Do you like the comics? Even if youโ€™ve never opened one before, there is a perfect opportunity to find it out. You go to the comic book store, do not pay even a cent and get the issues absolutely for free. Sounds like a crazy adventure, doesnโ€™t it?

Nevertheless, thatโ€™s for real. Several lines on, youโ€™re going to learn why. But for now, when is Free Comic Book Day in 2021 and how old are these publications?


Contrary to the general perception, the comics were invented in Europe, not the US. The tradition of the picture stories dates back to the 16th century when the Spanish merchants started to sell them for people, mostly with the religious motifs. These were the series of the small engravings on the sheets of the colored paper. Several centuries later, France established the production of the picture stories with the authorโ€™s commentary. Thus, one of the artists created the albums of them based on the tales of Charles Perrault.

Free Comic Book Day 2017

At the end of the 19th century, the comics received wide recognition in America, being published in many magazines. One of the very first books is considered to be the opus of Mr. Outcault called โ€œHoganโ€™s Alleyโ€ that came into the world in 1892. The New-Yorkers fell deeply in love with its character โ€“ a little boy wearing the yellow suit.

The 20th century brought the worldwide popularity to the comics. They lost any comicalness, which they were named for, and focused on the genres such as the adventures, action, horror, fantasy and the other. With time, it obtained the now conventional format and entered into the era of the huge success, also called the Golden Age.

It lasted from the end of the 30โ€™s to the middle of the 50โ€™s. The event that determined it happened in the DC Comics office when they created the all-new character โ€“ Superman. The globe got pumped about the superheroes stuff which the pages of the comics were brimming with. During these years, the people witnessed on the pictures more than four hundred of the strong persons with supernatural abilities. Most of them were similar to Superman and didnโ€™t make it to out days, yet some of them โ€“ Batman and Captain America โ€“came to be equal to him.

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The WWII had a serious impact on the superhero comics: in the issues, they were fighting against the Axis Powers and the Nazi movement. In fact, they were the cheap and widely read way to show people the everlasting victory of good over evil. After the end of the war, there was the wave of the characters with the nuclear powers โ€“ the Atom, with the purpose of decreasing the general anxiety over the nuclear war perspective. Nonetheless, in the middle of the century, the popularity of the superheroes dropped down.

The Silver Age was in rule from the 50โ€™s to the 70โ€™s and started with the updated publication about Flash character. The tension of the Cold War entailed the new round of the superheroes fame. Through the pages of the comics, people got to know Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man. Besides, the comic books were read not only by the adults but also by the youngsters.

The Bronze Age was not that certain in terms of the time. It ended approximately in the middle of the 80โ€™s and was characterized by getting more realistic and broaching up the pressing problems such as the drug abuse, alcoholism, and pollution of the environment.

Nowadays, the comics were born anew with the development of the advanced technologies in the process of coloring and with the appearance of the talented authors. They were painted by the means of the pencil and oils and combined with the graphic techs. Dozens of the movies were made after the books in the Hollywood that won the hearts of the myriads.

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As for the holidayโ€™s invention, one day in 2001 the owner of the comic books shop suggested the idea of handing out the free issues to all the interested. Actually, he was inspired by the cones that were given out for free. He assumed that such promo would lure the good half of the fans to the shops and draw the attention of the uninitiated. The idea was supported and put into practice during the next day after the premiere of Spider-Manโ€™s movie on May 4, 2002. Guess what? It turned out to be the utter success!

Up until these days, there have been more than 25 millions of the periodicals sold, around 40 countries involved and about 2000 of the stores participated. However, the fourth is not the right answer to the question โ€“ when is International Free Comic Book Day 2021, as the date was changed.


What does Free Comic Book Day mean? It means the consolidation of the community of the comicโ€™s aficionados and involvement of the new crazies!

They play the important role in the entertainment industry, education and even science. Itโ€™s not just the books and magazines. Itโ€™s the theme parks, much-loved movies, and computer games. Itโ€™s the huge corporations with the money turnover of many millions.

The comics are the excellent way to spend time delving into something new and interesting. Reading it in the original improves your level of the foreign languageโ€™s knowledge. The person gets the aesthetic pleasure in the high-quality work of the artists, the food for thought from the enthralling plot and the deepest impressions after meeting the unknown worlds, characters, and events that make them empathize, rejoice and mourn together.

The comic books are the perfect way to relax; the rich source of inspiration; the decent hobby for both adults and children; and just the popular craze all over the world. We bet that seven people out of ten will answer positively if you ask whether they know Batman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man. So, no matter what day Free Comic Book Day in 2021 falls on, itโ€™s still a fever out here!

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Free Comic Book Day


There are lots of the definition of what the comics are yet all of them come to the same basis. Itโ€™s a number of the pictures that narrates the story. There doesnโ€™t have to be the commentary as there are the โ€œmuteโ€ comic books without the text. However, in most cases, they are filled with the word balloons coming out of the characterโ€™s mouth or head. The pictures are simplified to paint them quickly and perceive easily. You often see the thick periodicals yet they might be even of the three pages.

As weโ€™ve already mentioned, the comics is the industry with the two giants that rule it โ€“ Marvel and DC comics. The superheroes interact with each other in their dimensions, become the brands and migrate on the TV screen. The most popular books are created, of course, in the US.

What is the date of Free Comic Book Day 2021? Itโ€™s set on the first Saturday of May. That is to say, May 4.


FCBD, as they call it in short, is the day when you can get the free issue of some periodicals and the decent discount on the others. Usually, thereโ€™s a special list being made, with around 50 items that go free this year. Thatโ€™s why the instruction is the following: go to the store and take one. But buy something as well, because you take them without paying while the owners order them for money.

Another interesting option for celebration is organizing the comics exchange fair right in your yard. It even sounds enticing!

International Free Comic Book Day Facts

  • The biggest comic book in term of the size was created in 2014. It was about 61 cm by 95 cm.
  • Several countries hold their own FCBD on the different dates of May.

Tick off in your calendar, when is Free Comic Book Day in 2021, and take the best from this festivity!


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