The health of teeth is very important. People all over the world understand the value of flossing. Nevertheless, people from developing countries donโ€™t always have this detail at home and use it every day. Medical associations made it possible to explain these people the need of everyday care. Besides, a special occasion was initiated to promote this device. When is National Flossing Day in 2022? How do people observe the date?


The history of the day began in 2000. Its aim was to remind the majority of people how important looking after teeth is. The process itself appeared many years ago. The initiator of this day was a dentist. His name was L.S.Parmly. The men lived in New Orleans. He proposed to his patients a special dental floss which was to be used for cleaning interdental space.

His recommendations concerned every patient who should run a thread made of waxen silk between teeth and take pieces of food away. He insisted that brushes couldnโ€™t remove everything after meals. These pieces could become a serious threat to the whole situation. They could be a source of a real disease.

The doctor insisted that this part of teeth care was the most important in a whole process. Those recommendations took place in 1819. Despite the obvious advantage of that initiation, the real commercial production was organized only in the 80th of the 19th century. The first floss was produced by Codman and Shurtleft Co. That variant was made by unwaxed silk. That company didnโ€™t have a certain patent for the dental floss production.

Dental Floss

The 1st patent was stated by the Johnson&Johnson Co. It patented a silk variant in 1898. From that time the useful thing became very popular, though many nations didnโ€™t use floss and a brush.

The best variant is considered to be made of nylon. That variant was proposed C.C.Bass. The man was a physician. He developed a new variant in the 40s of the 20th century. That type had obvious advantages in comparison with the silk variant. It could be longer than the silk floss. โ€œWhat day Flossing Day in 2022?โ€ Itโ€™s observed on the 27th of November.

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The floss is a very important thing. It helps people to take care of their teeth without any difficulty. This type of care is worth speaking about. The observance of the day helps people to get more information about teeth and care which they need.

Special attention is paid to the need of everyday care. Special programs explain the audience that avoiding taking care of teeth people may get serious problems. People who follow the dentistsโ€™ recommendations have the next benefits:

  1. Avoiding gum diseases, such as gingivitis. It is explained that the mass of food fills the interdental spaces and makes them inflamed. Gums will swallow and become red. Prevention of this disease can be done by using brush and floss.
  2. Avoiding cavities. Bacteria arise when the food pieces begin making an acid mixture. It begins damaging teeth.
  3. Tartar is formed by the remains of food. Itโ€™s usually canโ€™t be taken away by a person itself. He should go to a dentist. Nevertheless, this problem can be corrected by flossing.
  4. Dental problems raise the whole body problems. Thus, if a person follows doctorโ€™s advises, he wouldnโ€™t have health problems which are raised because of poor teeth.
  5. For many people the question which concerns money is the most important one. It is obvious that the healthier teeth are, less amount of money is needed for dental treatment.
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These advantages are to be explained to every person beginning from his childhood. When is International Flossing Day 2022? Itโ€™s set on November, 27th.


The origin of the term goes to the middle of the 18th century. The word has got its origin from the Old French. Though the term has got several meanings, it is usually used to describe a dental item. Dental floss is made of thin filaments. It is used for removing food from interdental areas. It is used to remove everything which canโ€™t be taken away by a dental brush. Floss is a very useful thing which helps to prevent several dental diseases. It prevents the appearance of caries and gingivitis.

Except this meaning the term explains the origin of the thing. It concerns the fiber made of cotton. It is also used for filaments made of silk.

Dictionaries also suggest using the word as a verb. It means to use the floss in dental matters. Cleaning teeth with that cord is also flossing.

Nowadays the word is very popular. It is promoted through mass media. Companies which produce dental floss stand for everyday use of their product. It helps not only to save the peopleโ€™s health, but also to earn much benefit by the manufacturers. What is the date of Flossing Day 2022? People can observe it on November, 27th.


This day isnโ€™t a usual holiday. Itโ€™s more an observance followed by dentists and manufacturers. Ordinary people may follow the observance with a standard plan. The best way to celebrate the event is to floss in the morning after using a brush. Every person has to follow the standard plan of hygiene. The US Dental Association proposes both actions for saving dental health.

Flossing day is supposed to be the best way to involve millions of people into taking care of teeth. The aim of the occasion is not only to attract attention to the use of dental floss, but also to dental care in a whole. Lots of people feel fear in dental chair. Doctors can use the day to organize meeting in schools and other educational establishments where children can make an acquaintance with local doctors.

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A girl flossing her teeth

The event is also a chance to take a small child to the clinics. It is better to take a child to a dentist when he is little than come when a child has dental problems.

Various educational programs are shown on TV. This is a good possibility to teach ordinary people how to take care of their teeth. This way of following the day is used in developing countries. โ€œWhen is Flossing Day in 2022, calendar of observance?โ€ The observance will take place on November, 27th.

ย National Flossing Day Facts

  1. Dentists advise to floss at least once a day.
  2. People use multifilament and monofilament floss.
  3. 73% of Americans donโ€™t like flossing at all.
  4. The whole American purchase which consists of dental things costs more than 2 billion dollars.
  5. Males donโ€™t like flossing and do that less frequent than women.
  6. The process of cleaning teeth has to contain flossing or it canโ€™t be considered completed.
  7. The most popular variant is made of nylon. Wax example is more convenient to use.
  8. PTFE is more suitable for people with tight contact between teeth.
  9. The maximum length of floss is 100 meters.
  10. The best length for flossing is 20 inches.
  11. Bad flossing leads to gums damaging.
  12. It is said that every plague needs a new piece of floss.
  13. Americans spend almost 40 days of their lives to brush their teeth.
  14. The hardest thing in the human body is the tooth enamel.
  15. More than 40% of teeth surface needs flossing.
  16. Almost 80% of American youth have cavities.
  17. Plagues are made up by almost three hundred types of bacteria.


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