Evacuation Day is a term, which can refer to a couple of American holidays, both of which mark different historical events. More commonly it means an observation of the day when British army finally left New York. This important event in a way affirmed the end of American War of Independence, as last shot was fired exactly on this day from British Ship. Cannonball simply fell without any harm, as evacuating British soldiers were derided by joyful masses of American civilians.

So, when is Evacuation Day in 2018? In New York it’s a holiday that happens annually on November 25, so this year it will be pretty much on the same date. Also, there is another feast settled in Massachusetts that bears the same name and related to Civil War as well. That day commemorates the end of almost yearly Boston Siege, or, in any words, the retreat of British troops and liberation of Boston in the beginning of Revolutionary War. That holiday is settled on the seventeenth of March.

Both of those days honor the exploit of American people fighting for independence. Without the events, which occurred on those historical dates, there probably couldn’t even be such thing as USA.

Evacuation Day 2017

American Revolutionary War

As both Evacuation Day holidays are related to Revolutionary War, it’s strongly recommended to gain more knowledge about this grand important period to understand the background and reasoning of these feasts. And after understanding the pain of struggle for freedom and independence you might ask what day Evacuation Day in 2018.

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As you probably know, America started as one of British colonies, but as time went by, people started to gain so-called national conscience. That is when they began to consider themselves as one nation. The time has come for Americans to unite and form discrete independent country.

Obviously, British Empire had no intentions of losing its part and letting it go, as with great piece of territory Britain was also going to lose power, influence and a lot of resources. The thing is, majority of Americans thought that established by British government taxes were too high, almost impossible to pay. Same as with taxes, decisions of parliament were critiqued and hated as well. Thus, one day people’s patience ran out.

It all started as protests, but then pretty quickly situation escalated even further. Now, people boycotted in a different ways, for example they destroyed shipment of tea. Britain answered tough – several arrangements were made to punish rebels. One of them is the closure of Boston Port.

Americans responded by creating the shadow government, while twelve colonies formed an alliance to plan resistance and fight side-by-side against British army. In April 1775 situation finally developed into complete war.

France decided to form an alliance with United Colonies in 1776. In 1783 war ended. On third September opponents signed the Treaty of Paris. Thus, Great Britain conceded that United Colonies are finally being independent country. From now on they were called United States.

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The victorious war consists of a lot of little victories. In this case, such events now honored during the Evacuation Day holidays. So, when is Evacuation Day 2018? It is on the twenty-fifth of November in New York and on the March, 16th in Massachusetts.

How it is celebrated

In Massachusetts Evacuation Day is an official holiday, so public services and offices either work by short schedules or don’t work at all. There are special prescriptions about celebration of holidays in United States of America, which are controlling kinds of commercial and social activities that can or cannot be performed in those days. Educational institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities have a day-off on the day of celebration. If holiday takes places at weekends, additional day-off is presented on following Monday.

 Evacuation Day

Another interesting particularity of Evacuation Day is that it matches with Saint Patrick’s Day, so there is whole different reason to celebrate it, as pretty big part of local population is Irish.

Once again, what is the date of Evacuation Day 2018? The answer depends on the region. In Massachusetts it’s 17th of March, while in New York it’s 25th of November. Keep in mind that these are two discrete holidays, even if they have something similar.

Celebration in New York had its ups and down during two centuries. Nowadays, searchlights are turned on during the feast, symbolizing beacons and various sport activities are held, just like in old good days.

In both regions, main part of celebration consists of a few social activities, such as visiting important historical places and learning about past days. So, if you feel strong bound with free and independent American nation, you can attend to celebration as well. To do this, you need to know the date of when is Evacuation Day in 2018, or mark it in your calendar.


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