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When is Discovery Day 2019

Canada and America share common features and a common history. Not surprisingly, the history of a country cannot be told without mentioning both. Both, however, have achieved independence quite different ways. In America, there is Columbus Day – a holiday in honor of the anniversary of his arrival. After reviewing how the settlement process started, you will easily remember when Discovery Day is in 2019, an important feast will not disappear from your life.

Research of Canadian lands

We can find in the Viking’s sagas, poetry and prose about the earliest travels across the ocean. For two decades, in general terms, the entire east coast of South America was mapped. In 1497, the result of the John Cabot trip was the opening steps of true exploration.  In this way the first period of the Great Geographical Discoveries included Canada, but the head of the Expedition was initially sure that he landed on the shores of Asia. He explored the coast only in the next tour. England declared its right to ownership.

Discovery Day

Much more significant at the time turned out to be Cabot’s information that the coastal waters of Canada were extremely rich in fish. Boat trips even without fishing were already a very profitable profession. We know about the first trading with Indians, who were sometimes met on the beach.

Then it became evident that this opened land is not Asia. It did not match with the expectations and caused certain negative emotions and annoyance. To convince the King to help him organize an expedition across the ocean, Columbus took 7 years! Findings of silver and gold deposits in the islands eased the disappointment in not finding Asia. France also had a great powerful navy, and had every right to declare new territory their property.

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Portugal long before Spain was liberated from Arab rule; it also developed a strong royal power. The very geographical position of the country contributed to the rapid development of the commercial bourgeoisie and the creation of a powerful navy.

Around the world

When is Discovery Day 2019 in the Bahamas? It is a trick question, because in 2012 this holiday has been replaced by another national celebration on the second Monday in October. It will be in October now. Residents celebrate the visit of Christopher Columbus in the 12-th day of this month, similar to other countries in North and South America (like in Colombia). Do you remember in what year did Columbus accomplish his journey? If you use special techniques for the memory development, known in ancient Greece, you will not forget the year of 1492. Hispaniola (Dominican Republic, Haiti) was also found By Columbus on that sea voyage. But the inhabitants of these secluded islands do their feast on December 5.

Where is the feast preserved? What about Brazil, discovered in 1500? What day is Discovery Day in 2019 there? People will remember about the history of this key event on April 22.

Hispaniola and the Cayman Islands were first seen and described by Columbus in 1503. The third Monday in May is the holiday of this event in those two places.

Another brave explorer Magellan with his hardy expedition discovered Guam Island in the Pacific Ocean. The memory of that event of 1521, regardless of remoteness, is honored every year on March 6.

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But what is the date of Discovery Day 2019 in the United States? It is on the second Monday in October (12-14 October). The richest celebration, with parades of course, takes place in New York (where there is a huge monument of Columbus).

The value of historical event

The great geographical discoveries era completely transformed the idea of Europeans about our world. Discovery History received fairly wide coverage in the literature of the time. The maps began to show new continents, islands, straits. Letters and diaries of prominent travelers of that time have been published. It was an event that still causes a lot of controversy, speculation and even myths.


But one thing is certain, that the great geographical discoveries were of world-historic significance. The contours of the inhabited continents, exploring more of the earth’s surface have been established, it confirmed the notion of the Earth as a huge balloon shape and helped determine its size. The great geographical discoveries gave impetus to the development of not only the geography, but many other areas of science, providing extensive new material for botany, zoology, ethnography. As a result of the Great Geographical Discoveries, Europeans first became acquainted with a number of new agricultural crops (potato, maize / corn, tomato, tobacco).

Public institutions and schools are usually closed on this day in many of these countries. But important commercial organizations can work. This is a summary of when Discovery Day is in 2019, calendar this holiday and remember the history of that changed the world.

Trade acquired global character, was a huge increase in circulation of goods. Moving the trade routes from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean created the rise of some countries (England, Holland), and the decline of others (Italy). Formed after the Great Geographical Discoveries, the colonial system was one of the levers of primitive accumulation of capital; at the same time pouring into Europe from America streams of gold, silver and precious metals caused a revolution in prices.

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It was important that there was a revival of geographic concepts from antiquity at that time, and it caused the liberation of geographical thought from church dogmas. Striving for the discovery of new lands has also intensified a more thorough study of the old lands.

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