We live in a modern and fast-growing world. Everything is changing every second and we should catch the moment to stay competitive. Thus, everyone visits supermarket daily and donโ€™t even pay attention to store shelves where many grandiose products are presented. Bio Food is extremely popular nowadays and gains more and more popularity over time. However, we should understand the history and main features of first perishable food storage to realize the pros and cons of each. It depends on you either to prefer bio food or canned food. Today we are discussing the last one and letโ€™s define when is National Tin Can Day in 2020, as the jalopy has been the most important thing in the storage.

The global observance is held yearly on 19th of January and is organized to commemorate and appreciate the patent of Peter Durand, but actually, there are many theories and legends about the history of jalopy which we are going to discuss today. All of them have a priority of existence and that is a difficult issue to be fully discussed. The holiday creator remains unknown and it allows us to pay more attention to jalopy history.

Tin Cans


As you realize, the inventor of a festival is unknown, but there are many interesting facts and features of jalopy history. We should notice that canned food became extremely popular in the 1900s when the world faced with wars. The necessity of all-time food supply leads to a high demand of jalopy. So, there are 2 theories of T.C.D. invention. The first one is about a middle-aged man Thomas Hinkel from Germany who was interested in popularization of jalopy in his country. Thomas had a collection of 17.500 cannikins the value of which reached $6.000. It was 1992 when he started to publish articles of jalopy pros and cons. Actually, it gained popularity and residents became more involved in that topic. Thus, in 1994 he invented an International Holiday by means of volunteers and government.

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Another story is about a group of students of Ohio University who were also interested in that product. They wanted to create a special event when people gather to share their experience of using the cannikin. Thus, by means of local businessmen, they patented a day and it was accepted.

Now, letโ€™s define the history of cannikin to better understand what day World Tin Can Day in 2020 is.

Well, the first patent for the idea of a can in 1810 was invented by the United Kingdom resident, Peter Durand, who was familiar with Upper’s invention. Actually, Durant did not put the production on stream, reselling the patent two years later to other fellow citizens. Brian Donkin and John Hall immediately opened a whole factory in London. Thanks to them, the British army and the fleet began to receive canned food. In the US, Thomas Kensett became the first patent holder in the meantime. The first jalopies were expensive, because they had to be handmade, and the worker could do only 5-6 pieces in an hour. They were made of thick tin and weighed about half a kilogram. Consequently, it was extremely difficult to open: you had to have remarkable strength, as well as a chisel and a hammer. All this did not make canned food so affordable and popular as they have become in recent time.


What does National Tin Can Day mean? Firstly, on T.C.D. you should pay attention to the history and main features of canned food. There are many actions available to commit to a jalopy. For example, you can bake a cake in the jalopy to have a definite form. Moreover, you can use it for your domestic aims. Secondly, collecting those products allows you to grab all of them and take to the recycling center that will give you pleasure and money. Take your friends and relatives to make it together. We should motivate each other to clean our planet. Thirdly, you should be fully developed and thatโ€™s why you need to find out the main differences between bio and canned food. What are the pros and cons of perishable food in comparison to long-storage one?

By the way, when is International Tin Can Day 2020? Turn back to the beginning of an article to refresh your knowledge. By the way, you need to know the following. First, an attempt to preserve the longtime products was made in Ancient Egypt. After three millennia, archaeologists extracted a prototype of canned food from the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun – a clay bowl in which a roast duck, embalmed in olive oil, was stored. In order to prevent the air from entering the bowl, it was sealed with resinous substance.


The creation of a holiday directly influenced our modern world development. By means of canned food, sailors are ready to go offshore and astronauts are ready to leave our planet for a long time. By the way, some scientists convinced the creation is connected with Nicole Francois Upper who was close to Napoleon Bonaparte and the invention. Nowadays, it doesnโ€™t play a significant role as many centuries passed. You should understand that T.C.D. is a nice opportunity to combine a benefit and joy. Grab your friends to spend the day together. Collect cans and use them for right reasons. Moreover, the festival has been gaining more popularity yearly as many international organizations support the day by making festivals and fairs.

Hanging tins


The main tradition of a holiday is to remember what is the date of National Tin Can Day 2020. In 2017, the biggest tin can event was organized in NY when 15.000 people took their jalopies to the biggest recycle center in the city. Approximately 115.000 jalopies were recycled and that money was transferred to orphanages. Also, one of the main traditions is to support the day on social media. You can post videos and photos by adding a hash tag #T.C.D.2020 and search for local events and appointments. Itโ€™s interesting to know that in the city of Portsmouth in the UK, the attentive tourist will pay attention to the flattened ex-canned food that decorates the streets. That is an art of a local artist, working under the pseudonym My Dog Sighs, who draws a variety of faces.

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International Tin Can Day Facts

  • Andy Warhol created a series of paintings (48 pieces) on which cans are depicted. At that time, the artist sold them for a hundred dollars. Now, every picture from this collection is estimated by a wide range of prices from two to twelve million US dollars.
  • In 1809, Bonaparte offered a solid reward to someone who would find a way to preserve food. The award was decent – 12 thousand francs and the title “Benefactor of mankind”. Once, the valet reported to Napoleon: “You want to see Mr. Nicolas Franรงois Upper – the owner of restaurants on the Champs Elysees.” The emperor agreed favorably to accept the visitor.
  • In 1857, at an exhibition in London, tinned food, invented by Upper in 1813 for Napoleon, was found and tested. It was recognized as fully edible.
  • In 1964, jalopies were made constructively consisting of two parts, in comparison with the traditional, consisting of three parts. This allowed us to save metal in the production of a jalopy.

In conclusion, it depends on you what to prefer, but you should celebrate national holidays and keep in mind when is Tin Can Day in 2020, through the calendar.


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