More and more often many of us begin to cook different food at home. According to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, as a rule, contemporary people prefer to do the dishes, which they used to buy in the nearest stores and supermarkets. There are several reasons for this: this kind of meal is tastier, more nutritious, it helps to reduce the consumption of harmful dyes and preservatives, and often goes cheaper than in the shop. Baking is a clear example of this phenomenon. Homemade bakery is much tastier than the store. However, can you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Homemade Bread Day in 2022?โ€ immediately or have you ever heard about this holiday existence?

As a rule, the most expected reply is negative. And that is why it is a high time for exploring this situation and matter in details.


As you can see the explanation of what day Homemade Bread Day in 2022 is needs serious attention to the historical background of this event. Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover any information about the establishers of this holiday, as well as why they proposed to celebrated it on November 17th exactly.

Homemade Bread

However, according to historians and archaeologistsโ€™ point of view, the first bread was “discovered” over 15 thousand years ago. In the Stone Age, our prehistoric ancestors ate grain in its raw form. Later they learned how to grind it between stones – the future millstones, and the resulting flour was mixed with water. That is, the first bread was a liquid cereal or soup (by the way, such porridge is still used in some countries of Asia and Africa).

When the ancient people learned to obtain fire, they began to bake something, reminding unleavened cakes. Thus, the nutritional problem was partially solved: the person was provided with nourishing food in the form of small grains.

The first real bakers are the ancient Egyptians. Even during the construction of the pyramids, 5-6 millennia ago, they most likely accidentally discovered a way to loosen the dough by fermentation – for example, one day an ancient Egyptian could leave a mixture of flour and water in a warm stove for the night, and in the morning he/she discovered an unexpectedly soft dough, from which the bakery turned out to be even more delicious. In such a way hard flat cakes were changed by soft loaves.

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What does Homemade Bread Day mean? That is the question, which can be answered personally by everyone. There are many contemporary people, who are sure that November 17th is really very important in their lives and as a result they want to celebrate it, but at the same time there those, who have never heard about its existence.

Of course, talking about the most delicious cookies, we canโ€™t give the absolute preference to one sort. Why? โ€“ The matter is that it depends much on individual human tastes, cultural norms and national traditions. But, nevertheless, some tendency can be noted.

Initially, we have to mention that too refined bakery products, according to modern nutritionists, lead to excess weight and a great amount of related problems. Too coarse bread, baked in accordance with different “old” and “village” recipes is also not a panacea, as it is hard to digest and often does not bring joy from eating.

In this case, it is necessary to seek a golden mean between profit and taste, the benefit of modern manufacturers as well as individual cooks is trying to satisfy this request. Nowadays you can find vitaminized and coarse bread, or it, prepared with nuts, herbs and various seeds. All of them are really rather delicious. If you are fond of baking, we recommend you to try every recipe you can find and as a result you will understand your individual preferences.

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Trying to find out the additional information to the question โ€œWhen is International Homemade Bread Day 2022?โ€ we would like to mention the following things.

We make daily purchases in stores and know how the bread, that we see on the shelves, should look like. Actually, those bakery products which we buy in the supermarket have to have a fresh and pleasant appearance only because they are produced on an industrial scale and, if they do not have such, we simply will not buy them.

The main goal of the producers is to get more profit from each loaf, without increasing the cost of cooking it. Therefore, in many cases a lot of yeast is added to the dough, due to which the bakery texture becomes “light”, i.e. saturated with air bubbles. This technology also allows the use of flour from low-grade grain, because of which the nutritional properties of bakery are also reduced.

Another problem of store cookies is the use of preservatives. Prolonging the shelf life of bread, the manufacturer reduces its costs. With every piece of bakery bought in the supermarket, we eat a healthy dose of preservatives.


When is Homemade Bread Day in 2022, calendar will remind you for sure. There are no reasons for being worried about it. However, it seems to be rather clear how to celebrate November 17 properly. The name of the holiday itself shares the idea.

In any case try to bake something special personally for you, for your friends, partner, family member or even colleagues from work.

By the way, after a while, you can start experimenting with bread recipes.

Making Homemade Bread

For example, cookies from rye flour and bread from wheat flour differ and have different properties. And to give the loaf Italian notes, instead of the usual salt, you can take salt with garlic (garlic powder), as well as Italian seasonings (oregano or rosemary).

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In any case, home-made product has an astounding taste and aroma. Add a little butter or jam and tasty, even a healthy breakfast is ready!

And, please, remember, that many ingredients of unscrupulous manufacturers simply do not indicate on the labels.

National Homemade Bread Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Homemade Bread Day?โ€ we would like to give our readers some amazing pieces of information concerning this matter.

Bakery is not only a very old product, but also extremely popular. At the same time, a specific attitude to it to the main cause of obesity and various health problems has developed quite recently, and before that, in many countries it has been the basis of the ration for all residents, without exception, both rich and poor.

Believe you or not, but modern archaeologists suppose that one day during the preparation of cereal porridge in ancient times some of it turned out into a flat cake. With its pleasant smell, appetizing look and taste, it surprised the people. After that our distant ancestors began to bake unleavened product from dense grain porridge.

Dense, unbroken, burned pieces of brown mass reminded the typical modern bread only a little. But it was the period when the bakery making appeared on Earth. However, when an ancient man farmed the land with great difficulty, sowed grain, harvested everything and baked bakery from it, he/she was able to taste the product.

A long time passed and another miracle happened. Ancient Egyptians learned to cook product from the fermented dough. It is believed that, by an oversight of the slave who was making bread, the dough became sour. But in order to avoid punishment, he nevertheless baked the flat cakes, which surprisingly turned out to be much tastier, softer and flavored than from an unleavened dough.


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