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When is Indigenous People’s Day 2020

When is Indigenous People’s Day in 2020? – That is the question, which only sounds like a simple one. But in practice you can’t answer it definitely and immediately. Why? The matter is that there are some of occasions like this around the planet. And all of them seem to be interesting as well as important for the modern society. But let’s start from the very beginning.

If you are asked “What is the date of Indigenous People’s Day 2020?” – You can answer “On August 9” without any hesitation. And you won’t be mistaken, as that is the date, when the whole planet usually celebrates this event. This date was established on the UN General Assembly initiative in 1994.

Documentary holiday background

Since 1992, the UN General Assembly began to consider the question about the necessity to honor and to pay attention to indigenous people of the planet. And two years later, it decided to organize the special holiday, dedicated to the human rights protection.

 Indigenous People's Day

In 1995 the UN General Assembly adopted a program of special measures.

Nowadays we have been already ready to inform that the first decade, which ended in 2004, has brought the successful results. The received data show the characterizing improvement in the lives of indigenous people, as well as the strengthening of international cooperation in these matters.

Today, the international community has entered the second decade of the indigenous people. The UN has asked the countries to take numerous actions in matters relating to indigenous people and their problems.

Each state celebrates this day in a different way. But we would like to mention that in all countries the public celebration is considered to be rather important, as it is usually organized in order to pay tribute, to honor the indigenous people, to remember and to show respect for the wealth of cultural traditions and customs. Everybody can do something necessary and to contribute to the development of these people all over the world.

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During the day of Indigenous People you can participate in various charity events that are dedicated to the financial status support. Today many people mentioned above live below the poverty line. In modern life, the majority faces with serious problems such as diseases, land deprivation, human rights neglecting and racial discrimination.

When is Indigenous People’s Day 2020 in Canada?

June 21 is annual date of the Canadian National Aboriginal Day celebration. On this day, all the citizens of this country are able to get acquainted with the cultural heritage and the contemporary situation of the local aboriginals, such as Indian tribes, northern people and metis. At the suggestion of the Prime Minister this occasion was officially established in 1996.

By the way June 21 was chosen not by chance. That is the same day, when many indigenous people of the North American continent are celebrating the solstice day, organizing their bright and colorful festivals.

Various events are held all around the country. On this day you can visit merry summer festivals, thematic charity barbecues, free aboriginal concerts with the performances of traditional and modern music, various singing and dancing. You may also see the ceremony of the sacred fire extinguishing. Traditional food of the day is represented by a fried bread and stew of goose.

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This event gives everybody the opportunity to learn a lot about the indigenous people living nearby, to get acquainted with their values, clothing, traditions and culture.

It is an official holiday for the Northwest Canadian Territories, but the celebrations are taking place in other provinces.

Aborigines are the country natives that preserve their own culture and traditions. Unfortunately in each country, the number of Aboriginal people is decreasing every year on the background of the total state population.

The total amount of Canadian aboriginals is only 2% of the total number of country inhabitants.  But, despite their small quantity, they do a lot for the development and prosperity of Canada.

The holiday history

In 1982 appeared the initial suggestion to honor the indigenous people, but only in 1995 the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Affairs formally approved the holiday. In 1996 was Romeo Lemblan, Canadian President, who announced the June 21 to be a real holiday for   Indians, Eskimos Inuit and Métis.

 Indigenous People's Day

On June 21 we have the longest day and the shortest night.  Canadians, who are living in the Arctic Circle, are looking forward to this day and appreciate it a lot.   In addition, this holiday gives the opportunity for native Canadians to remember that this is their homeland, their home, where they are hosts, despite the large number of contemporary immigrants. As this holiday is usually celebrated wide it is no surprise that many people know for sure what day Indigenous People’s Day in 2020 will be.

Holiday traditions

Tourists, who visit Canada in this day, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the country traditions, culture and customs.  Especially this day you may hear a lot of information about the natives who have made a significant contribution to the development of agriculture, industry, animal husbandry, environment, the arts etc.

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There feast becomes known well because of its public festivals, large concerts, lots of free goodies, folk-style songs and dances.  You can also take part in various summer music festivals. The main holiday tradition is the Holy Fire quench.

During the celebrations can try the national cuisine, for example, broshett-fillet, goose stew, fried bread and maple syrup, as well as traditional dishes, represented by stack, roast beef and vegetables.

All festivals are held on the main town squares. For those who wish to take part in various competitions, there prepared various prizes: from $ 100 for kids and up to $ 1000 for adults. On this day, relatives and friends make each other gifts in the form of small souvenirs.

The evening is usually finished huge and beautiful fireworks. So are you ready for real adventures? – When is Indigenous People’s Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any problems, but mind that positive mood and bright emotions are just guaranteed.

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