The 12nd of August is considered to be one of the most important days of all music fans. It’s the date when the first phonograph was invented. One hundred years later the day was declared to become a special occasion. It is said to be a very interesting event. The date may be observed in different ways. Lots of people want to participate in the event. When is National Vinyl Record Day in 2022? What are the original ways of celebrating the date?


The history of the date began not on the date when the Vinyl record company decided to create a date, but when the first phonograph was invented. It happened in 1877. The inventor was Thomas Edison. Though, the holiday took the day of the invention for itself, the first notice of the sound recordings concerns 1857. Leon Scott patented the phonautograph. These recordings of sound are the earliest ones.

The phonograph was an invention which could record the sound and reproduce it. In the 1880s the producers made it possible to sell the equipment due to the wax phonograph cylinder. In the late 80s of the 19th century in Europe special discs were sold. They were invented by E. Berliner. The man proposed to play them with a hand-propelled machine.

National Vinyl Record Day

Later, in 1894 the man initiated the company, the Berliner Gramophone. The further development was dedicated to the raising of speed and the quality of sound. The Great Depression was the turning point in the development of the sound industry. A new equipment was made to simplify the process of sound producing. A new set was to be connected to the radio set. That fact took place in 1929.

A compound was introduced by RCA Victor in 1931. Beginning from 1932 ordinary people could record sound at home due the so-called Victrolac. The 1930s are also known as the beginning of the album producing. The companies recorded the songs of one singer or the melodies of one genre into one disk.

Two dates were made to recognize the importance of music recording. The first date is Record Store Day. The second one is National Vinyl Record Day. The second date is more related to the process of the music development. If you want to participate in the observation, ask the information in the internet “What day National Vinyl Record Day in 2022?”

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What does National Vinyl Record Day mean for the majority of people? The date isn’t very odd for people. The aim of the event is rather understandable. There is no wonder in the procedure on the date’s initiating. Records nowadays stay one of the most interesting things for collectors and music fans. They try to find new examples of records and save them in their home collections.

The date is a chance to spend a date listening to music, moreover, listening to the recordings. The quality of sound is very great and wonderful. If we hear the sound, we know exactly what the sound goes from. Records have their own dedicated fans that prefer to listen to such records rather than to digital sound.

Another aim of the day is to involve people into communicating. There are many clubs that propose parties. They unite people under the common goals and interests. They relax, have fun and listen to their famous music.

Various recording companies made such dates to promote their own deeds and achievements. They also make special limited releases on the dates. People try to by all proposed records. When is International Vinyl Record Day 2022? It is set on the 12th of August.


The definitions of many holidays don’t carry a mysterious meaning. It is always clear what to do. All nationalities can take part in the observance, because every nation had records, used them and saved them for modern times.

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The name of the event itself doesn’t make difficulties. People understand what they should do when they hear the title of the holiday. Everybody understands that he or she should listen to music. There is no need to explain the aim of the event to foreigners. They exactly know what to do and where to go.

The word “vinyl” itself has got several meanings. One of them doesn’t concern music at all. It refers to chemistry. Another meaning concerns materials. Records are made from such materials. Thus, people name such recordings as vinyl.

The origin of the word is considered to be Latin. It means “wine” (vinum). The first use of the word in the meaning which we know took place in 1863.

The word “record” has got lots of meanings itself. It can be used as a noun, an adjective and a verb. The word has its roots in the 12th century. People used the word in the meaning of “to remember”. The origin of the word “record” is Latin. It transformed several times during its history. What is the date of Vinyl Record Day 2022?  It’s set on the 12th of August.


The main goal of the date is to have a good time on the day. People can relax and feel free during the occasion. Music fans can enjoy their favorite music and spend the whole night at the disco and in the bars.

National Vinyl Record Day

The best way to spend the day is to gather with relatives and friends and listen to music. If you make a party, you should ask your friends to bring 2–3 favorite disks. The hostess can propose a great idea of making a contest between quests or their children.

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People can make a sincere conversation between themselves. They can tell about their favorite genres and songs. There is a good idea to make a costume party and use the correspondent music.

Another way to celebrate the occasion is to go out and have a nice evening in a bar. Lots of people prefer to go out in spite of the occasion. There are many festivals across the United States of America dedicated to the event.

People can watch sales in the local territories. They can listen only to such records on the date. There are lots of various TV and radio programs which propose various festivals and contests. Social nets also propose different interesting posts and photo contests.

Owners of the musical shops can propose various sales for their clients. They make open prizes for guests which aim is to promote such records. If you want to participate in the festival, you’d better to get information through the internet “When is Vinyl Record Day in 2022, calendar of events?”

Vinyl Record Day Facts

  • The American cities have got more than 1500 record stores.
  • In 2014 people spent more than 15 billion dollars for records.
  • One of the most famous records is the one which was made for cosmonauts. It contained greetings in 55 languages of the world.
  • It is considered that a colored vinyl sounds much more different than those on black vinyl.
  • The first change of speed while playing the record took place in 1948. This act was made by Columbia Records.
  • The last years people are very interested to vinyl records, so the sales rose up to 25% in 2015. The most sold albums are rock albums (more than 63%). This phenomenon has got a title of “vinyl revival”.
  • The most outstanding seller of the vinyl is Twenty One Pilots. The company has sold almost 50 thousand albums.


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