Yearly, millions of people are getting prepared to Christmas and other winter holidays which cannot be satisfactory. Many parents are getting tired finding presents for their children already on the second day of preparation. If you feel the same, then you have hit the mark. For those completely tired of the Christmas preparation, an international holiday was created. So, when is National Humbug Day in 2022?

The day is observed annually on 21st of December. The aim is to let people vent their frustrations if they are tired or don’t want festival celebration. In the USA, the character of the day is connected with Scrooge they have the same tempers.


So, the history is simple and popular. It originated and was copyrighted at However, more interesting is the story of Scrooge and his popularity.

So, Scrooge McDuck or Uncle Scrooge is a character of many cartoons and comic books by Walt Disney’s studio, an anthropomorphic drake-millionaire born in the Scottish city of Glasgow. He, who is the uncle of another famous Disney character Donald Duck, is the main character of the popular Disney animated series “Duck stories”.

Bah Humbug

The Creation of Scrooge McDuck

This character was created by Carl Barks himself and was first introduced to the public in December 1947 in one of the comic books. A few years later, Uncle Scrooge went from a minor to the main character of the comics, and in 1952 a series of comics “Uncle Scrooge” appeared, still produced. Subsequently, this character began to appear in cartoons, and in 1987, when the future characters of the cartoon “Duck Tales” were determined, he was chosen by Disney’s screenwriters as the main character.

The name of Uncle Scrooge was the name of the famous character from the work “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens – miser Ebenezer Scrooge. In addition, according to one version, the prototype of this character was an industrialist of Scottish origin, Andrew Carnegie. At the age of 13, he immigrated to the US, where he managed to become a millionaire.

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As a businessman, Uncle Scrooge is aggressive and able to resort to lies and manipulation of facts. Also, worth noting the cynicism of Scrooge. Nevertheless, at an achievement of the purposes always tries to remain within the limits of honesty and the law that advantageously distinguishes him from the basic competitor Flintheart Glomgold.

In addition, Scrooge appreciates his family and friends more than his wealth. This is confirmed by the fact in some series of “Duck stories” he loses all his treasures for the sake of nephews and friends, however, in the end, his wealth invariably returns to him.

It was a little story about the main character of the holiday. So, in any case, avoid becoming a real Scrooge.


What does Humbug Day mean? So, a humbug is a person that behaves in a deceptive and dishonest way, trying to fool and deceive others for no sense. It originated in 1751 and was marked as a nautical phrase in 1840. The term has got high popularity in the USA. In a modern world, the term is connected with many films about Christmas fraud like ‘Home Alone’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ with an enlightening cinematization and great cogitation.

What a day is Humbug Day in 2022 and how to observe the celebration?

  1. When your frustrations are piled up, let them burst and come out.
  2. Try to avoid people and celebration mood so that you do not fall under the influence.
  3. Behave yourself like Scrooge and you will get what you want.
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What is the date of Humbug Day 2022? When you start preparing for Christmas, you visit countless malls and outlets to find some special and valuable stuff for your darling or relative. The 21st of December is exactly the date of frustrations coming out as people got it wrong. There are millions of those who celebrate this day as getting completely tired of queues in malls, hours of choosing stuff, and another tedious occupation.

The most pleasant thing is the choice of gifts. When buying gifts, the person passes 8 kilometers to the malls to find the unique surprise you want to give to a loved one. Also, researchers found out about 5,340 purchases are made every 60 sec on the Christmas Eve. How did we get such results? It’s simple. Just so many times a minute, customers use VISA cards across the country.


Each holiday has its traditions and habits. Humbug observance is dedicated to watching titles like ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ etc. Today, let your stress come out and try a bit popcorn and film to prepare for the Christmas. Avoid communication and meetings, don’t pass by crowded malls and outlets – all this will frustrate you more. Understanding when is International Humbug Day 2022, let’s take a bit of movie’s fact.


By the way, the most popular and favorite movie of Americans which brightly describes the whole sense of the fest is ‘Grinch’. The movie is a fairy tale story tells about the life of a strange person named Grinch, who had an unusual green skin and was hairy, and people around disliked him. The whole town of Kegrad laughed at a man, for which the protagonist was offended by the people of the town and left to live on a steep and lonely mountain outside the city. But most of all, the main character hated Christmas because it was in this wonderful holiday that the whole of the city was having fun, smiling, exchanging gifts, and singing songs with relatives. Grinch remained one. On this ill-fated day the barometer of Grinch’s bad mood fell to a critical level.

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Yearly, Grinch hated people more and more, and once, he decided to steal a holiday from them. Perhaps the inhabitants of Kegrad deserved such an attitude for their cruelty towards Grinch, but not all of them were evil and disgusting. A cute and brave girl was not afraid of rumors about the dangerous kidnapper of Christmas, nor the way to a steep hill to the dwelling of Grinch. Through the fierce blizzard, the little girl went to the main character to congratulate him on the holiday and to prove that Christmas has not gone anywhere.

Humbug Day Facts

  • There are millions of those who do not celebrate Christmas at all. Perhaps these people belong to non-Christian religions. They can be Jews, Hindus, or Shintoists. In addition, there are atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and secular humanists, who consider the Christmas story a myth.
  • ‘Grinch’ was released in 2000 and the budget was 123 million – incredible for that time. Moreover, the movie’s gross is 345 million that beat all records.
  • Yearly in the US, 3 billion postcards are sent to each other. It’s a perfect tradition allows people to send a part of their love to those far away. This small gesture will necessarily draw a smile on the recipient’s face.

To sum up, even if you don’t like some events and festivals, do not forget to use Whenisholiday to find out when is Humbug Day in 2022, by a calendar.


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