Mama is the one who we are obliged by the appearance in the world, the one who protects us all lifelong, the one who selflessly gives us her love, whose eyes are full of light and goodness. To help express love and consolidate the tradition of honoring the most important person on Earth it is designed a warm and sincere holiday which name is Mother’s Day. When is Mother’s Day in 2022? This question we will try to answer in the article below.

What is the Motherโ€™s Day?

Donโ€™t forget ย to please your mother and tell her the words of love on the Mother’s Day. The best way to express this congratulations personally, adding to them a hug, a kiss and a small gift, but if you are far away from the mother, it can be done with the help of a phone call. Children on this holiday always carved greeting cards and small gifts, and then give them to their mums. It is worth noting that these gifts are always the most cherished by mothers and they are often stored them for many years. In some cities, there is also an interesting tradition – men buy flowers and give them to all women (especially young mothers with prams), which they meet along the way, congratulating with the holiday. In many offices it is decided to organize a small tea party after a day in honor of Mother’s Day and give the beautiful half of the collective symbolic gifts.

Mother's Day 2018

Traditions and history

When is Mother’s Day in 2022, calendar?

The country that gave the world motherโ€™s holiday was England. It is here Mothering Sunday was celebrated every year for several centuries (from the XVII to XIX centuries). The motherโ€™s holiday is celebrated every second Sunday of Lent, a month before the Easter.

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What is day Mother’s Day in 2022 in US? The next who picked up the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day was the US. At the beginning of the last century – in 1910 – this idea has been recognized as an official holiday, first in one state – Virginia, and four years later all over the country. The official holidayโ€™s date is 10th of May.

Following the US idea of honoring mothers is picked up by other countries. In 23 of the countries that recognized the holiday, The Mother’s Day is celebrated in the same way as in America – in the run-up to the summer, on the second Sunday of May. About thirty countries are identified this holiday in other days.

In one century in each country its own customs and traditions are developed that distinguish this day among others. In the US, for example, it is decided to give flowers to mothers and Australian reside nts pin on clothes that day carnation flower. Someone indulges mother with delicious pies – especially in Sweden, for example, appreciates homemade cakes. Someone gives the cards and writes poetry. Someone tries to release the day from any type of work, for example, made to act in certain areas in France and Germany.

What is the date of Mother’s Day 2022 in Russia?

In Russia, the motherโ€™s day is celebrated in late autumn, in last Sunday of November in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 30 January 1998, as opposed to the spring Women’s Day March 8. The initiative belongs to the institution of the feast of the State Duma Committee on Women, Family and Youth.

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In the Russian cities Mother’s Day is celebrated by providing concerts.

The date of Motherโ€™s Day in 2022 is on 24th of November.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated in Belarus? Variety of meetings, lectures and round tables on the topic of motherhood and of the festival are held. Also discussions, posters, postcards are held and greeting newspapers are produced. The schools are required to inform the students and conduct educational work in order to highlight the history and significance of this holiday. And all those who have a mother just congratulate their mothers – whether by phone call, cards, gift certificates – everyone decides for himself.

In Belarus, this holiday is celebrated on 14th of October.

Gifts on Motherโ€™s Day

In the run-up to Mother’s Day, many people wonder what a gift is the best to please mother. If you also do not know what to buy, then we are ready to “throw” you a couple of ideas:

  • Gifts for beauty – it is worth remembering that our mothers of any age are women who love to feel themselves beautiful and young, so you can safely give perfume , skin-care products, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. Typically, mothers have a favorite brand of perfume or lipstick shade, so to choose the right gift is not too difficult. However, if you doubt about your abilities – just buy a gift certificate.

Mother's Day

  • Warm Gifts โ€“ It is quite possible to give a warm blanket, a shawl, a beautiful scarf. A good gift option will be set which includes a fluffy bathrobe and slippers.
  • Practical gifts – if your mom loves to cook, you can buy a beautiful shape for baking, pastry syringe, a good blender, freezer and other kitchen gadgets. Besides, such gifts do not have to be mundane and boring because today you can find very creative models of kitchen devices.
  • Symbolic gifts – you can give mom a nice frame or photo album, small locket. If you like to give something unusual, then you can order a medal or cup with the inscription “The best mother”.
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In general, the most important thing in gifts is not the price, but the attention, love and respect. Therefore, if your budget does not allow you to buy an expensive gift, then buy mother her favorite flowers and a greeting card or entertain her favorite delicacy. You can just give her a day of rest, taking care of all the arrangements for the preparation of breakfast-lunch-dinner, cleaning and other household affairs. Well, if you live far away from her mother, the best gift would be a surprise visit.

Mother’s Day is a special holiday, the importance of which is no need to explain. Well, that is no specific customs of its celebration; it is even good because you can create your own family tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day. No matter how you greet your mother, in person, by phone or by using a Skype, because the most important is to tell her how you love her.

We hope the article โ€œWhen is Mother’s Day 2022?โ€ helped you to find out answer.


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