Armed Forces play a huge role in the life of any country in the world. Everybody wants to be protected ad to live in an independent and free place and not be afraid of being attacked by anybody else. That is why such forces are divided into several parts, one of which we will discuss today. We will speak about marine forces of the US, which plays a big role not only in the life of their own place but on the worldwide scale. These people, who work in the Navy are treated highly and they have a huge respect. It is a hard work, that is why not everybody is able to do it. Only the best, the strongest and the most trained are able to do all this. Today we will speak about their holiday โ€“ Marine Corps Birthday. We will know, what is it all about and when is Marine Corps Birthday in 2019.


So, it is logical to begin with the description of all this and it is important to know its history, problems, and difficulties. It was not so perfect, as it all has become today. Their history began more than 350 years ago in far 1770s. Before that time there was no need for the country to establish such an army and to protects them from the sea. Other forces were enough. But later a Revolutionary war happened, which lead to the need of creating such a division.

Marine Corps Birthday

Earlier there was no such a tradition to celebrate particularly the birthday. As it was the Congressโ€™ decision to establish this branch of Army, they day if its creation was treated like a sort of birthday. But later it was offered to not only remember this day like that but also make it like a day of remembrance of those, who were involved there ever or who are working there now too. It has become a very important day, where there are many participants, treating this day more than any other holiday because their work is really a huge if not the most important part of their life. Every year they know what day Marine Corps Birthday in 2019 is.

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So, what does Marine Corps Birthday mean? To summarize everything, which has been already mentioned, it can be said that the named holiday is celebrated to remember those people, who were or still are the part of the US Navy forces. It is a wholly separate community, which has its own rules of behavior with each other and is united by the common spirit, which a simple person will never understand. Also, families and relatives of all these people are included in this family. They think and worry about everything, which is happening there at the same level. All these people will never be different.

As we have already said, the real celebrations were held not from the very beginning. Now we know this holiday like a huge ball with lots of traditions and entertainments. But it was not like this all the time. Real celebrations, about which we speak now, began only around the beginning of the 1900s. Particularly at that time, the first ball has been held and people enjoyed the idea and it is held until nowadays. With time all participants of marine forces became the one huge family, which are always together, support each other, have their own traits, traditions and behavior.


So, as we all know, when is Marine Corps Birthday 2019, once a year the November 10th is celebrated by all people, who have at least any attitude towards US Navy. For one day a year, they celebrate the birthday of naval forces โ€“ the day when it all has been officially confirmed by the Congress of the country. It is a huge holiday, though it is not a day off for other people, who do not take part there. All marine soldiers, their families, and relatives of those, who had protected the country earlier, are invited to note the day and everything connected with it.

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The main reasons for the celebrations are:

  • To remember the day, when such a huge and important division has been established and began its existence officially
  • To note all the soldiers, who protect the borders of their native country every day, at days and nights
  • To note also those people, who were soldiers there earlier and are retired now or were killed in various armed conflicts
  • To express signs of regret and respect to all the veterans, killed or people, who are missing, and certainly to their families
  • To lay wrists to the special monuments in the sign of remembrance to all, mentioned above

That is why for all the participants of the celebrations it is extremely important to know, what is the date of Marine Corps Birthday 2019.

Marine Corps Birthday


There is a large list of traditions, which are made particularly during the holiday. They are divided into an official part and unofficial. The first one is when authorities of the city or area and main representatives of the Navy Forces lay flowers and wrests to the main monument in the area. It is a very important part. Not only officials can visit it, but usual people, who treat this holiday and members of the families, can do it too.

Also, there is a good tradition, which is practically the only one of a kind, that after the official part a huge ball is organized. It is a very beautiful, wide and lush event, which gathers only those people, who really have only warmest and deepest feelings towards it all. The ball includes dancing, a lot of talking and new contacts of even making friends and to the end of the evening โ€“ an obligatory birthday cake. If you all just could see how beautiful and festive it all looks like! People, who organize it all, pay special attention to every detail and treat this event with warm attitude, which is felt when you are right there.

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Marine Corps Birthday Facts

So, letโ€™s collect the main and the most interesting facts, which concern this great and important holiday:

  • The US Navy had difficult times and passed a lot of difficulties by the time it became such a huge and strong part of the Statesโ€™ army.
  • The history of this division started more than 300 years ago.
  • The obligatory official part of the celebrations in any city or area include laying wrests and a special ceremony to remember all past and present soldiers, who served the US naval forces.
  • Unofficial part, or a sort of continuation of the holiday, is organized in a form of a ball. A birthday cake is also obligatory.

A birthday cake for such a holiday is a special topic. This tradition has been beginning many years ago and it all looks very festive too. A special cake is ordered, which is made with some elements, connected to the marine army. A special person is invited to cut the first piece in a ceremonial environment. These traditions must be preserved along as possible because there are a few holidays lifts, which can be celebrated in such a way and have so many their own traditions. That is why follow these traditions too and if you do not remember, when is Marine Corps Birthday in 2019, the calendar will remind you of November 10th.


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