There were a lot of horrible things, which took place through the history of different countries and nationalities. There were a lot of wars, kills, many were prisoned, a lot of families suffered. The United States is one of those countries, where all this happened many years ago and the country and its nation suffered much. Not the situation changed and many forgot about everything. But those, whose families suffered from all this will never forget their close people and that horror, which touched them all. All those deeds are not forgotten by the country and the government respects them all, who struggled for the bright future. That is why a special reason exists, which commemorated persons, being poisoned during the war or are still missing. We will discuss this memorable day and know, when is National POW\MIA Recognition Day in 2020.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Historical holidayโ€™s background

So, letโ€™s first define the abbreviations. POW goes for โ€œprisoners of warโ€ and MIA goes for โ€œmissing in actionโ€. The speech goes aboutย  war well-known to many, which happened in Vietnam, and took place years ago. As the records say, about 2000 people – simple soldiers, are missing till nowadays. These lists exist in one of the US Defense Departments and for some of the hope to find them alive is real. The biggest part of those listed was lost in Vietnam and its areas.

For the first time, this day has been observed in 1979 when the US government authorized it. At that year it was celebrated on July, 18. In a couple of the following years it was celebrated on July, 17, but then the date was changed. In 1983 it was moved to April, but the next year it came to July again. The month has been always the same, but concrete dates moved from one to another. That is why after 1986 the government made a decision to set the date in September at every penultimate Friday of the month. Since that time this rule has been as it is and the president makes its proclamation every year. Practically the whole country supports this holiday and many states take part in the celebrations, though it is not a day off in any of the states. But still, all living in the country know, what day National POW\MIA Recognition Day in 2020 is.

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There is a special League existing, where families of missing or prisoned took part. Their mission is never forgotten these people, because they struggled for the country,ย  being killed either injuried, and especially those, who are still missing. This leagues also has their own flag, which also symbolizes their aims.

The flag looks in the following way: the background is black. Then a white round disk is painted, where a figure of a man is placed. It is a young man without a face and it is only the bust. Behind him, a person can see a watch tower and a barbered wire. All this symbolize that people are missing abroad on the unknown territory while doing their duties. Above the picture, big abbreviations of the League, both of them, are placed and between them, there is a white star. Under the picture, a wreath and a logo are taped, telling people โ€œYou are not forgottenโ€.

This flag is used rather often. It can be displayed on buildings not only at this particular holiday but on days, which are dedicated to the wars, struggles, peopleโ€™s deaths and military holidays, like Veterans Day, different memorial days, etc. In such a way people try to show their respect to the people, who took part or suffered in many others events and to the families, who suffered losses and felt the horrors of all this on their own. The flag is usually displayed during mentioned days on the White House, on other governmental buildings, on various memorials, which are made in the honor of veterans and soldiers and in cemeteries. Everything depends on the concrete state because each of them keeps to their own traditions. So, they all prepare and know, when is National POW\MIA Recognition Day 2020.

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National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Traditions together with celebrations

As we have already defined, the symbol becomes a special flag dedicated to this particular organization, which is hanging everywhere. Though the holiday is observed on the whole territory of the country, in is not a federal one and people canโ€™t skip work and students also visit their studies. So, hanging the flag on all military-connected installations and buildings is very important to symbolize that people remember every person, prisoner or missed during military conflicts. And their families, who treat this holiday more close than other people, are also never forgotten and supported by both public and government. And it is really important for them to know and feel that they are not alone, that there is still hope for help to find their people or at least to know about their destiny.

Except the flags hanging practically all educational institutions display a different kind of posters, promoting and telling younger generation about the day, its sense and history. Also, memorials and museums prepare and show people different ceremonies and interesting event, which also help to promote the day and remember people about its importance. Moreover, the whole country prays together at this day for those, who are still missing and ask God to help these people come back home free and safe.

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Though the date of the holiday changes every year, people know, what is the date of National POW\MIA Recognition Day 2020 and prepare for it properly. This year people will celebrate it on September 18, which will be Friday as a usual and people will stop for a while, forget about their usual deeds and remember of those, who are not with them today.


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