The US government pursues an all-embracing domestic policy that is aimed at taking care of the population’s welfare. However, there are special – more vulnerable – groups of individuals which are always in need of the most thorough support when it comes to the health issues: children and elders.

The latter are particularly inclined to the problems caused by aging and inadequate concern for their own well-being. In addition to the general health policy, the authorities are trying to raise public awareness of how it’s important for the elderly to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the steps is promoting this issue through the social activities that involve as much of the people as possible. So, when is National Senior Health & Fitness Day in 2022 and what it’s all about?


The tradition of holding a motivational day for the aging population dates back to May 26, 1993. At this time the first mass event was organized as part of the old people’s health care project. Since the day’s origination, there is a positive tendency towards the growth of those who are annually drawn into the celebration.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day 2017

If at the dawn of National Senior Health & Fitness Day only 200 locations welcomed the venerable enthusiasts, nowadays they are content with more than 1000 venues for the cheerful pastime. Again, in the early years the range of activities was rather poor: several competitions, collective walks, and some mobile medical care stations. Today, it runs the gamut from the physical activity classes to cooking demonstrations. Speaking of which, the current events emphasize the crucial point of healthy eating for longevity as well.

To answer the question – when is Senior Health & Fitness Day 2022, look up on your phone what day the last Wednesday of May falls on. Okay, not to load you with another task, we inform you that the 24th anniversary of putting such a good plan into practice will be on May 31!


What does Senior Health & Fitness Day mean to the people? It brings attention to the health risks in the elderly. This issue should be looked at from a certain perspective: life span in the USA continues to go up steadily and already hit the level of 79.3 years. On the other hand, the post-World War II baby boom generation is slowly approaching its retirement age. Adding up these two processes, in the next 20 years the senior adults will account for 20% of the US population.

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The healthy nation means the strong country. The elders are exposed to the diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity problem, weakening of the bones, eyesight deterioration plus a complex of chronic conditions. It goes without saying that regular visits to a doctor and immediate medical treatment prevent the negative consequences. However, everyone is able to reduce the risks further by taking the basic prophylactic measures. Even the children know the fundamental idea of the healthy life – eating proper food and exercising every day!


National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the annual mass event that calls on the aging adults to stay fit and healthy. As the local organizations are responsible for holding the activities in every state, this day shows the level of the communities’ care for the neighbors’ well-being, too. In a sense, it also might be an indicator of the elders’ concern for their own physical condition. Ask your granny or grandpa, what is the date of National Senior Health & Fitness Day 2022, and if they make short work of that, they’d pass the test.

If they don’t, then give your grandparents a lecture about the things they’re doing wrong. First, explain to them why healthy nutrition and exercising are not an option but a necessity in the venerable age. Moderate cardio workouts considerably strengthen the heart muscle while the weight-bearing exercises (which are performed in the standing position) help the bones stay strong and prevent osteoporosis. Nourishing food, in its turn, serves the purpose of delivering all the nutrients to the body. For the seniors, such components as proteins, calcium, potassium, iron and other trace elements are really important.

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Second, make it clear for your elderly members of the family that it’s never too late to start. Mentioning «workouts» and «exercises», we didn’t mean incredibly conditioned athletes’ trainings! No, the perfect example of the daily activity improving the old people’s health is a 30-minutes walk around the neighborhood or even an intensive Sunday shopping. The main point is to get moving every day. The same goes for the balanced diet issue: they don’t have to change drastically their eating habits. Sometimes it’s enough to reduce the amount of oil they use for baking and frying or go easy on sweets and sugar. Have we already said that both of the things (eating and moving) contribute to the excess weight loss as well as enhance the coordination and balance?


The tradition of celebrating this day was formed long ago. The elders join the organized events, taking place in their area, and do their best to imbibe as much as they can about the healthy lifestyle. So basically, if they would like to attend the activities, they should know on what day National Senior Health & Fitness Day in 2022 occurs and have the schedule of the upcoming fests.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Usually, the local communities invite the retirees beforehand. Therefore once you see this very card in the mailbox, inquire about the plans of your beloved elderly on this Wednesday. In any case, do everything you can to drive them out of the house. Talk them into taking a couple of friends and having some fun outside, combining it with getting fit and healthy.

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It’s not going to be boring, no way! To get them convinced, tell about the myriad activities that await the seniors at the parks, fitness centers, workouts areas, and the like. For example, your granny might be lured to a cooking demonstration by the chef from the healthy restaurant or to a free nutritionist’s consultation. Gramps can enjoy a one-mile of collective half jogging/half walking with companions of the same age or be involved in an improvised competition with interesting prizes.

On top of that, all the seniors will be pleased to visit an aquatic class at the pool or group yoga workouts, go through a health check-up, join the health information display and simply get the generous treats and refreshments together with the theme t-shirts, pins, and pens.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day Facts

  • National Senior Health & Fitness Day marks the end of Older Americans Month that is celebrated every May since 1963.
  • This year, the local organizations across the United States expect the record number of 100,000 older adults to be drawn into the mass healthy festival. Around 1,500 venues will be opened for all the comers.
  • National Senior Health & Fitness Day features various activities to every participant’s content and, of course, all of them are free.
  • With every year, more private organizations join the ranks of those who hold the events and help find new recreational facilities.

Well, you know what to do. Circle the date in your well-loved elders’ calendar, when is National Senior Health & Fitness Day in 2022, and prompt them, by all means, to visit the community events as this holiday originated just for the seniors’ good.


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