When is National Go For Broke Day in 2020? Have you ever been told about this holiday existence? Well, we are really sure that you are planning to reply negatively. And this is not a great amazement, actually, as this special occasion is not well-known around the representatives of the modern society. All in all, some ladies and guys believe that taking risks is a very stupid idea. They canโ€™t understand why to do something if you do not know what will happen in the end. Others are sure that risking means believing in the own strengths, discovering new facets and not being afraid of probable failures. So should we take risks? Why or why not?


Of course, the matter like what day World Go For Broke Day in 2020 is needs a chain of clarifications and explanation. We understand this quite well, however, under these conditions we havenโ€™t managed to find out something especially amazing for our readers.

There are no facts available, explaining why we have to celebrate the holiday on April 6th annually and we donโ€™t know who the initial establishers were.

However, we are almost sure that they were or even are decisive persons, who hated or hate boring life and ordinary routine. One day they decided to change the situation for better and introduce the new reality for the whole world.

parachute jump

Well, in any case, thanks to them nowadays we have a new holiday, which is able to involve the people all around the planet.

Most contemporary extremals as crazy adventurers who canโ€™t realize their craving for active life in a safer way. Others, on the contrary, are inclined to see in them people who prove to themselves and others that in today’s fresh world there is still a place for deeds. But, however that may be, the number of fans of strong feelings is growing, especially among young people.


What does Go For Broke Day mean? To tell you the truth, we are not sure that we can reply this matter instead of you. It is only up to you to make a decision, what holidays to hold and which ones may be quite forgotten.

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Knowing the hobby, a lot can be said about a person. Somebody collects stamps, most likely, will never strive to tickle the nerves and get a dose of adrenaline. Being strong in spirit, other men and women find entertainment in something more special, they would rather jump with a parachute or engage in diving than become philatelists.

Extreme sports are one of the ways to express themselves and their strengths, so they have always attracted extraordinary people.

One, who once experienced a strong sensation, will stop after the first time or will never stop. For example, a person professionally engaged in snowboarding, reaching a certain level, begins to look for something new, which is not so good yet, but this activity should also be connected with risk and danger. At home, such a mask for scuba diving with a diopter can harmoniously coexist with a parachute helmet, motorcycle gloves and a surfboard.


Investigating the destination โ€œWhen is International Go For Broke Day 2020?โ€ we should demonstrate our followers some important things.

In accordance with commonly used definition, risk or broke is something like an indefinite event or state that, in case of occurrence, has a good or bad impact on someone or something. All in all risks can be external, that is, occurring regardless of your personal desire, and internal, to which you are going to consciously. Internal risks, in turn, are divided into real, far-fetched and quite stupid.

  • External cases with regard to our daily life include such events as a broken car, unemployment, robbery, trauma, and even a trifle like an alarm clock that did not work in the morning, etc. Each of these events has its consequences. The alarm does not work – it’s late, a broken machine – the cancellation of some trip, the dismissal from work – the search for a new workplace, the robbery – the lack of money, the trauma – the cost of treatment and temporary incapacity.
  • Real ones are the risks that can cause a threat to your health or life. To date, there is a lot of entertainment for fans of extreme sports, involving, for example, surfing, rock climbing, diving, racing, parachute jumping, downhill skiing, etc. There are quite a few people who are hungry to get a dose of adrenaline.
  • Fictitious risks are probably the most common. Such risks, initially, are given by fear, insecurity and constantly revolving in the head of the question: “And what about me will they think or will others say?”
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All of them are typical for the life of modern person.


When is Go For Broke Day in 2020, calendar will certainly tell you and there is no necessity to be worried about this. All in all the date of holiday is fixed. That is why in 2020 it will be celebrated in definite cycles as usually on April 5th. Do you plan to be involved? โ€“ It isn’t a problem, of course. Just try to devote this day to something new. Are you strong enough for this?

Often extreme is chosen by those who unconsciously want to go beyond the ordinary and violate the narrow range of rules and prohibitions, which have to live day in and day out, and also experience some new and unusual sensations.


This is especially true of extreme tourism. A person who is bored walking the trampled routes and quietly admire nature, begins to look for ways to turn the campaign into a real adventure.

Moreover, extreme tourism is associated not only with outings on nature: rock climbing, rafting on the mountain rivers on a kayak or raft, etc. This category includes risky activities in the urban environment, for example, digging (exploring urban dungeons and communications).

The main attraction of extreme sports is also in their novelty. Football, volleyball and other well-known sports, no longer cause widespread interest among young people. Those who aspire to the new and the unknown, choose for themselves an alternative. And the rapidly emerging all kinds of extreme sports give more chances to stand out, manifest themselves, become a pioneer.

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International Go For Broke Day Facts

Talking about the direction โ€œWhat is the date of National Go For Broke Day in 2020?โ€ we’d like to explain our followers why many people want to do this.

First of all, these feelings and sensations are based on desire to experience a rush of adrenaline again and again. In fact, the release of this hormone is dependant and even addictive for most of us. Physiologically, in the body of an athlete or a football fan the same thing usually happens: in a stressful situation, the person gets a dose of adrenaline, he/she is excited, concentrated, after that relaxation and a state of euphoria come, and you long to experience it more and more.

Everyone affirms himself/herself as he/she can, and very well when it takes such a form as sport. This is the best way to prove your strength, endurance.

Extreme sports are not for nervous. This is an activity for those who want to develop strong qualities, temper the strength of the spirit, physically, spiritually and morally.

People with high demands for themselves are also critical about others, so a close circle of their communication may not be too broad, because they choose friends and comrades to themselves. Engaged in extreme sports form a kind of club for interests, in which there are no weaklings and cowards.


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