When is Nevada Day in 2019? – That is the question, which usually can’t be easily answered by everybody. Why? – Because it isn’t celebrated all over the planet, of course. But for its citizens it is considered to be the best and the most expected moment of the year. However, let’s start from the very beginning, initially mentioning that historically Nevada became the US 36th state relatively recently. And that is the reason why it can’t be called among the oldest US territorial items. It happened on 10/31 1864. And since time there’s been a tradition to celebrate the so-called state birthday. During its entry into the rights the area had been fully independent, as it had been managed to separate from another state called Utah.

Involving Nevada in the state number wasn’t surprising, as by that moment this territory had been fully independent both economically and politically. The joining happened during the Civil War, that’s why this state is often called “born in the fighting.”

 Nevada Day

The state history

To clear up the situation, before answering the question “When is Nevada Day 2019?” we should explain some historical moments. US Congress recognized the territory of Utah in the distant 1850. But at that time the area included the contemporary and present-day states of Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

In 1859 near Comstock it was discovered a vast silver and gold deposit, which caused a rapid economical growth of Virginia City. Immediately the area was full of ordinary miners, gold miners and other settlers, who were planning to get rich as soon as possible.

In spring 1861 the territory called Nevada made an important decision and taken away from the Utah, getting the proper name of the Sierra Nevada. In October 1864, almost a week before the presidential elections, Nevada officially became the 36th US state.

We would like to mention that the borders of the contemporary Nevada have remained unchanged since 1866, when the site of County Paiute, which was placed above the Colorado River, was involved as a territorial item of this state. Earlier those lands belonged to the Arizona Territory. The transfer took place because of the gold deposit discovery in the district Paiute. The local authorities were sure that the state would be able to control properly the expected people flow increase into the region.

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What is the date of Nevada Day 2019 and how is it usually celebrated?

First of all we want to inform the readers that currently the population growth here is much more than other US states. Total number of population has increased almost by half just in 10 years. It simultaneously means that Nevada is a rich American state, which is able to celebrate its so-called birthday widely and in a very interesting way

Traditionally on October 31 the local people organized Nevada parade, which is considered to be rather famous and popular not only in the USA but also abroad. It comes from the capital city Carson City.

Locals make a lot of fun, dance, sing patriotic songs and make interesting jokes. Up to the present moment the day has not been officially recognized as a public holiday, but employees of various government agencies prefer to celebrate it merrily and not go to work. Coming there at the end of October you will get a chance to participate in different concerts and flashmobes. All cafes, bars and restaurants are open all day long and offer their customer special festive menus and a lot of discounts. Some people prefer to spend this day in the open air, having barbecue and playing various outdoor games.

What to see in the state

When is Nevada Day in 2019, calendar informs you without any problems. The date is fixed and constant, so you won’t have any problems with its remembering. But coming these any time of the year, the tourists also want to see something really special. And, fortunately, Nevada’s a great number of really terrific and unusual places. Here is a selected list of the main regional attractions, which shouldn’t be missed while traveling:

  • Fly Geyser
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In the north-west Nevada there is an absolutely unreal place. It mostly reminds Martian landscapes than the Earth’ ones. Desert Black Rock, which is represented by salt marsh, is part of undrained Great Basin. And in about 1916 the employed workers tried to drill a well, but instead of it a small geothermal geyser source was discovered. And since 1964, the boiling water jets, breaking on the earth surface, due to the minerals dissolution began to create this almost alien landscape, which has become one of the most photogenic state attractions. Nowadays geyser hasn’t exceeded the size of the adult human, but it continues to grow. Up to the present moment it has almost reached one and a half meters in height.

  • Hoover Dam

On the border with the State of Arizona there is a mega-structure, which takes a significant place in the National Register of Historic Places. Its height is 221 meters. We would like to mention that even after almost 80 years, the size makes the dam the tallest construction of its kind in the Western hemisphere. And by the way 17 generators arranging there produce four billion kilowatts of energy annually. So it is also considered to be one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the country.

Nevada Hoover Dam

  • Pyramid Lake

If you are going north-east from the town of Reno, at an altitude of over 1,100 meters above sea level you will definitely find warm Pyramid Lake, which is considered to be a favorite place of all fishermen and ecotourists. Pyramid Lake, named in such a way because of the limestone cliffs giving the water reserve a special geometric form, is located in the Northern Paiute Reservation and is considered to be a sacred one for aborigines. By the way, near the lake you can find a museum of Indian Northern Nevada. The water hereย  is quite salty, and so many species of fish inhabit there.

  • The Desert Black Rock Festival
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For almost thirty years, every year at the end of August – beginning of September, a great amount of arty creatures from around the planet gather in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in order to participate in a unique event. The history of the festival goes back to 1986. That year a group of friends met on the beach in San Francisco. They burned an effigy of man in such a way to say goodbye to their old life and habits.

Some interesting facts to remember about Nevada state

As it is known well in the USA any state may have its own laws. Only here heterosexual and homosexual relationships are allowed since definite age. The first ones are allowed since the age of 14, and the second – from 18.

The unique nature of the region can remind us about the prehistoric period of the ancient flora and fauna existence. And that is the reason why the famous movie by Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park.” was filmed there.

Here you can also find the famous Area 51, which is always present in a variety of conspiracy theories, incriminating the US Government in connection with extraterrestrial aliens. Remembering what day Nevada Day in 2019 is, please, don’t forget that besides the celebration, the territory has a great amount of amazing pleases to see and events to visit.


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