.

The charitable organizations make public barbecues and breakfasts and other entertainments. The fireworks are set at the Macdonald Bridge. The services in the churches are usually held for wealth of the province and its citizens.

If somebody wants to watch the best moments of Natal Day, it’s better for him to share the internet with the request “When is Natal Day in 2019, calendar of events”.


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