Thomas Jefferson is a very important historical figure, so the date of his birth seems to be obligatory marked. The man took part in the formation of the Declaration on Independence in the USA. The truth is that this day isn’t announced as a public or national holiday. Nevertheless, it’s an obligatory observance in order to commemorate a person that played a great role in formation of the American democracy. When is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday in 2018? How is the day observed?

The personality of Jefferson

Jefferson was born in 1743, on 13 April in a very rich and educated family. Thomas was one of ten children. He got his education in a private establishment. When he was seventeen, he was sent to one of the most famous and prestigious institutions, to the College of Williamsburg. For those times the city was the capital of the state Virginia. The College’s rules weren’t very strict. Students had fun rather than studied. The College had several serious professionals and the young man got their support in getting true education.

 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday 2017

In 1763 Thomas Jefferson made a decision to study the law. American educational establishments didn’t provide serious law courses, so he took long 5-year course from his College professor Wythe who was one the most prominent lawyers in America of those times. That supervision influenced greatly the personal formation of Thomas Jefferson.

At the end of the course the young man was a very educated lawyer. It is considered that he became one of the most prominent professionals of law in Virginia. He had a great practice for many years, got success in advocatory affairs. He was accepted to the bar of Virginia. Nowadays almost all the lawyers know the dates of his life. They can easily answer the question “When is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 2018?”

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The man managed to marry one of the richest women in the state. His wife was Martha Wayles Skelton. The couple had six children but they weren’t very healthy. Only two daughters became adult. Thomas Jefferson, being a very successful professional, had many problems in his private life.

His political career started when the British Crown began losing its impact on America as a colony. A lot of taxes were set and Americans began revolting. Thomas Jefferson took a strong part in the American struggle for independence. People elected the prominent lawyer to the House of Burgesses in Virginia. He took part in the 2nd Continental Congress which commander was G.Washington, Jefferson’s friend.

In summer of 1776 Thomas Jefferson managed to make one of the most prominent things in the American history. It was the creation of the testament to liberty. He spent seventeen days in order to create a document which was an introductory to a great law giving Americans rights and freedoms.

His words about equal people’s rights given by the God, such as happiness, liberty and life, stayed unchanged in spite of all amendments to the Declaration of Independence. A year later the man wrote the Statute which gave freedoms to religion and separated state and church. The next 20 years led Thomas Jefferson to the position of President of the United States which he occupied for 8 years. His deeds were so great that the question “What day Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday in 2018” is still popular.

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Interesting facts about Jefferson

The man was very active, especially concerning studying and proficiencies.

There are some interesting facts that make the Jefferson’s personality more interesting:

  • A book-lover. He confessed he was eager to books. During the whole life he bought different kinds of literature. When he left the post of President his library comprised more than 6 thousand volumes of literature.
  • An economist. While working in France he started to learn economy. He got useful acquaintances. Among his friends there were some economic theorists. Thomas Jefferson is known to deny bank notes and their possibility to become currency.
  • Food and wine lover. This affection was unchangeable during all his life. He adored French wine and cuisine. He freed his slave for becoming a good specialist in cooking French dishes.
  • A musician. Thomas Jefferson could play violin. He began taking musical lessons when he was a little child.
  • An astronomer. The man liked to watch the stars and tried to push astronomy studies in his University.

Other interesting facts about the 3rd President of America can be heard during his birthday’s observance. What is the date of Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 2018? It’s on April, 13th.

 Thomas Jefferson

Ways of observing

The first reference of the observance goes to 1938. In March the President of the USA F.D.Roosevelt decided to set the commemorating day of Thomas Jefferson which was the date of his birth. Several decades later G.W.Bush confirmed the status of the day.

Events that take place on the day are similar to those at the President’s Day. There are a lot of meeting and communities dedicated to the President. They are usually held at the main places in Jefferson’s life.

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There is a tradition of Senator’s speaking at Monticello. The most significant people of Virginia get medals from T.Jefferson Foundation. The entrance to the event is usually free.

In Keswick Vineyards there is always wine tasting for the whole day. Visitors can also have a piece of birthday cake. Such procedures commemorate Jefferson’s wine-loving.

A lot of games and other entertainments are available for children and adults on the day. They may have a cake and other festive meals. The entrance isn’t free for adults but children can enter without fees.

The official commemoration event is held at the memorial. Here the ceremony of laying wreath and playing the anthem take place. The full list of commemorating occasions may be taken in the internet due to the request “When is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday in 2018, calendar of celebrating”.


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