People usually stand for their own individuality and rights. It is generally accepted that people must protect their rights. They have to defend themselves. But there are many people who can hardly protect themselves. The problems usually concern women, children and old people. There is generally accepted that women are very helpless. Nevertheless, they can do some things which can help in protecting their rights. The best way to express thoughts and beliefs is to do something extraordinary. If you aren’t very shy, join topless parades. When is National Go Top Less Day in 2022?


The date hasn’t got any governmental support as the actions of the participants are considered to be abnormal or even insane. The authorities don’t accept any show as the expression of people’s demands when they act topless or even naked.

Governments of almost all countries restrict these parades. They don’t coincide with common rules and religion of the country. People also don’t feel well being topless on public. A person who has strict convictions in moral questions will never take part in this occasion. There are only several governments throughout the world which aren’t against such parades.

The occasion has got its concrete history. The idea of the topless parade came into the organizers’ mind in 2007.  It was at first organized in the USA in Nevada. The initiator was the so-called organization “Go Topless”.

Topless girl

The main idea of the first event was to show gender equality. It was proposed to be topless for women. Men who wanted to take part in the occasion should wear brassieres and bikinis, though it looked weirder than naked women. Men even had to cover their chests.

The event was proposed to be provided when people didn’t work. It was to be followed closely to the Women’s Equality Day. That event took place on August, 26th. It was firstly followed in 1920. A French journalist, Vorilhon, proposed to start an occasion which has to be observed on the nearest date. Later the occasion spread all over the world. The followers of the event live in many countries and try to observe the occasion. What day World Go Top Less Day in 2022? The occasion is set on August, 26th.

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What does National Go Top Less Day mean? Females usually feel obvious harassment. It is a need to make a protest against this problem. Women have certain problems while searching for a vacancy and having a job interview. Men always get higher salary in comparison to the women’s salaries for the same duties. Male professionals usually work in better conditions. Females sometimes aren’t proposed a job if some resumes are sent by men. Bonuses are also more often given to male professionals.

Some Arabian countries have restrictions concerning women. Women are restricted to drive a car. Car licenses are available only to men. Women can’t visit several public territories and buildings. Arabian women don’t usually have the same rights as local men.

It is forbidden for a woman in many countries to prevent attention to their problems and troubles. It is not appropriate for them to show their despair. If they have courage to protest the situation, men or even the government punish them.

The occasion is a great chance for men to show their support to women and their demands. Sometimes they make their own demands which show their concern about women’s troubles. When is International Go Top Less Day 2022? It’s set on August, 26th.


There is no need to explain the meaning of the occasion to the majority of people. The title is very obvious to representatives of many countries. Mass media always cover current events devoted to the problem of a female protest. The organizers of this annual event always announce their demands to the society and government, though it seems to be a little bit strange.

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The way in which women express their protest isn’t to be explained. Participants are to almost naked during the parade. It is a needed condition. The core of the event is shown in its title. Girls are to be topless. The sexual preference of every participant doesn’t matter at all. People are to pay attention on the social inequity. It is a real message to the local government.

The definition of the term can be found in many languages. It is an international word. People don’t translate the word into their native languages. They use the original variant. The term is explained as the absence of bra on the female’s breasts. It means that she is half of partially naked. Women who decide to take part in a parade on the date should bear in mind that their breasts are to be naked. The title of the occasion also intimates girls that they can have body-art on their breasts if they aren’t sure that they’re brave enough.

The word is a conjunction of two separate words. The part “less” is the expression of the state of absence in English. The term “top” was used in the 1500s at first in this meaning. What is the date of National Go Top Less Day 2022? The occasion is set on August, 26th.


People may choose as many ways of celebrating the day as they want. Shy persons can spend the occasion at home. Nobody will see you naked if you don’t want that. You can even make a selfie and post it in the net without showing your face.

Nudity is not sexual

The common idea of the observance still demands that a participant visit a parade in a certain look. Every parade carries its main goal. The most common theme is to show females’ equality with men. This point of view is to be accepted in every sphere of human life. Other idea is show abuse which is sometimes usual in many countries. Women feel offended from the males’ side.

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If you are a brave person, find the information about a coming local parade and get ready to it. You should make an inscription which shortly describes the main demand. Proclamations and posters are also widely made on the day, though the main things to attract the public’s attention are naked breasts.

Local authorities usually try to prevent the process of organization of these parades. They sometimes become acts of cruelty. The practice shows that a peaceful manifestation can become a great disaster for a city or small town. The representatives of the local mass media are always present on the parades. The main motto is revealing the laws accepted in the country and the lifestyle pattern in the world.

When is Go Top Less Day in 2022, calendar of parades can be found in the net. The occasion is on the 26th of August.

International Go Top Less Day Facts

  1. Every parade is a strictly planned action. If you want to take part in the occasion, you should sign for the participation.
  2. Cruel or other illegal actions aren’t supported by organizers of the march.
  3. Some territories strictly forbid topless demonstrations. Three US states forbid topless demonstrations. They are Tennessee, Indiana and Utah. It is necessary to avoid these territories. People are punished for the breach of the law.
  4. The location of parades is planned beforehand.
  5. Banal and vulgar demonstrations aren’t organized. The main goal of such demonstrations is to set a demand.
  6. The occasion has got its own anthem. It’s a song “Go Topless Go”.
  7. Buy the TaTa Top, if you’re a shy person. It’s a bikini top which looks like a naked breast.


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