Tiger, lion or maybe an elephant? You remember these cute little cookies back from your childhood that tasted like the best treat in this world? Then, why not reviving the memories with a box of the same good sweets on the certain date of the calendar?

When is National Animal Cracker day in 2020? Letโ€™s find it out together!


In fact, it is closely related to the biscuits that originated in the United States and called like Barnumโ€™s Animals. This is one of the oldest American brands in the field of the sweet treats.

Initially, the idea of baking the cookies in the form of the various animals was taken from England and was really quick to spread in the New World after the locals got to know the rarity. In the second half of the 19th century, it reached the peak of its popularity but the production was carried out only by two companies, each of them churning out the numerous batches of the foodstuff. Those were the Herfield&Ducker from Brooklyn and Vandeveer&Holmes from New York.

Animal Crackers

Interestingly, but none of the companies won that battle as there was the new establishment set called New York Biscuit Company. Thatโ€™s how the story of the crackers began. The bigger popularity of the eatable things was brought up by the man Mr. Barnum. He was an American showman and the most important figure in the US show business during the 19th century. The man owned the famous circus where the performing animals were the main stars of every show. In the beginning of the 20th century, he decided to go down in history for years to come and negotiated with the Biscuit Company on the point of the mutually beneficial cooperation.

Since those times, the Barnumโ€™s Animal cookies, in the shape of the various animals, are produced in the US packed in the small boxes with the handle. For more than 110 years of its existence, there were about thirty-seven sorts of the animals made. Today, there are only seventeen of them we have the chance to witness (tiger, puma, camel, rhino, kangaroo, hippo, lion, bison, hyena, zebra, elephant, sheep, bear, gorilla, monkey, giraffe, and cat). The love for these cookies has been and still is so huge that the American humorist even dedicated a poem to them.

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Seems like it must be a really popular question โ€“ when is International Animal Cracker Day 2020 in America!


What does National Animal Cracker Day mean? It means reveling in those sweet memories of your young years and in the emotions you felt when the parents gave you this longed-for box of the biscuits.

Today, we canโ€™t say the parts of America where that treat wouldnโ€™t be sold. There dozens of the sorts, more than ten sizes of the boxes, and approximately twelve types of the glaze. However, the most favorite are still the small packs with twenty-two items inside and the ribbon on the outside to hang it on the Christmas tree.

The crackers themselves are the dry and crunchy cookies with the small holes. They appeared as the pure accident when the English confectioner sent his half-finished foodstuff to the oven for too long. The slightly burned pieces broke with the loud crackling sound and so thatโ€™s where the name โ€“ the crackers โ€“ came from. The funny occurrence happened at the end of the 19th century and the new type of the sweet treats won the hearts of the locals immediately. They even found their place in the diet of the military forces as the keeping time was quite long and they took little space in the bags.

The modern crackers are still tasty but a bit improved goods. Oftentimes, they are the relief for the dieters as they perfectly substitute for the bread (no fats and sugar). The crackers are used when making the canapรฉs and sandwiches; they are added to the salads and served like the shortcakes for the cakes; we like them with the hot dishes and even cold desserts.

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However, the crackers from the shelves in the stores are not the go-to type you should look for. The manufacturers do not scruple to add the preservatives, the artificial flavorings, and the other unhealthy additives to the dough. So,thewise ones who do care about the quality of the food they eat prefer to make them in their own kitchen. These cookies are easy and quick to make, stored for long and used if the unexpected guests are at the door.

Regardless of what day World Animal Cracker Day in 2020 falls on, youโ€™re allowed to lay your hands on this culinary masterpiece a bit more frequently!


The classic recipe for the cookies combines the flour, butter, and the yeast. They are cooked with the various additions such as the salt, sugar, honey, potato, vegetables, cheese, greens, bacon, garlic and the like.

Indeed, the cracker is the culinary achievement as its texture, consisted of the many layers, seduces everyone to bite off a bit more. Yet, like any other biscuits, it lacks the nutritional value. The only health positive point of the thing is its ability to satiate the organism quite fast and give energy for quite long. Besides, it is the long-store product that could be used as the part of the soldiersโ€™ ratio.

The recipes are numerous: made of the yeast or non-yeast dough, with the butter or without it, fried in the oil or baked in the oven. The most important secret of the crackers is that the dough should not be kneaded for more than five minutes. Then, the cookies would be crunchy yet tender and crumbly. If you work with the dough a bit longer, the goods would be firm and thick. The dough made of the butter is recommended to be kept in the cool place for about an hour, meanwhile, that of the vegetable oil could be left on the table.

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Animal Crackers with names

After that, the dough is rolled out for not more than four millimeter thick and the cook can cut out the various figures, including the animals, with the special molds. Sometimes, the aficionados bake the sausage-shaped pieces which then are cut in slices and dried in the stove. In fact, the holes on the biscuits are not made for the creative flair or something. The point is that without them, the crackers would not bake properly. The holes let out the steam and do not allow the dough to rise as the true crackers are always flat. The holes could be made with any sharp thing, be it the knife, fork or the drinking straw.

What is the date of National Animal Cracker Day 2020? It annually happens on April 18!


Of course, you are ought to bake some crunchy cookies in honor of the holiday.

The sweet crackers โ€“ like the ones from the much-loved box โ€“ are the excellent alternative for the pastry. So take a hundred grams of the soft butter, two hundred grams of the flour, and fifty grams of the sugar and grind it all together properly. Add three tablespoons of the sour cream, or the whipped cream, and four tablespoons of the condensed milk. Knead the dough, let it cool down for a little, and then cut out the animalsโ€™ figures. Put the holes on them and bake in the oven for about quarter an hour. The all-ready cracker could be piled up together as the sweet sandwich covered with the peanut or chocolate butter. This variation is especially loved by the children.

International Animal Crackers Day Facts

  • The very last of the animals that were added to the Barnumโ€™s collection is a koala.

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Animal Cracker Day in 2020, and feel the taste of the childhood one more time!


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