When is Columbus Day in 2019? – That is a really amazing question, which may be especially interesting for those, who are going to visit the US or Spain. What is this popularity secret? โ€“ The matter is that this holiday is dedicated to the anniversary, when the expedition of famous Spanish explorer reached at last the coast of the island called San Salvador that is arranged in the distant Bahamas archipelago.

Later that day, October 14, 1492, was adopted to be the America discovery official date. And in 1937, when President Franklin Roosevelt governed, Columbus Day became a public holiday.

But we should also mention that despite the fact of the general popularity, the historical inhabitants of the country take this holiday as a day of sorrow and a moment, when the Europeans brought to their lands, bringing death, diseases and poverty.

Of course, Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first European, who arrived on the land of the American continent, but it’s he, who is considered to be a glorious discover.

Columbus Day

Historical data and important events

Before answering the question “When is Columbus Day 2019?” we should remind the readers some historical backgrounds. Nowadays everybody knows that the Earth is round.

In the XV century, people found the earth to be as flat as a pancake. At the same time they were sure that beyond the edges there were monsters, lying and waiting for those, who dared to stick their noses into the unknown space. But among the educated people there was a brave man, who wanted to discover the surrounding world. He asked for the money. But Portugal, as well as Italy and England refused to give any funds to the mad person, called Christopher Columbus.

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Some years had passed before the queen agreed. Columbus made a promise that he would conquer new territories for the Spanish crown.

At last on August 3, 1492 the expedition of 3 ships and 90 sailors moved to the west. Ahead there was the flagship called “Santa Maria” that was carrying Columbus on board. The vessel was followed by two boats with the Spanish names the “Niรฑa” and “Pinta”. In three months, the crew was exhausted and asked to turn back. But the explorer started to pray for a miracle until the time he saw a light and a land.

How was the holiday celebrated before?

The general answer to the question “What is the date of Columbus Day 2019?” seems to be rather simple, if you find out some historical background. So, on 12/10, 1492 the Spanish explorer landed in the quite unknown areas, which got the name of New World. This date is considered to be an America discovery official date. By the way, while in most countries of the planet the Columbus Day’s held on 14/10, in the US it’s held on the 2nd Monday of the same month.

How did this holiday become an official one?

For the first time in public this holiday was celebrated in the United States in 1792. It happened in honor of the 300th discovery anniversary. At that very moment in Baltimore it was set a monument to the great navigator. And in 100 years, to the 400th anniversary, the statue of Columbus was installed in New York. It was the US President Benjamin Harrison, who offered Americans to celebrate this occasion. Although in different ways and unofficially it had already been celebrated by many states and American communities for a long time, until 1937. Then it was declared as an official public holiday throughout the country. And its celebration was set for October 14.

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How is it celebrated today?

Nowadays this day the local people of US as well as a great amount of guests from all over the world celebrate the country discovery anniversary. They prefer visiting churches and other occasional events. In some places there are parades and large official ceremonies. Of course, the most part of celebrations is concentrated around the Italian-American communities. But particularly New York and San Francisco should be mentioned.

However, this historical event is not appreciated by some American states. And if the most part of the US celebrates Columbus Day and has a public holiday, in several territories like, for example, Hawaii, Nevada, California, etc it is not kept. There you won’t be able to get the quick answer to the question, when is Columbus Day in 2019, calendar, in its turn, will help you, but there were no any celebrations.

Above government buildings there will be a flag of the USA, but not here.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day in Spain

On 14/10 Barcelona celebrates this holiday as well. The local citizens appreciate this day and this year everybody seems to know the answer to the question what day Columbus Day 2019 is. Why? – The matter’s that in 2013, they’ll celebrate the 405th anniversary of this event.

The 2nd name of the holiday is Hispanidad, which means the community of all people, who speak Spanish. In Barcelona, the relation to this holiday is ambiguous, despite the fact that it’s celebrated merrily. Some specialists are sure that for the Catalans this’s just another reason to complain about the fate and to organize a few demonstrations.

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Many locals use this opportunity to take a 1-2 extra days off and to go traveling around Spain or somewhere abroad.

But if you want to celebrate this holiday in Spain, go there on October 9. During the whole week, all over the country, tourists can visit a variety of theatrical performances, learn national Aragon Jota dance, enjoy the fireworks and live music right on the streets. On October 14 in Madrid there is a major military parade of all arms of the Spanish army troops and an exciting air show. In many cities you will be able to take part in dancing feasts and offerings of flowers to the memorial of Our Lady. After the bright and colorful Flower Festival there is a tasty Fruit Day and an exciting parade of puppets. This is a very colorful spectacle, when the three meter dolls of cartoon characters and famous personalities are moving the streets/ But the most spectacular event of these days is, of course, a bullfight. On October 14 all the spectacles with bulls end and the next bullfight can be seen only in March.

But, please, mind that during this period the shops are mostly closed and public transport works as to the Sunday schedule.


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