Practically every country in the world has ever resigned itself to other bigger and more powerful country. Slavery existed for million years. Certainly, those, who experienced it, suffered a lot. Every country wants to be free, to have its own laws and live its own life. But as the time passed, many of these countries merited independence and became free. That is why we all know that many of these countries celebrate the Independence Day. But in this article, we will speak particularly about one country โ€“ Singapore. The also won independence and now celebrate it every year. Letโ€™s talk about it and know, when is National Day of Singapore in 2022.

National Day of Singapore

History of the holiday and nowadays

It is logical, to begin with, the history of the holiday. As it all came out from historical events, the holiday is really important for this country and its people. Actually, it all began in 1965. Right from this year, people started celebrating the holiday once a year. As such holiday exists practically in every country, it is not difficult to imagine, what does the day look like. The sense and spending the holiday are practically similar everywhere, except some national differences and peculiarities.

So, it is obvious, that all day long parades are held in the city, people have fun, walk around the city, visit concerts and festivals, etc. All in all, it is a festive day, which is practically similar as in any other country. Actually, this day is treated to be the main holiday in the country, because it brought its people independence, which was very important for them. A bit more than 50 years ago Singapore was a part of Malaysia and becoming an independent government made Singapore people really happy and free. This even influenced on what day National Day of Singapore 2022 is.

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As a usual, at the end of the day, such a holiday is accompanied with a bright, loud and huge firework. It is a really fascinating sight, which is worth seeing. The whole city in the evening of this day is crowded with people of all ages. They sing songs, dance and just have fun around the city, watching firework and eating tasty food. It is so because all these people are extremely patriotic โ€“ they love their country so much and are proud of it and its history. They treat their culture, traditions and support the development of the country in all possible spheres.

Also, it is a usual thing on such holidays to decorate everything in the city โ€“ cafes, houses, transport with flags and garlands. It looks very bright and draws peopleโ€™s eyes. When you come out of the home in such an atmosphere, it rises up your mood and it is really great. The flags, which decorate the city, are of white and red colors.

The main even of the Day

The National Day of Singapore has one peculiarity, which is very popular and must be seen. At the center of the city, a huge Parade is organized. Except for music and different types of dancing this parade is famous for the air show, parachutes and such like things. It is difficult to describe how does it all look like and what emotions does it give. Only those, who have ever seen the parade, can understand, what does it all mean. Also, every year the parade, which is organized on the main street, tell people a brief story about how has the country got independence. It is not only beautiful and interesting but developmental and useful for any citizen. That is why tourists, who know, when is National Day of Singapore 2022, try to visit this event and share these emotions with other people, who take part in it.

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National Day of Singapore parade

All citizens โ€“ companies, government, and organizations, start the preparation long before the holiday in order to be totally ready for it. Thanks to good preparations the holiday is always held at the highest level and look great and has individuality in comparison to many other holidays.

It is interesting to admit, that there are no tickets for this event. Instead of it, every citizen (except underaged children, gets 6 tickets and has an opportunity to bring 6 people to the holiday. Also there every person get souvenirs for free – a bag, inside which every person can find drinks, food, different little souvenirs, etc. The bag also can be used afterward.

So, you mustnโ€™t miss a chance to visit such a unique event in such a small, but great country. If you donโ€™t know, when is National Day of Singapore in 2022, the calendar will help you. The opportunity to visit the parade will be on August 9 every year. So, donโ€™t miss your chance.


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