People in the USA are really in love with cookies, cakes, biscuits, pies and other baked sweets. It is hard to believe that an ordinary American eats up over 18 thousand of different kinds of cakes and cookies! Information on the multiple types of research and the exact statistic confirm this fact. That s why every inhabitant of the United States remembers when is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2021.

It is not surprising that there are many food festivals in the United States and the large numbers of them gain the national status and the feasts of different cookies are not exceptions. Baked yummy is in the favour in many countries and you can see when National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2021 is by taking a glance at the American holiday’s calendar. The date of celebrating is 4th of August, the best time to rest in nature’s lap.

The origins of the holiday

No one knows for sure who is the founder of this holiday. The famous treats were born thanks to the pretty woman named Ruth Wakefield, who has given us the chance to taste this sweet treats.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2017

The talented baker was the owner of tourist’s restaurant “Toll House” in the early XX century. Really bell-ringing was heard by the whole district far back in the past in the year of 1709, but those days the old campanile has got the second life. Delicious flavour and smell of sweet delights attracted travellers and visitors from all around. The restaurant was burned at 1984 before the New Year, but the taste of meals is still alive.

Ruth treated her guests with dishes of her own invention and preparation, but she was not only the chef and mistress of the cosy place. An ingenious woman has published the cookbook with her personal recipes. This notes gained popularity among cooks and housewives quickly, but the world fame has come to Ruth by an absurd case.

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The old crunch cookies were the favourite Ruth’s recipes, which are baked with the drop of oil from the colonial times. Bakers had to use chocolate during cooking, but once Ruth was without the necessary ingredients in her hands. She has only one bar of semisweet chocolate, which was cut into the small pieces and added to the dough. When Ruth has mixed it, she hoped that crumbs will melt into the pastry during the baking process. But chocolate drops kept their form perfectly. She thought that it was her failure, but her visitors took the fancy for creative nice sweets.

So, the first cupcake with chocolate chips was cooked in 1937 and was discussed like among the people like a favourite. Ruth named her invention “Toll House Crunch Cookie”. This term plant the position like a new term of the American English language later.

Today we can use Ruth’s simple invention in everyday life, not only at 4th of August, which is the date of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2021. It remains the most favourite celebration of the sweet’s experts due to this occasion.

The sweet with the world fame

Ruth’s baking notes were firstly seen in the Boston’s daily and in other newspapers of US. This cookie became known throughout the country when Ms Crocker has told about it on the radio show. Ruth and Andrew Nestle have come to an agreement and his company prints her original recipe on a chocolate wrapper.

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Nestle has a great success in development the half of chocolate bars for baking this cookie and invented the special chocolate drops later. It is the most important ingredient in the treat, that s why the date of 15’th of May when is National Chocolate Chip Day in 2021 confused people. You should remember that it is another holiday.

The agreement included the delivery of chocolate for Ruth, which was used to make her crunch cookies during all time of her life. The inventor has sold the official possibility for using the title of the mark “Toll House” to Andrew’s company. It has lost the authority in the Federal Court many years ago. It is only a name of cookies now.

“Toll House” with chocolate chips were appointed official Commonwealth s delights by the official government of Massachusetts. A little primary student from Coatesville introduced an idea, which proposed the using of this treat as the emblem of Pennsylvania and it was approved later.

Could Ruth imagine that her “mistake” will become the symbol of US? Maybe, she could not. Anyway, she became the famous woman inventor and we get a recipe for delicious treats thanks her talented hands.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Traditional celebration

The talented bakers and lovers of sweet ask what day is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2021 to show their culinary arts and taste the wonderful yummy. Fourth of August is the great cause to have a picnic with your families and friends and make the true American’s chocolate cookies.

All lovers of American films have seen how these cookies are beloved by children and adults in melodramas and comedies. Today you can bake it by Ruth’s original recipe.

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Ingredients for “Toll House” desert:

  • 120 grammes of butter or margarine;
  • 200 grammes of sugar (the original recipe need mix of white and brown like 1:4, but you can use white);
  • two eggs;
  • one teaspoon of soda;
  • 350 grammes of baking flour;
  • chocolate chips;
  • salt and vanilla.

The Ruth’s recipe requires the using of chocolate chips or drops us the equivalent, which you are able to buy in the ordinary baking shop. Also, you can make it by yourself from the dark chocolate bars, like the inventor. Americans, by the way, like to bake it with M&Ms, because the colour balls in the crunch cakes delight the children.

The process of baking is very simple.

  • Firstly, heat the oven to 190 degrees. Cover the dripping pan for baking with special paper.
  • Then sift the ingredients.
  • Later beat the butter with the sugar at an average speed for 5 minutes until a light mass will be obtained.
  • Add the egg and vanilla into the dough, mix it.
  • Slowly add the flour. Then add chocolate drops or chips and mix it quickly before its melting.
  • Form the balls, put them on a baking sheet at a distance of 5 cm from each other and bake up for 12-14 minutes. The cookie should become golden-brown.

Bon appetite and have a nice Chocolate Chip Cookie holiday in 2021!


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