If you are interesting in history of America, its’ spiritual culture, especially, in military past of the state, you are asking “When is Confederate Memorial Day in 2018?”.

Confederate Day of remembrance is a public and national day in USA. It hasn’t a concrete date. It’s celebrated on April, every last Monday. So, in this 2018 this date is April 30th. And this is the answer on your question “What day is Confederate Memorial Day in 2018?”

A little information about this date of honor and memory…

This date is consecrated to commemorate the freedom of America, its’ democracy and all warriors, who were killed in all armed conflicts and confrontation in which USA took part. This holiday was founded after the Civil War in America. It was dedicated to warriors from North, who became victims in this conflict between North and South.

After 1st World War on this day victims of other conflicts were mentioned.

Confederate Memorial Day 2017

Since 1971 Day of remembrance of Confederates became an official holiday. On this day Americans visit cemeteries. Traditionally, the state flag is half-mast until noon (in local time – USA have four time zone) on this day.

For many American people the Confederate Day is also the point, when summer time starts. Traditionally, on this day Americans have many events for family vacation and rest.

The change of the title of the event and similar Days…

Firstly, the Day of honor had title as Decoration Day – because women and sororities in different towns and settlements took flowers and decorated the graves of solders with them.

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America also has another, but very similar holiday – the Day of Veterans. It is a public holiday and it takes place in November. This holiday is dedicated to the victims of wars (alive, dead).

Different states identified several different days of celebration. For example, in winter –Texas, spring – in four, such like Mississippi, and also Georgia (also state, not country), Florida (all – on April); Carolina (but only South one); summer – also in two states – one is Tennessee and Louisiana (June).


Firstly, in May 30th all people of America pay tribute the memory of warriors, which were killed during the years of the Civil War. But today the Memorial Day is day, when citizens pay tribute to all those victims, who were murdered in the straggle for the democracy and freedom of American nation.

Americans pay tribute and honor not only soldiers and public leaders, but also all people, who died. In their memory church ceremonies are held on cemeteries, in churches, parks and other kinds of public places.

History of the Confederate Memorial Day in the USA began in the years of the Civil War. At that time sororities (women organizations) put flowers on tombs of warriors.

Anthem and the concrete place

In 1868 J. Logan, who was general and commander, by his order defined 30th of May as the Day of commemoration of warriors, who were killed at this day. First time the tombs of warriors at Arlington were adorned with flowers.

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Later in 1873 New-York became the 1 American’s state which officially recognized this day as the public holiday. In 1966 Waterloo (village in New-York) in official way got the status of the birthplace of the Confederate Day of honor. This title was given to the village by President L. Johnson. There is also a historical museum in this village.

Actually, this holiday was conceived naturally and very hard to indicate in which town or settlement this tradition has begun first time. The order signed by J. Logan just formulated a common need for such Day of remembrance. Indeed, more than 12 villages, towns and cities pretend to be the birthplace of Day of remembrance. Every village and town had the tradition of decoration of the tombs and memory of the soldiers.

The song is also could be named as the start of the holiday. N. Sweet wrote a beautiful hymn in honor of the soldiers and women, who kept the memory about military victims and decorated their graves. That words were written in 1867. She consecrated it to all women from the southern American states, who decorated graves.

Confederate Memorial Day

So, for every American the concrete date of this day is very important. And each citizen knows, when Confederate Memorial Day is in 2018.

Nowadays, this Day of honor and remembrance unites all people, who feel a duty to those Americans, who lost their lives (the most important value in world) for lives of other people and generations, for those, who can live today.

In 1890 this Day was accepted by all lands from North. But on South people commemorated their dead warriors in another dates. This situation existed before the World War I. After that period this day was determined as the day of honor of victims killed in different warfares.

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According to Americans tradition, the date has no specific and concrete date – it changes every year. The day was determined – the day, but not the certain date. And every year you need check your calendar – what is the date of Confederate Memorial Day is 2018? The last Monday on April is the Day of honor. Due to this fact, Americans have 3 days for holiday and celebration. At these days they can pay tribute to soldiers. This date was defined by the Law in 1971.

A symbol of this Day are red poppies. First time, Moina Michael began to wear red poppies as the Memorial’s Day symbol. In 1915 she consecrated poem to this tragic occurrence. In this poem she encouraged to put this flowers on the memory about soldiers. Red poppies are the token (symbol) like warriors’ blood. In her opinion, due to these flowers the victims will be always alive.

If you don’t want to forget, when Confederate Memorial Day is in 2018, calendar will help you! Just highlight in your dairy this day with bright color and you will not miss this day


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