One of the holidays with a long history is the Emancipation Day. Another name for this holiday is International Women’s Day. This holiday is the day when each of the women can say, that she the individuality, personality and point to the necessity of solving gender problems. When is Emancipation Day in 2019? The celebration of this holiday traditionally will be held on 8 of March.

The emergence of Emancipation Day

Prehistory of the holiday states that: on 8 March 1857 in New York female workers of garment factories staged a demonstration. The demonstration was called «Cacerolazo» because the protesters attracted the attention to the problem of poor working conditions and a 16-hour working day, by creating noise using kitchen utensils. At that time, men have had: labor unions, wages higher than women’s, and ten-hour working day. Women would get equal working conditions, and they succeeded. Women’s labor union was created, and that was a great victory. This gathering became the basis for the following events for combating against gender inequality.

Emancipation Day

But the first date of the “Struggle for women’s rights day” was appointed on March 19, 1911. Just such a date was adopted at the suggestion of Helen Greenberg from the central committee of the Social Democratic Party. At first, Emancipation Day was celebrated on March 19 in Switzerland. The people of Denmark joined, same as Austrian and German women’s rights activists.

Are you confused by the fact that all the same Emancipation Days are celebrated on March 8? Do you want to clarify what is the date of Emancipation Day in 2020 one more time? So, in 1914, for the first time, Emancipation Day was celebrated on March 8. This happened due to the fact that the holiday coincided with a day off for the first time, that is, it fell on Sunday. After March 8, 1914, this holiday is celebrated every year on this date and 2020 will not be the exception.

Emancipation Day in modern times

During its rich history of E-Day became important for the beginning of many important political and social events. Of course, there were cases, when the holiday became the socially important tool of manipulation for certain political or other community. But let us not forget, that for all these years this holiday has become more like an entertainment while continuing to perform its social function.

E-Day has gained traditions and these celebration traditions are different in each country:

  • France and Sweden. Here on Emancipation Day, volunteers sell scarves and flowers, the money collected from the sales go to the fund established to help mothers-heroines. With gathered money, fund organizes holiday trips to these brave women.
  • Italy. Here, E-Day is not a day off. In the country since 1946, the official symbol of this holiday is the mimosa flower. At the same time, there is a tradition to give flowers to women on this holiday.
  • Ukraine, Belarus, and Mother Russia. Here the Emancipation Day is a day off. There is also a tradition to give flowers in these countries. In addition, to women regardless of their age, give sweet presents or other gifts, as well as postcards in form of number 8.
  • China. Here is non-acceptance to give flowers or gifts to women. This Day in China is not a day off.
  • Armenia. Here, Emancipation Day is celebrated between 7 and 8 of March but this holiday called the Day of Mother’s and Beauty. However, Emancipation Day also exists in this country. Still, when is Emancipation Day 2020 in Armenia? E-Day coincides with Mother’s Day and these two holidays united in one holiday – Day of Women. In Armenia, March 7 and 8 are weekends.

Emancipation Day

Modern people are increasingly trying to focus on the social aspect of the holiday. Therefore, the emergence of socially important tradition was logical. Each year, the United Nations conducts this day under different slogans, each of which draws attention to a particular gender problem, what day Emancipation Day in 2020? The theme of the Emancipation Day 2020 is «Be Bold For Change».

Every year, different countries organize events drawing attention to women’s rights. In Pakistan, on this day they hold educational lectures on women’s rights, combating violence, gender stereotypes. Thus in Dhaka, they organized an exhibition dedicated to the victims of violence, injured by an attack with acid. This kind of violence against women is very common in Dhaka. According to such projects, it can draw attention to the many problems of women.

What does Emancipation Day mean for a modern woman? The celebrating tradition is different in each state and Emancipation Day takes on new meaning every year, complementing its rich history. Every woman in the modern society has her own inkling about the holiday and for every woman, this holiday has its own meaning. And once again, when is Emancipation Day in 2020? Look at your calendar, make your plan for the day of celebration, for making your mind up on Emancipation Day in 2020.


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