When is National Hug A Plumber Day in 2020? Most part of our followers is going to be rather surprised, as they havenโ€™t expected to find out about this occasion existence in the contemporary calendar. Well, we agree with you. โ€“ The name of this special occasion sounds a bit strange. However, we find it to be rather amazing, so today we are going to investigate it in details. Would you like to join?


It is a real pity, but the historical background of this holiday is unknown, so today we are not ready to give you the answer to the question concerning the matter what day Hug A Plumber Day in 2020 is. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the establishers of the event, as well as about the reason to hold this day on April 25th annually.

All in all, the history of this profession appearance has its roots in the deep past. The archaeological excavations have proved that the appearance of the first prototypes of toilet bowls dates back to 2-3 millennium BC. At the time of the ancient Sumerians, the first carved throne-stool appeared. It was built for the ruler Shubad in 2600 BC.


Europeans came to modernizing this part of their lives much later. Artifacts dating from the 20th century BC were found on the island of Crete. This means that in those days there was already a plumber. The first specialists in this sphere began to appear. They were essential for manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of the objects.

In China, by the year 100 BC, they thought up to wash off waste water. It was in the Hellenistic period that the first analogues of modern toilet bowls and the specialists serving them appeared in the Celestial Empire.


What does Hug A Plumber Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not sure that you find this holiday to be a meaningful one. Among the representatives of the modern society, there are a lot of those, who prefer to celebrate the public and bank holidays only. However, in our turn, we would like to mention that this celebration can be a perfect opportunity to be involved into something terrific. By the way, this profession has been always popular, since the very moment of its appearance.

Not everybody knows that for a long time, instead of toilet bowls, ordinary vessels and containers were used in Europe. In the Middle Ages, European streets resembled a solid sewer, as everything was poured down without hesitation from the windows. This situation was observed until the 18th century.

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The habitual toilet appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. This invention was proposed by locksmith Thomas Krepper. This construction became the basis of the current plumbing. The name was chosen by the name of the company from Spain Unitas. Large-scale production of toilet bowls started in 1909. In those days, the profession of plumbers has become very popular and widespread.

The construction of ancient Rome with a system of drains, water lines, fountains would not have been possible without the progenitors of plumbers. The most sophisticated communication networks made of baked clay, sophisticated technical solutions and today lead to the delight of modern experts. Without the appearance of qualified plumbers who have adopted a centuries-old experience in creating communication systems that have mastered innovative technologies, it is difficult to imagine modern society.


The question โ€œWhen is International Hug A Plumber Day 2020?โ€ is really amazing, as it contain a great amount of various facts. Up to the present moment, this profession is in the list of the most required ones. Nowadays contemporary plumbers are associated with highly qualified specialists who value their work and status. Constantly emerging technologies and modern materials require a qualified specialist, who is ready to improve continuously the existing knowledge and professional level.

By the way, today the demand for the representatives of this profession is very high. These specialists are required both in the construction of new houses and in the repair and reconstruction of old buildings. In the case of necessity the perfect specialist is simply irreplaceable. If you need to eliminate blockages in the sewage system, then an experienced person will become the most important person for solving this difficult situation.

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The prestige of the profession today has increased significantly. This is due to the growth of wages and the huge demand for highly qualified specialists at construction sites.


When is Hug A Plumber Day in 2020, calendar will tell you any time you would like to know this information. And it is not difficult to memorize it as the holiday has a fixed date. It is celebrated on April 25th annually. You are free to get involved any time you would like to do it. As you, perhaps, understand there are no any universal ways to celebrate this day. It is not a public holiday, so you shouldnโ€™t expect for any events organized by local authorities. However, you are always free to create your own holiday. Especially it is worth to do it under the condition you have a representative of this profession in your surroundings. All in all it is only up to you to decide, what it would be a hearty family gathering or a noisy party with friends, relative or colleagues from work. Contests, competitions and pleasant music are recommended.

Plumber and his client

National Hug A Plumber Day Facts

Such direction as โ€œWhat is the date of Hug A Plumber Day in 2020?โ€ needs the representation of some additional facts and pieces of information.

A civilized person does not know how to do without such facilities as water supply, heating system and sewage. After all, modern sanitary and technical systems are the important vessels of buildings, through which heat and water are delivered, making our life convenient and comfortable. Well, since manufacturers of building materials have flooded the market with a huge number of various plumbing fixtures, pipes and accessories, only a specialist can figure out such a huge range. Moreover, to install pipelines and maintain the capacity of these arteries – the main task of people who have acquired the profession of plumber.

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On the shoulders of these specialists lies the responsibility for the full functioning of the systems of central heating, hot and cold water supply, sewage systems, gas supply of industrial and civil structures. This working specialty is included in the staff list of any organization, factory or plant. This indicates that the specialty “plumber” is not only necessary, but also a popular profession, which has its own characteristics and advantages.

The work of contemporary plumbing today consists of several components:

  • ensuring the operational state of sanitary-technical equipment, under the authority of a specialist;
  • identifying, preventing and eliminating the causes of premature wear of aggregates and systems;
  • the elimination of violations in the work of the serviced sanitary facilities (including the elimination of accidents, dismantling of old and installation of new systems, etc.);
  • creating applications for consumables and spare parts;
  • related work (for example, punching, drilling or drilling holes for mounting fixtures).


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