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🍧 When is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2021

When is National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day in 2021? – This is a question the quick answer to which can be given only by a small amount of contemporary people. The greatest part of contemporary men and women has never heard about this holiday existence. So they can’t be involved a priori into something amazing and interesting.

That is the main reason, why we have made a decision to investigate this special occasion in details.


Of course, we understand that the proper answering to the question “When is International Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2021?” is impossible without pouring into the historical background of this event. It would be quite silly to behave like that.

However, we have to admit that we haven’t managed to discover any information available about the establishers and creators of this special occasion. We also don’t know why the holiday should be kept on February 6th exactly.

But we are sure that the people who invented this event were the ones, who adore eating something tasty and sweet, but at the same time they try to be in shape and not to put on some weight.

Ice Cream For Breakfast


What does Ice Cream For Breakfast Day mean? – Frankly speaking, you shouldn’t ask us, as we are not able to answer this question instead of you. This is the situation, in which it is only up to you to decide whether this reason is worth to be celebrated or you can forget completely about its existence.

Is it possible to gain the odd weight if ice cream is eaten in the morning, or rumors about its calorie content are just a myth? Dietitians claim that such a dessert is one of the most harmful.

The energy value of ice cream can vary widely enough. Much depends on the fat content of the milk, the presence of additional ingredients. The caloric content of the delicacy is 120-280 Kcal per 100 grams. The chocolate-filled dessert has even higher energy value.

Frozen juice is considered to be the most harmless to the figure and useful for health. For those who can’t refuse their favorite delicacies, it is advisable to gradually replace the cream ice cream with fruit, but it should not contain a lot of sugar.

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The most caloric ones are the desserts with chocolate filler, as well as the items with jam and marmalade. To tell you the truth, it would be better to refuse such yummy, if there is a desire to lose weight or to preserve the ideal forms.

From time to time you can afford a small portion, of course. However, you should remember about the high caloric content of the product and carefully formulate the diet. A portion of this delicacy may substitute breakfast. At one time it is recommended to eat not more than 150 grams. It is possible to add light fruits, but not high-calorie chocolate paste or berry fillers. Such a combination in terms of nutrition is absolutely inadmissible.


Discovering the matter, devoted to the theme, what day Ice Cream For Breakfast Day in 2021 is, we would like to give our readers a great amount of various amazing pieces of information.

For example, we are almost sure that you haven’t heard about the Japanese scientists, who recommend starting the day with ice cream. They, of course, are not advised to completely abandon traditional yoghurts, porridges and omelets. But before every breakfast, they advise eating a few spoons of ice cream. This, in accordance with scientists’ beliefs, improves brain work.

In order to come to such conclusions, Yoshihiko Koga and his colleagues from the Kyorin University invited participants of their experiment to start each morning with three spoons of ice cream. To assess the reaction rate, memory and the ability to perceive information, the researchers suggested that all participants undergo a series of computer tests.

It turned out that those who ate ice cream showed far better results in those tests than the people, whose breakfast was more traditional. The researchers also noted that the use of ice cream provoked an increase in alpha waves in the brain.

The authors suggested that cold ice from the morning causes a kind of “shaking” of the brain, accelerating its withdrawal from a sleepy state. However, it is still unclear whether the ice cream itself or only its temperature affects it.

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To find out, the scientists conducted a similar experiment, but in it people had to start their breakfast not from ice cream, but with a few sips of cold water. Their reaction and memory have somewhat improved, but ice cream still has a more pronounced effect. Scientists have assured the public that they will do everything possible and find out exactly how “ice cream” works.


When is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day in 2021, calendar will surely remind you without any difficulties. This year it will happen on February 6th. So if you are going to brighten your winter Saturday with positive emotions, you shouldn’t forget and prepare for it in advance.

By the way, if you eat ice cream in the morning, it’s not so bad for the figure. In the first half of the day, the rate of metabolic processes in the body is maximal, so everything eaten is assimilated most fully. At the same time it is better to prefer the less calorie product.

If you eat a popular dessert once in the morning or do it very rarely, nothing terrible will happen. But when the use of goodies becomes regular, you can gain the odd kilograms very quickly. This is especially true for cases where a person is not ready to reduce the energy value of the basic diet.

Ice Cream with waffles

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, to always stay in perfect shape, you need to use a daily amount of calories. For people of different sex, age, occupation there are different norms, exceeding which is categorically not recommended. If a person allows himself/herself to eat an impressive portion of ice cream, he/she should give up some kind of dish, but it will not benefit health. Sweet desserts are just a source of “empty” carbohydrates. After their consumption saturation occurs very quickly, but also quickly and passes, after which it is desirable to eat again. From such food you can refuse, as there is practically nothing useful in it.

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National Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Facts

Giving the proper reply to the question “What is the date of Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 2021?” we want to mention the following.

Not everybody knows that a portion of low-calorie ice cream, low-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt has a nutritional value of about 80-120 calories and provides 20-30% of the daily calcium rate. Even if you are on a diet, for greater benefit, just choose ice cream without chocolate, with natural frozen fruits, nuts or air rice.

By degree of fat, ice cream is the following:

  • Milk (3-8% fat);
  • Creamy (8-10% fat);
  • Premium full-cream ice (15-20% fat).

In accordance to the fat content, yogurt ice cream can be comparable with milk one. It is precisely this product that is considered to be the ideal means for sending the necessary amount of healthy crops into the body. In frozen foods, such as ice cream, yogurt bacteria are in an “anabiosis” state. Since bacteria are inactive and are in hibernation, they are much better preserved their vital activity.

This allows maintaining a high level of their concentration in products, the effectiveness of which is increasing several times.

An approximate breakfast menu for an ice cream diet:

  1. Portion of muesli with juice or oatmeal on water, 1 apple.
  2. Tea or coffee, unsweetened or with sugar substitute.
  3. A portion of ice cream. In this case, a portion is meant 100-150 grams of ice cream. This is either an Eskimo of palm size, or ¾ cup, or ice cream piece, the size of which is not bigger than a tennis ball.

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