In spite of the obvious weakness for these sweets, it wasn’t Ronald Reagan who introduced National Jelly Beans Day. However, it was him who gave a start to another countrywide observance in honor of popular American food.

As long as you’re sticking to the stereotype of the US citizens tucking into hamburgers only, you’ll be surprised to find out that they also prefer a fish, especially of the Siluriformes order. Speaking the simple English, when is National Catfish Day in 2017 and how did it manage to get such recognition?


On a sunny day of June 25, 1987, the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan announced proudly that henceforth this day would be marked as National Catfish Day, approving the initiative of the Congress. In his proclamation, he also emphasized the importance of the farm-raised catfish in the economy of the country and its food culture. Undoubtedly, a great value of the product for the population’s well-being played its role in bestowing such an honor on the fish. But still, where did that start from?

National Catfish Day

The catfish is an indigenous inhabitant of the fresh waters in the US. With time, the locals found out its ability to be raised in the base conditions at the lowest costs. In fact, it takes around 2 kilos of feed to farm 1 kg of the fish, which is extremely cheap in comparison with the costs of other fish, or even meat, while the warm climate satisfies the needs of the catfish. Thus the massive pouring of the recourses began creating artificial ponds and farms all over the southern states – Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama and the like. The rivers were adjusted to growing the future population of those creatures with gill and the feed mill industry was developed at a fast pace.

Investments yielded impressive results: by the 80’s the catfish was the third one in the list of fish consumed by the citizens. On top of that, the constant spread of the facilities, related to farm raising process, created the many permanent jobs while the fish itself was the cheapest source of protein back then.

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That’s why the catfish was perpetuated in the history of the Unites States as the traditional product of the country. When is Catfish Day 2022? It’s always observed on June 25.


What does Catfish Day mean? It means the day to appreciate and praise the fish that made America full and well provided for! Are we not alone who want to add the word “again” at the end of the sentence?

Anyway, some people may think little of its taste declaring it to be insipid and, moreover, inappropriate given its bottom-feeding ancestors. The others just enjoy the oily flesh with a soft texture and sweetish flavor. The catfish is rather popular in lots of the countries, but the haven of the product’s aficionados is, of course, the south of the US. There it’s served in all kind of eateries, from the diners to the white-tablecloth restaurants, and oftentimes raised right in the pond in the backyard of the house!

It goes without saying that the significance of the catfish is determined by the fact that there’s its personal day recognized by the authorities. So, who still doesn’t know what day Catfish Day in 2022 falls on? Redress this injustice!


The catfish is a fish of the ray-finned fish class. It’s actually called like that because of the long barbells that resemble the kitty’s whiskers. It lives in the warm waters all over the globe and numbers nearly 3,000 of species. By the way, Americans are fond of the channel and blue catfish.

As you’ve already learned, it’s one of the main fish in the farming industry. Annually, it provides around 170,000 tons of fish that takes low costs on growing and feeding. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy food for the man and its raising brings absolutely no harm for nature.

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And while we’re on the subject of the health benefits, the catfish is rich in vitamin D that helps magnesium and calcium absorption and assimilation. It also boasts the low level of Omega-3 fatty acids and high level of those of Omega-6 which reduce the risk of heart diseases, rheumatism, and cancer. Don’t forget about a whole lot of protein contained on that flesh.

So tick off in the calendar, when is National Catfish Day in 2022, and prepare your belly for a massive attack of the fish.


You’re asking how you should celebrate the holiday? There’s only one answer – to guzzle down a few plates of the catfish meal! Principally, it’s either fried or blackened. And here is our choice of how to cook this interesting fellow with fins and whiskers.

National Catfish Day

Mix half a teaspoon of the spices such as the ground garlic, oregano, black pepper, thyme, basil, and salt. Add the vinegar and olive oil and put aside to draw. Wash the catfish properly, skin and fillet it and rub with the mix of cayenne pepper, lemon pepper, black pepper, and garlic. Heat the skillet and fry the catfish on the both sides until they get a black crust of the burned spices. Then place the fish on the baking tray and pour over the seasoning generously. While it cooks for around 15 minutes, prepare the side dish of the white rice fried with celery, tomatoes, green pepper and onion. Serve the blackened catfish fillet with the rice and revel in this delectable experience.

If you are not sure of your cooking abilities, you can always drop by the restaurant and order some catfish from the menu. We’ll throw in a little hint: the Cajun restaurants are especially good at these kinds of the dish. And in case you are a happy American, you can make a tour to the catfish farm and learn all the details of the raising, or even get your own fish (which later on will appear on you dinner table).

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National Catfish Day Facts

  • There is a long-established tradition of holding Catfish Days across the south of the US. They take place during the week after Independence Day and feature various fishing tournaments, sports competitions, numerous vendors offering the catfish dishes and a good flow of beer. The most popular ones are Catfish Days in Wilmington.
  • The biggest catfish ever caught is 130 kg blue catfish pulled out on the surface by the Italian man in 2015.
  • There’s a national entertainment called noodling that presents a special way of catching the catfish. In theory, a man, or woman, should draw the fish out of its hole with bare hands. Despite quite simple rules, this sort of sport is considered to be an extreme one because it involves possible injuries – the large catfish can break the arm of an inexperienced noodler – and moreover, it might be a snake or an evil beaver hiding under the water.
  • There are at least three statues of the catfish and not only in the US but also in the lands of its upper neighbors.
  • An average catfish can spawn up to four thousands of eggs during the year.
  • Today, America is trying to deter the “enemy” catfish that is being delivered from Asia. It’s prohibited to sell it under the great name of a true catfish, that’s why the Asian product is labeled as basa fish.

Now that you know what is the date of Catfish Day 2022, come up with the plans for the upcoming holiday. You still have enough time to arrange a mini-catfish-farm at your backyard, or hunt for an excellent eating place that will pleasantly surprise you with their assortment of the catfish dishes!


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