Holidays are devoted to make people laugh and merry. They usually concern important events and famous personalities. But there are several occasions which relate to the dearest people in a person’s life. Mothers and fathers have their own dates of appreciation. Aunts and uncles have also got their own holidays when their nephews and nieces pay attention to them. When is National Aunt Day in 2022? What are the traditions of observing the event?


Lots of holidays have a long and interesting history. Their origin is known exactly. Such holidays reflect historical events which are important for every resident of a country. Other festivals appear due to promotional experiments for increasing sales.

People across the world don’t know exactly who initiated the holiday and when it was started. There are various thoughts about the event’s origin. It is considered to be a day when people can congratulate their aunts with cards and presents. Some people consider that the initiation of the festive occasion may be connected with the necessity of trading publishing companies to sell funny and interesting cards.

National Aunt Day

Other people are sure that the initiator of the festival could be a nephew or a niece who had a relationship to mass media. This idea could appear in any magazine or newspaper. Many modern festivals and holidays have such origin. The initiator of the festive occasion could be a representative of the catering trade. He or she could start the date with congratulating his/her relative.

Nobody knows exactly who started to celebrate the day. Nowadays people are eager to give their aunts presents and cards. The holiday has got lots of traditions which represent family spirit. Millions of people try to follow them and make their own habits. The occasion has become a very popular in spite of its mysterious nature. When is National Aunt Day in 2022? The day is set on the 7th of September.

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What does National Aunt Day mean for relatives? When people spend holidays together with relatives, they get an opportunity to communicate with aunts and other dear relatives. It lets to set a firm relationship between them. These relatives always give us confidence, concern, care, love and laughter.

It is a chance to spend festive time with dear people whom children usually love very much. The event can be used not only for fun but also for sweet recollections. Relatives like to take out family albums and view photos. This tradition can give relatives the expectation of sweet moments.

The day’s celebration can give both sides an assurance of respect and love. Aunts usually don’t often see their nieces and nephews because of busy life. Nevertheless, relatives must feel a spirit of concern.

Children may have several aunts. If a child has only an uncle, his wife may become a really dear relative. She can be an important person for a child, understand his or her thoughts and feelings. A child can express his respect, love and concern on the day. It is a day when everybody can prove his feelings. He or she can show the importance of family relations.

If you don’t want to miss the date, you should ask your parents “What day National Aunts Day 2022?” The holiday is celebrated on the 7th of September.


The definition of the word is given by many dictionaries. The word in its present form appeared in the 13-14th centuries. It originated from Anglo-French word “ante” which had a Latin origin. It had a meaning of “father’s sister”. The word related to “beloved”. The ancient definition shows the concern about this relative.

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In modern dictionaries this word has several definitions. The first definition describes the family relations. Aunt is a sister of a mother or a father. In this case the genetic overlap is 25%.

She can be a stepsister. Another meaning is given in accordance to civil laws. If a woman marries a man who has nieces and nephews, she becomes an aunt to them. In such situation the genetic overlap is 0%.

In several countries this term is used to address an unknown woman. It is not a worldly excepted definition but for Western-European countries it is rather ordinary. If you are a woman, don’t be surprised if you are addressed as an aunt by unknown children.

There is one more definition but it is rather colloquial. People may use the word when they feel amazement and a great surprise. In such cases they may say “My sainted aunt!”

The definition of Aunt Day is simple. People don’t need explanations as to the activities on the day. When is International Aunt Day 2022? It is always celebrated on the 7th of September.


Ways of celebrating such holidays are usually simple among different families. They prefer to make picnics or festive dinners. Each aunt can cook a special cake. It can be a recipe which is used only by an aunt in the whole family. The second variant of using this sweet idea is to bring the aunt’s favorite cake to the woman as a present. But be attentive, if a woman has many nieces and nephews, she can have a problem with eating all brought cakes.

National Aunt Day

The best way to communicate with an aunt is to invite her for a walk or to a café without any other relative. When a family has a common party, relatives have no time for a heart-to-heart talk. There are many situations in children’s life when they can’t tell everything to parents. They may confide their secrets to an aunt. This woman can listen and understand. She can also conduct negotiations between children and their relatives.

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The best way to thank this dear person is to appreciate her during the holiday. If it is difficult to find time for visiting a relative, it is a possibility to send a bouquet or a card. Many companies propose their services in making fruit-baskets. A simple call can please an aunt.

Presents can be chosen according to the interests of a woman. Cookery books, home appliances, spa procedures, books and a favorite kind of coffee or tea are widely used by nieces and nephews. One of the best presents is a handmade souvenir.

Aunt Day Facts

Various facts about the holiday and aunts themselves can be found in the internet:

  • The origin of the festival can’t be exactly determined.
  • The date coincides with Uncle’s Day.
  • The holiday is celebrated across the whole world.
  • According to the statistics, parent’s sisters are the first in a row to sit with a child when a mother and a father are out.
  • One of the closest person to understand children’s problems is a mother’s or a father’s sister.
  • Children like when their aunts and uncles take them to a park or cinema. These moments are the most memorable.
  • “When is Aunt Day in 2022, calendar of unofficial occasions?” This question is a way out when children don’t know when they should appreciate their relatives.
  • Children like to sleepover at their relative’s house. It is very interesting to spend a night with cousins.
  • Fun time and interaction are the reasons why children like to spend time with their aunties. The fact is the most considerable when a parent is older than his sister and a nephew or a niece is a teenager. Confident talks are usual.
  • Children usually tell that the sisters of their parents like to retell jokes and funny stories.
  • The woman always remembers about a child’s birthday and gives the best present.


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