Sukkot is a wonderful holiday which lasts for several days and is recognized as a joy of life. This occasion is widely observed among the Jewish people and has roots in Torah. The celebration doesnโ€™t have a set date according to the Gregorian calendar. It depends on a new moon. When is First day of Sukkot in 2022?

The history of observance

The day was a part of a series of three biblical Jewish holidays. It is observed on the 15th day of Tishrei. It usually covers a period in September and October. In ancient times people used to make a pilgrimage to the Jerusalem Temple. People did pilgrimages during three holidays. Sukkot was traditionally observed as the end of a harvest period. Itโ€™s the end of the agricultural year in Israel. Another meaning carries a religious significance. It has a sense of peopleโ€™s dependence on will of God. The Exodus is commemorated by the citizens of Israel.

First day of Sukkot

The wordโ€™s meaning goes to โ€œsukkahโ€, a Hebrew word. Itโ€™s a small dwelling which farmers made when a period of harvest started. They used to live in such places. The Exodus is the end of a period of slavery of Israel people. So, Sukkot reflects a significant role of Israel people in spending 40 years in a dessert.

Sukkot usually lasts for 7 days. The Jewish Diaspora usually has an 8-day celebration. The work is strictly forbidden during the 1st and the last days in Israel. These are Shabbat-like days. The central part of the celebration hasnโ€™t got so many restrictions. If you want to know the starting date of the festival, just ask the people โ€œWhat day First day of Sukkot in 2022?โ€ or find the answer in the article.

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The festival in the Bible means only a harvest period. When the people of Israel decided to free from the slavery, they were given instructions to build temporary sukkahs. God explained to Moses how to build them. He ordered to live there for 7 days. God wanted future nations to know about his care of Israel people when they walked across the dessert. Godโ€™s concern also reflected in nature. A pillar of cloud protected the people from the heat and sun. At night the Israel people had a pillar of fire as a protection from deep cold.

The tradition of celebrating

Nowadays the Jews get ready for the holiday by building sukkahs. They are made by different staff, metal or wood. But God said people to make the roof from an organic material. The built sukkahs are used for prays. People go inside them and cite the Torah. They also eat meals. The food is especially made for the festival. Another requirement is made for men who are to spend nights inside sukkahs, except on rainy days. Thereโ€™s a custom of decorating these dwellings with 4 species of plants. The women use arava, hadas, lulav and etrog. The tradition is the same as many centuries ago. When is First day of Sukkot 2022? The dwellings must be ready till the 2nd of October.

The ceremony of waving is also held on the day. The Jews wave the species in all directions. This waving has a symbolic sense. God can be found in every direction, in many places. People enjoy and have fun on these days.

After the end of Yom Kippur the visitors of the Jewish communities hear drilling and hammering everywhere. The residents jump to express the starting point of the preparation period. The festivalโ€™s name is โ€œThe Feast of Bootsโ€.ย  Itโ€™s a time to build sukkahs.

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It lasts for 7 days in all Jewish communities. It is the most festive period in Israel. People even sing and dance in the streets and synagogues all night long. The festive occasions start before sundown. Visitors are always welcome.

The first and the second days are the most significant days of the holiday. Nowadays the Jews try not to go for a work, to write and do other activities. Lots of families prefer to go out for an active rest. The Jews cite the Torah and other holy books every day. The tradition of wearing a kittle and eating a festive dinner is still held. On the last day the Jewish people encircle a table in a synagogue for several times and pray. What is the date of First day of Sukkot 2022? Itโ€™s on October, 2.

First day of Sukkot

Facts about the holiday

The Jewish prefer to celebrate the day using generally accepted traditions. They usually study the Torah, other books. The main interesting facts are to be highlighted:

  • Traditionally the Jews donโ€™t work, especially on the 1st and the 2nd Chol Hamoed is another thing. The work, which is included in the list, can be done during the holidays. Itโ€™s permitted to be done only in the intermediate period.
  • The Israeli celebrate Sukkot for 7 days. Each of them has its own guest. They are Solomon, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, Isaac, David. The first day is associated with Abraham.
  • The Jewish people study the holy books. Special attention is devoted to Ecclesiastesโ€™ parts. Itโ€™s always read in all synagogues. While reading people understand that they are futile in comparison with power of nature. But if people listen to Godโ€™s admonition, theyโ€™ll have everything needed for living.
  • Thereโ€™s a tradition of blessing at the wall of the Temple. The Holy Templeโ€™s western side is the only part which has remained. Thus, lots of priests come to the place and perform blessing. These priests believe that theyโ€™re the original priestsโ€™ descendants. The blessing lasts for 7 days.
  • The rules of starting the dwellings were described in the original Bible. The Jewish found it in times of Nehemiah. The worshippers met near the Water Gate. The Jews knew that the Book was found. Ezra read the laws about building dwellings. The laws said that people should live in sukkahs while celebrating the holiday in the 7th month.
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Standard customs are observed on the date, but foreigners get very interested in celebrations. They usually find information in newspapers and the internet by asking โ€œWhen is First day of Sukkot in 2022, calendar of festivalโ€


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