Sometimes it seems that it is quite unnecessary to ask a question “When is Halloween in 2022?” once more. – Why? – Frankly speaking, there are two more or less reasonable explanations for statement. First of all, it belongs to the special occasions, which are believed to be rather popular all over the world. Then we shouldn’t forget that it is considered to be a constant date.

This fact simultaneously means that the answer to “When is Halloween 2022?” will be the same as it has been before: this famous festival is celebrated the night before All Saints’ Day, exactly on October 31. This holiday is popular mainly among young people, and in the course of time it becomes more and more known all over the world. But what do we need to know about Halloween and how to celebrate it properly? Let’s discover together.

Halloween 2017

History and traditions

At the very beginning we would like to mention that the celebration of Halloween has a long history and its traditions come to us from the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland. According to the specialists’ point of view, Halloween appeared as a variety of the pagan Celtic festival called Samhain, the description of which was mentioned in Old-Irish literature in X century. It was the special evening, when the Celts celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

The so-called official colors of this celebration are a fiery orange, symbolizing the harvest and life in general, and black, which means respectively darkness and death. Celtic Druids were bloodthirsty creatures. That is why the mix of life and death was celebrated in a harsh way: they sacrificed for the fire. As a rule the victims were represented by black sheep and chickens as well as cats of the same coloration.

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In order to explain this behavior black cats were declared something like epitome of dark forces. The theory was so powerful that a few centuries later, when the Celts and Druids were moved away by least severe British Christians, cats turned into witches’ close friends. People were sure that these creatures were able to bring total unhappiness into the house.

What really happens in the night from 31 October to 1 November?

And now let’s discuss what day Halloween in 2022 will be in general. Frankly speaking, morning and afternoon will be more or less ordinary. But evening and especially night are going to be terrific. It is believed that during this period the border between the worlds of the alive and the dead disappears, and the evil spirits find freedom. Therefore, people should dress up in the terrifying costumes to scare away all the ghosts and not to fall prey to the dead. And at first light the dark forces return to their world again.

The main holiday attributes

An essential holiday thing is a lantern, which is carved from ordinary pumpkin. By the way, this attribute is also considered to be a so-called echo of ancient Irish myths and legends about the sly farmer Jack, who was able to deceive the devil and not to get either to hell or to heaven. Since that time he has been wandering round the earth with a pumpkin head and a burning charcoal inside. Nowadays the traditional holiday colors are considered to be bright orange and purple, as well as a combination of Gothic black and white.

Halloween costumes

Where is this day celebrated?

Frankly speaking, the heads of major religious confessions have announced Halloween to be “outside the law”. Despite this fact, it has been celebrated almost everywhere. Of course, as it was mentioned above Halloween is known all over the world, but each country celebrates it in its own way, in accordance with local traditions.

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The planet can be divided into two halves: the countries where this day is used by people to organize a masquerade, a lot of games and fun, and the territories where Halloween is a day to remember deceased relatives.

Fancy decorations

Holiday idea is the following: the more exquisite and terrible is the place for celebration, the better your party is. Of course, we do not advise you spend this magical night in the locked museums, closed catacombs and other prohibited places.

But there are public variants. What about the subway, for example? Certainly you can’t stay there until the very morning, but you may have a good fun, riding on trains in scary costumes and watching the other passengers’ reaction. However, remember that you are in a public place, and therefore decent behavior and no alcohol are required.


By the way, there are still many mysterious places nearby. – Some people give preference to basements, roofs, parks, cemeteries, etc. In this situation everything depends on your own desires and ambitions.

In any case, it is worth noting to have fun this evening. So, what is the date of Halloween 2022? – On October 31, of course, and it is a high time to have a proper party! After all during the dark autumn we all need as many positive emotions as possible.

Halloween in the United States

Frankly speaking, for many Americans there are two main holidays of the year: Christmas and Halloween. Local people adore various carnivals. They always prepare unusual costumes, decorate their homes and scare passers-by. The stores sell the costumes and decorations for witches and vampires. Some people give preference to Joker masks and maniacs guns.

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On the shop shelves you can find rubber hands and a plenty of vessels with frightening make-up and fake blood. The supermarkets are decorated by bright orange pumpkins.

Halloween sweets

Halloween is usually associated with candles, pumpkins, wreaths, candies, zombies, getting out of the graves and skeletons tied to the gate.

For those who want to know when is Halloween in 2022, calendar gives the exact information. – It will be on Tuesday, just at the end of October. This is a perfect time for various carnivals, merry discos, themed parties and funny masquerades, which are usually accompanied by ominous music, howling wolves, hooting owls and other terrifying sounds. Everywhere there will be posters and books with the images of witches and vampires. As a rule, the most violent and colorful celebrations and carnivals are held in Los Angeles and New York.

Village Halloween Parade, which takes place in the district of Greenwich Village, is among the most exciting ones. As a rule annually you meet not less than 50 thousand people, who are dressed traditionally. By the way, don’t forget that each year the parade has its own theme, which dictates style in fancy clothes. In Los Angeles ย  the annual Halloween carnival is organized in West Hollywood area.But the real Halloween capital is a small town of Anoka, Minnesota. About 100 years ago, in 1921, on its territory it was organized the first mass celebration. Since then, the locals haven’t changed the traditions and continued to celebrate the holiday in the same way.


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