Do you like cakes and desserts? The best way is to try a new kind on a certain day. It should be better to look at the calendar of holidays and find the date when this new kind is recognized. There are many holidays devoted to various drinks and food. People from different countries follow the traditions and devote the whole day to this product or food. One of such days is devoted to fudge. It is a very delicious cake which can be made by every person.  When is National Peanut Butter Fudge Day in 2019? What are usual ways of celebrating the day?


This recipe isn’t a new thing. Its appearance is considered to be a wonderful accident. It has to be a batch of caramel. Nevertheless, something went wrong, though a new thing was very tasty. It happened in the middle of the 80s of the 19th century. The mistaken food became one of the most delicious sweets.

Later the dweller of New York tried to sell the fudge. It cost then only 40 cents for every pound. In two years the tasty treatment cost 30 pounds. People loved it greatly. They began buying it with eagerness.

Several years later in Michigan several shops made the dessert themselves. That treatment was always sold to people who came for vacations. Nowadays there are several original shops which continue making the dessert according to the original recipe.

Fudge has become so popular that people created several festive days devoted to this product. Every occasion is set for a certain recipe.

Peanut Butter Fudge

The receipt which includes peanut butter is also very popular. Such dessert can be tried on the certain occasion which was set by the Peanut Board. The Americans try to follow the holiday in different ways. Every visitor can follow the traditions according to the calendar. “What day World Peanut Butter Fudge Day in 2019?” It is set on the 20th of November.

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What does National Peanut Butter Fudge Day mean for an ordinary American? The day hasn’t got an officially accepted holiday. It isn’t a week-end if it falls on a working day. Nevertheless, the day has got a certain population. It is due to the wide popularity of this kind of spread not only in the USA but also across the whole world.

This mixture is considered to be one of the representatives of the American cuisine. The amount of sold and eaten spread in the USA is really huge. People eat it in the morning and during the whole day as a snack.

The mixture is used for many cakes and desserts. It is also used as a pure mixture. Children adore this product. They always take for granted such days when they can experiment with this ingredient. Thus, the event can be used as a reason to get additional knowledge in cooking.

Adults can use the occasion to spend much time with their children and teach them cooking fudge. They can also make a party or meeting with friends and relatives. These occasions make families feel concern and trust.

American manufacturers use the occasion to increase the amounts of selling peanut butter. They make many various advertisements to promote this day. The product itself doesn’t need any promotion. It is almost a national product in the USA and Canada. The product isn’t new for many countries across the world.

When is International Peanut Butter Fudge Day 2019? It is observed on the 20th of November.


“Fudge” is not a very old word. It is considered to be an Americanism. It appeared in the 80s of the 19th century. The word hasn’t got a certain origin. The process of mixture’s producing was initiated in the colleges. Thus, it can be a derivation from any title of a campus.

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The term describes a candy which is made of different sweet ingredients. The common component is a mixture of nuts. The mixture can contain chocolate, milk and various kinds of butter. It must be softened or baked. Many producers add different fruits and candies as a topping of fudge. Many Americans prefer to buy these candies for presents. Tourists also like this product.

As to the peanut butter it is a mixture of peanuts. It is included into a group of spread products. According to the clients tastes it may contain salt, chocolate and other emulsifiers. The leading international explorer is the USA. The country has an annual 1 billion dollars benefit from the peanut butter selling. People use this product separately or as an ingredient of other products. The most widespread usage of the product is making sandwiches.

What is the date of National Peanut Butter Fudge Day 2019? It’s on the 20th of November.


Various ways of celebration of the date are common to many families. The best tradition is to buy all necessary ingredients and to make the dessert at home. The receipt is rather simple and doesn’t need a serious preparation beforehand. It is available also for children. That is why adults try to involve their sons and daughters into the process of cooking.

The receipt is common. Nevertheless, friends and relatives may also initiate a special contest of receipts. The participants can create their own tastes of the fudge. Caramel and chocolate can obviously improve any fudge.

Peanut Butter Fudge  Bite

The occasion can be used for visiting cafés and restaurants which make this dessert. Some places give special offers to their clients. The dessert can be eaten during the whole way. People also can buy the product or make it by themselves for presents to their dearest people.

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The date is also a reason to visit mothers and other female relatives who can cook the dessert very well. Their imagination and creativity can be very useful for beginners in the cooking process.

Many restaurants make special master-classes where every interested person can train in making peanut fudge. Everybody can visit such events to improve their cooking skills. The best way to get information about such meetings is to find the schedule. “When is Peanut Butter Fudge Day in 2019, calendar of cooking master-classes”.

International Peanut Butter Fudge Day Facts

  • Peanut butter was licensed in 1928 by J.L.Rosenfield.
  • The first brand of the product was Skippy. It was crunchy.
  • The machine which produced this kind of paste was patented in 1903.
  • The USA is the greatest producer of peanut butter. The biggest amount of mixture is made in Georgia.
  • The American citizens eat almost half a billion pounds of mixture.
  • Carter and T.Jefferson were the Presidents of the USA. They were also farmers who planted peanuts.
  • There are four holidays which are devoted to peanut butter and their derivatives.
  • There are three holidays which are devoted to different types of fudge.
  • The word “fudge” at first had a negative meaning. It was used for “nonsense”. The meaning was used to describe a strange accident when the mixture was created.
  • The most favorite ingredient of the mixture is chocolate.
  • The mixture can be of different colors. It depends on its ingredients.
  • The dessert isn’t considered to be nutritious. It is made of fat and sugar. Nevertheless, various vitamins and minerals can be found in the dessert.
  • The best temperature for cooking this dessert is 116 °C.


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