The list of odd holidays is very extensive. People of different nations like to make weird celebrations. It means that nations prefer interesting observations when they may wear strange clothes, eat strange food and do strange activities. Besides, various business companies and firms make special propositions to clients and increase their sales. One of these holidays is Day of the Dead Coloring Book. It seems to be a joke. But the eventโ€™s creators made this holiday to accompany the Mexican holiday, Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead. When is Day of the Dead Coloring Book in 2022?


The history of this day is a very disputable question. It is thought to be just a merry accompaniment to the Mexican holiday and to Halloween. The main reason to celebrate the day is to observe the traditions of Day of Dead, though not completely.

The history of Dia de Muertos began several centuries ago. The traditions are rooted to the ancient times. It is said that Aztec tribes observed the day through commemorating the deceased. They used various things and totems.

Day of the Dead Coloring Book

Centuries passed, but Mexicans continued to celebrate the day in the early days of summer. Italian invaders came to the American continent in the 16th century. The event was the start of the dateโ€™s transfer to autumn. The holiday was joined to the Catholic tradition of All Souls and All Saintsโ€™ Daysโ€™ commemoration. The Catholic rules were taken into account. The traditions were almost the same. People visited graves of their relatives and left food and drinks there.

The real beginning of these traditions is thought to be of the Aztec origin. The tribe used to make a festival which was the commemoration and reference of dead ancestors. Nowadays people of Mexico continue following the traditions of festivals and visiting graves.

The question โ€œWhat Day of the Dead Coloring Book in 2022โ€ occurs in the net very often. The event seems to be a promotion of various death symbols, especially sculls. Trading companies propose books to children to get used to this strange celebration.

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The truth is that the day is celebrated beginning from Halloween to Dia de Muertos. Traditionally the event is observed when Mexico celebrates Dia de Muertos. In 2022 the festive period is on the 1st of November โ€“ the 2nd of November.


What does Day of the Dead Coloring Book mean for children and adults? The date is considered to be semi-cultural. Different nationalities like joy and relaxation. They use every opportunity to entertain, to take part in the festival. The most devoted followers of the occasion are Mexicans and the dwellers of the Southern states of America. Other people can also join the events if they like.

The date is an opportunity to commemorate people who have passed away. The reason is often used to make funny things. The companies which specialize on producing the items of office stationery propose a wide range of different books with sculls.

Small children and adults who like to spend their time coloring pictures may find the best variants of books with sculls. This chance can be used to spend time together. The idea can be caught as a chance to explain the children the sense of life and the necessity to commemorate the dead people.

The holiday is not always a sad occasion. People can also have fun activities. It is a great chance for relatives to visit each other, to make a big party, to bring presents to each other.

The holiday also has a great meaning to creative people. They can use their creative potential in coloring or even drawing. If a person doesnโ€™t see himself in drawing, he can find any type of a coloring book and make his own character.

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The day is a reason for many people to unite and spend their time in close communication developing their art skills. When is Day of the Dead Coloring Book 2022? People can start follow the traditions on the 1st of November. The end of the holiday is on the 2nd of November.


There are no difficulties for Americans what the title of the holiday means. These books are rather popular among the people of America and Mexico. They always understand what to do on this day. Another thing is the definition of the holidayโ€™s name by other nations. If you havenโ€™t seen the colored book with many sculls, you wonโ€™t guess what the holiday means.

Various dictionaries give similar definitions to the Mexican holiday, though the dates sometimes differ. Thus, some dictionaries give information about celebrating the date on the 1st of November. Other books say that it is always set on the 2nd of November. The most common date is November, 2. People may color sculls in special coloring books on the 2nd of November, though they may start earlier.

The Mexican holiday pretends to be celebrated mostly in the South and Central territories. Dictionaries donโ€™t connect the occasionโ€™s definition with the northern parts of the country. They are mainly Catholic.

The title is very often translated into Spanish as Dia de Muertos. The first name of the holiday is translated in such a way. It is a back-translation. People can use the original way of celebrating the event or just have a nice evening with a coloring book.

Day of the Dead Coloring Book


The followers of the celebrations and visitors of the festive territories can use a wide range of colored books with different variants of Mexican folk ornaments. These pictures are always a good choice to feel relaxed and destressed. The best choice of them is proposed on the 1st and 2nd of November. These books are sold in every part of Mexico and the USA. Interested people can find the examples of the coloring books with the holidayโ€™s symbol, a skull, in the internet. The best variety of these kinds of books is usually presented during the festive period. What is the date of the Dead Coloring Book 2022? It is on the 1st and mainly the 2nd of November.

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Big publishing companies make interesting suggestions to local libraries which make special programs for their clients. There is a wide range of coloring books for different ages. Adults may choose papers with tiny elements, while papers for small children may contain more distinct figures and elements. The best variants are perforated to let an artist to remove the used paper.

If you want to take part in the celebrations, you may use different office accessories which are available at the moment or are suitable for coloring. People usually buy watercolors, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons and markers.

Day of the Dead Coloring Book Facts

  • This holiday is devoted to the celebration of another famous festival, Dia de Muertos in Mexico. People observe the commemoration of their dead relatives. Other nations use the holidayโ€™s symbols for fun, for example, a skull.
  • Sometimes people think that Dia de Muertos is Halloween. These holidays have different meaning, though they are observed at the same period of time.
  • The festival is devoted to commemorating the dead relatives and friends.
  • Though people visit graves and cemeteries, the festival is not a sad period.
  • Dia de Muertos was observed only in Mexico. Then the festival spread to the American states and the territories of Latin America.
  • The skull is a main symbol which was taken to other traditions for fun, such as coloring books.

If you want to follow the observance, find the schedule in the internet using the question โ€œWhen is Day of the Dead Coloring Book in 2022, calendar of eventsโ€.


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