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When is Election Day 2019

United States of America is one of the biggest and most important countries on the worldwide arena, known mostly for its democracy. In a way, America became the symbol of democracy during past few decades. This country is also known as one of the most progressive and organized countries with strong political machine, which has mechanisms that work if not perfectly, then almost perfectly.

One of the most important parts of democracy is, obviously, elections and voting in general. And as United States of America organized so good in such things, it has one day for all sorts of governmental elections. Local voting takes place at the same day as the election of the President and only difference between them is frequency of their occurrence.

Election Day

So, when is Election Day in 2019? As in any other year, this annual event takes place at steady date. This date is 5 of November and was not changed for decades. It will probably be 5th of November in the future, too.

The very principals of voting can slightly vary depending on locality or, more precisely, on the exact state in which election happens. For example, in Oregon people can and have to vote through mail, while in other states people have to go to special place called voting station. Another state with postal mechanism of voting is Washington.

Detailed look at election

There are four main kinds of elections in the United States of America: Presidential election, federal election, state election and local elections. First happens only on those years that divide by four without remainder. Last election occurred not so long ago, on the year of 2016. Donald Trump became new president of America and he is about to make America great again, as his tagline claims.

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Federal elections usually occur on every second year, or, more specifically, on those that can be divided by two. These years are called odd-numbered. The name comes from mathematical term for numbers that, as you probably already can tell, can be divided by two without remainder.

Local and state elections, in their turn, can be settled on odd-numbered years as well as on those that can be divided by two. That depends on local laws. They usually are being announced anticipatorily, so do not miss the information. As an option, you can ask one of your friends or even neighbors something like what day Election Day in 2019 will be and then you will probably get a correct answer.

In some states, such as Hawaii, Montana and other, Election Day considered as public holiday. That means that workers have mandatory day-offs to be able to vote for sure. In some of states, in which Election Day is not such holiday, workers still can have day-off and sometimes even without losing their payment.

Prior to 1845, different states had rights to settle different dates for presidential elections. The only rule was to set it before the first Monday of December and in interim of thirty-four days. That caused unnecessary troubles and complications, and in 1845 American Congress established one fixed date for all states to arrange the elections. That made the process of counting votes much simpler and easier.

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That is why nowadays if you ask when Election Day 2019 is, you will get same answer in every part of the United States.

The elections of 2019

As was already stated, federal election in United States of America usually take place only on every second year, or, more specifically, on those years that can be divided by two. These elections almost never did take place on the even-numbered years. The rule is simple: if current year can be divided by two without remainder, then election will occur, but if not, then everyone needs to wait one more year until next odd-numbered year.

But in 2019 American government decided to settle off-year elections because of the numerous deaths and retirements among the congressmen. Some of the people do believe that the reasoning behind those unexpected elections is simply the change in government, or, more specifically, the newly chosen President of America, Donald Trump himself.

For more details on the exact dates of elections in different states you are strongly recommended to check them on the Wikipedia or your local news web-sites.

Election Day

Elections of the past and future

More than fifty years ago one wise and famous man called Martin Luther King Junior made a great speech, hoping for equal opportunities for both white and black races. And only after several decades his wish came true. In 2008 Barack Obama was elected as first Afro-American president in history of the America.

That caused a lot of fights on the Internet. People were discussing the reasoning behind such choice. Those, who disliked Barack Obama, did insist on the fact that only reason for his election is his skin color. His supporters, in their turn, defended their own opinion. They thought that Barack Obama was elected due to his plans and wise political campaign.

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Anyway, as four more years passed by, new election took place. And, strangely enough, Barack Obama was selected for the second term. That was supposed to put an end to such fights, but in reality the fires of furious discussions only blazed brighter.

If you are not happy with current president as much, as millions of people were upset with previous, the question of what is the date of Election Day 2019 is not important for you. New presidential elections will occur only in 2020, as they occur only on those years that divide by four without remainder. If you want to check whether number can or cannot be divided by four, you may check only last two digits and completely ignore the rest of them. Mathematics is interesting, is it not?

But if President is not your only concern, then you probably want to take part in less global elections. For example, local and federal elections are pretty important, too. Then you need to find an answer to when is Election Day in 2019 and mark it in your calendar. And when the time will come, you will have your perfect opportunity to make a difference.

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