When is National Richter Scale Day in 2020? We are not sure that you will answer the question immediately. Certainly, in the modern world there are a few people, who have never heard about the existence of this scale itself, but the holiday with the same names sounds fascinating. Today we want to introduce it to you. Are you ready?


The direction devoted the matter what day Richter Scale Day in 2020 is really amazing. As a rule, modern people know about this scale existence and pay attention to its indicators when they are listening to the news, thinking about probable amount of victims or volumes of disaster. However, only a few of them have already heard about the special holiday. The date of its celebration was chosen not occasionally. April, 26 is considered to be a date of birth of the famous American scientist Charles Francis Richter.

It happened in 1900 in the family of the ordinary farmers. In 1909, the family moved from Ohio to more prosperous region, to California. And here, while studying at school, young Charles discovered his exceptional talent in physics. And not just to mechanics or statics, but to atomic physics: he liked this invisible world of molecules, atoms, nuclei and everything that happens in it.

After graduation, Richter enrolled at Stanford University, then defended his doctoral dissertation, at a fairly young age for academic. But he never managed to devote his life to atomic physics – Robert Milliken, a Nobel Prize winner, saw in Charles what others didn’t see – scrupulousness, perseverance, the desire to go to the end, and a very important character trait – the desire to learn everything, not really focusing on authorities. Milliken offered Richter to work in his seismic laboratory. Richter worked and could not put it down. Moreover, like any enlightened person, he believed that the full picture of this or that science could be revealed to him in the original language; the translator is not always equal to the researcher.


What does Richter Scale Day mean? – Well, to tell you the truth we are almost sure that it is only up to you to decide whether this holiday means something special for you or not. Actually, it is only up to you to decide what events to forget and which ones to celebrate. 

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When you are traveling along on the surface of the Earth, we should take into account the strength of earthquakes, however, deep into the land such concepts as stress and energy are considered to be much more important. And this is not by chance. Indeed, on the surface one can qualitatively estimate the effects of seismic waves and compare them with each other using 12-point or other special scales.

And have you ever thought how to measure and compare the strength of earthquakes where seismic waves originate, i.e. in the outbreaks? It is impossible neither look there nor put the devices in the outbreak. In fact inside rocks are shaking much less than at the top. It is much more important to find out what kind of energy is released during an earthquake. Here we come close to a very difficult question, in which many are confused. In such information there is an obvious confusion. The fact is that Charles Richter, who was the largest American seismologist, improved the earthquake rating scale. However, the measure it is not what is felt on the surface, and not under the surface. The Richter scale deals with the energy of earthquakes released at the source. In order to compare earthquakes with each other objectively and to evaluate the processes in the source strictly one must have a scale not in points, but in physical units.


The matter “When is International Richter Scale Day 2020?” would be incomplete without the representation of some amazing details.

For example, not many people know that when Richter investigated a whole pile of literature, he realized that many concepts in different scientific schools not only contradicted, but often mutually excluded each other. It was necessary to pull out a pearl grain from this large pile of scholastic knowledge. And to make it to Richter was still easier than to anyone else.

Both textbooks written by this great scholar are presented in simple and accessible language. They have not lost their relevance in our, the 21st century, university students are still studying according to them.


As usually, when is Richter Scale Day in 2020, calendar will remind you in any case. As a rule, there are no difficulties concerning this matter. It has been already mentioned above that the holiday is celebrated worldwide on April 26th.

As you, perhaps, understand there is no need to wait for any events organized on the state level. However, you can visit one of the numerous events, established by the local libraries, public institutions, museums and commercial organizations. As a rule, they are ready to introduce an amazing program for adult as well as for children.

National Richter Scale Day Facts

At first sight it seems that the answer to the question “What is the date of Richter Scale Day in 2020?” is rather easy. However, in practice it often occurs that it needs some additional explanations and clarifications, as the event contains some peculiar features. Today we are going to tell our readers about the consequences, which can be caused by the earthquakes of different magnitude. Here is our list:

  • 1 magnitude (imperceptible): minute soil vibrations;
  • 2 magnitude (very weak): earthquake is practically not felt by people, even those ones, who are just staying still;
  • 3 magnitude (weak): fluctuations are felt by few people;
  • 4 magnitude (moderate): an earthquake is felt by a significant amount of people; it may cause windows and doors opening;
  • 5 magnitude (strong enough): the items in walls and ceiling are swinging, floors are creaking, glass is rattling, whitewashing in houses is showered;
  • 6 magnitude (strong): an earthquake can be quite different: from slight surrounding damages to the destroying of some buildings. Cracks in the plaster usually appear;
  • 7 magnitude (very strong): as a rule, this strength causes significant and unavoidable damages of some buildings. Cracks in walls, chimneys and roofs appear;
  • 8 magnitude (destructive): buildings are destroyed: large cracks are formed, chimneys usually fall; on the mountain slopes there cracks up to several centimeters wide;
  • 9 magnitude (devastating): there are landslides, many buildings, as well as walls and roofs disappear, cracks of 10 cm wide and even more can be seen in the ground; in the mountains there are numerous landslides and debris;
  • 10 magnitude (destroying): complete destruction of most construction, the strongest ones get serious damages; everywhere there are cracks up to 1m wide; numerous lakes appear as a result of river water blockages;
  • 11 magnitude (disaster) – there are many cracks on the earth surface and vertical movements along them, huge mountain landslides; overall building destruction;
  • 12 magnitude (severe disaster) – there is a strong change in relief; numerous cracks, vertical and horizontal movements along them; huge landslides and landslides; river beds are changing, waterfalls and lakes are formed; characterized by the general destruction of all buildings.
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