William Henry Seward was living in the 19th century in the United States of America from 1801 to 1872. He was the twenty-fourth Secretary of the United States of America (since 1861 to 1869). He stands out among the rest of the of the Secretaries, that he joined Alaska to the States. From that event, humanity of this part of the country celebrate one special (for them) fiesta. So, when is Seward’s Day in 2018? It is on the 26th of March.


The begetter of this celebration was born on the 16th of May in New-York. He graduated in the Union-college as a lawyer, and then was working in the specialty for eleven years. But in the next place he decided to go into politics. Thus he was elected as a state senator in New-York. Whereat he became its governor (from 1839 to 1842), and in the 1849 he grew to a member of the US Senate from the State of New York.

Seward's Day 2018

Several years later he chase rather to take part in the presidential elections. Sadly, he has gamed away, and Abraham Lincoln has won. But taking advantage of his ability to combine the power of different people to achieve a common goal, he put forward Seward for the post of Secretary of the commonwealth. Henry gave consent, and he formally took up his appointment on the 5th of March in 1861. He took over control of the country’s foreign policy, suchwise he joined Alaska to the United States. But the cost of the land was undervalued by a significant amount of money. Since that people began to celebrate Seward’s Day. Just remember what day Seward’s Day in 2018 to plunge into the historical setting along with the residents of this State (March 26th).

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  • Seward’s Day is the official state holidays of Alaska. Nobody works during this feast. People usually watch some historical movies or just spend time together. By the way, one extra day off will never be
  • The date of this play day is changeable. Celebration falls strictly on the last Monday in March, so the when can vary.
  • The celebration is denominated in honor of Henry William Seward – the “father” of this State.
  • This red-letter day is held a jubilee only in Alaska as a local occasion.

It is a very great day, so do not forget when is Seward’s Day 2018. It is on the 26th of March.


During this special day men will be able to do some activities:

  • Listen to the open history lections and lessons with colorful slideshows and conclusive discussions.
  • The most dynamic dwellers prepare interesting storytelling performances for children and teenagers.
  • Engaged travelers can go and visit Seward with the oldest cities in the whole state. For those who crave adrenaline there are also prepared a few amusements like sport-fishing competitions, descent on kayaks, ethereal rambles and tours, which give the go-by by icehouses and outlining barbarous nature.
  • There is a big monument of Henry Seward which stakes off the settlement on Ketchikan. That place was found not many centuries ago – in 1883. And now it is classed to properties of Alaska.
  • Outer world can go on a free tour to the local (state) museum or be guests of the Alaska’s capital building which is resided in Jeneau.
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To enjoy all these dalliances, remember what is the date of Seward’s Day 2018. The 26th of March – do not let this date shoot out of your head.


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