Can you answer the question “When is Child Health Day in 2019?” immediately? As a rule most people can’t do it. Why? – The matter is that this holiday doesn’t belong to the official ones, it is not public and usually we are just working. But nevertheless it is considered to be rather important and now we will explain why. In the United States the question โ€œWhen is Child Health Day 2019?” can be easily answered at the federal level. But it doesn’t have a fixed date of the celebration. Usually it is the first Monday in October.

As a rule on this day, the US President calls on all institutions and organizations, dealing with the issues of child health and well-being, to unite for the events dedicated to the children’s health prevention. The main objective of such events is to attract public attention (primarily, the parents’, of course) to the question of the fundamental necessity of year-round programs on the protection and promotion of the health of all the American children.

Child Health Day

Why do we need this holiday

According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States takes 41st place in the world as to the infant mortality. Frankly speaking, we can be proud because of this rate, as it is the lowest among developed countries. Therefore, the development of children’s health care system is of particular importance. As a rule the absence of universal and inclusive health insurance system leads to the fact that many children from poor families do not have any possibility to use proper health care. Therefore, at the federal level the various insurance programs are implemented and their main task is to help families with children.

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The urgency in the European countries

The answer to the question “What is the date of Child Health Day 2019?” should be remembered in Europe as well. In a time of rapid development of scientific and technological progress we can be really frightened, when you start reading the latest information on the state of children’s health in Europe.

According to the report of the European Congress about School of Medicine, only 22 percent of children, who are living now in prosperous Europe, are completely healthy.ย  An increasing number of students are not able to perform even the simplest norms on physical preparation.

A huge percentage of children suffer from chronic diseases. And, unfortunately, in recent years the general data in recent years has doubled. Wrong diet as well as lack of dietary essential components lead to immunity lowering and disease appearance.

According to the publications of the scientific journal Food Technology, where the experts, having analyzed the children’s breakfasts. traditional for one or another area of the world, came to the conclusion that for the most part of the planet, this meal contains excessive amounts of sugar and fat. And at the same time they almost don’t have necessary vitamins and mineral substances. Despite the seeming variety of eating habits of children living in different countries, all these typical breakfasts have one thing in common: they are unprofitable for children’s health.

For example, young Japanese tend to eat breakfast with beans and rice, Chinese – bun with pork, Spanish – sweet pastries with chocolate, etc. But where are vitamins and minerals, which are so necessary for normal child’s development?

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Unfortunately, improper meal is not a single problem. Considerable damage to the modern child is caused by new items of scientific and technological progress such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, which have led to a sharp decline in immunity. According to the results of hygiene research conducted by contemporary scientists, in the modern world the implementation of the majority of training programs is accompanied by an increase in the total training load and reduced physical activity. The lack of time for lessons preparation the students compensate by reducing sleep and motor activity, which affects their health badly.

That is the reason why the main aim of Child Health Day is represented by the desire to strengthen measures, to prevent disease and to improve kids’ health.

The advantages of this holiday

All parents want their children to be healthy. As it is known well, to prevent the disease development is much easier than to treat it. Regular complete medical examination is able to get rid kids and their parents of many health troubles.

Children’s medical examination is a planned event, which should be carried out regularly. It involves a comprehensive examination of child’s health and development. The main objective of the examination is to identify possible diseases and pathology, to evaluate the kid’s physical and psychological development, as well as to prevent disease and to detect the possible predisposition.

Child Health Day

The main goals and objectives of Child Health Day

When is Child Health Day in 2019, calendar will tell you without any difficulties, but have you ever thought about the real aim of this event? – According to the specialists’ point of view it should create special conditions for the formation of various useful skills of a healthy lifestyle both among kids and their parents. It doesn’t have a fixed date. Usually it is the first Monday in October, so this year it will be October, 7.

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The objectives of the Child Health Day can be:

  • attracting children to systematic physical culture and sports in general;
  • support of interest to the healthy habits (hygiene, movement, etc.);
  • knowledge about human health, body hygiene and safety culture;
  • physical exercises for children as well as their parents;
  • interaction with additional education institutions and society (health clinics and other medical institutions).

Knowing what day Child Health Day in 2019 is, you can organize its celebration as home, in the kindergarten or at school. But, please, don’t forget about some very important principles. Here is a list of the most necessary ones:

  • Voluntary participation;
  • Both parents and kids should take part.
  • The explanation of healthy lifestyle advantages.
  • Encouragement of the success in physical and moral improvement.
  • The ability of parents to start the informal communication with their children.
  • A choice of forms and methods, depending on the characteristics of a particular age, sex, health and relationships.
  • Creating the conditions for participation in the activities of children with some deficiencies in development.
  • Coauthorship parents and children.
  • Maximum development of children’s initiative.


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