In always hurrying, world you can admit a great quantity of various holidays and memorable dates. Some of them are really amazing. For instance, are you ready to reply โ€œWhen is National Wear Brown Shoes Day in 2022?โ€ now? Frankly speaking, we’re expecting the negative answer even in that case if we give our readers some time for thinking about.

Certainly this holiday doesnโ€™t belong to the most popular ones, but it sounds really terrific, doesnโ€™t it? We’re sure that you’ll agree. And that’s the base reason and explanation, why we’ve decided to discover special this problem.


Of course, we understand that it’s almost impossible to explain, what day Wear Brown Shoes Day in 2022 is and not take into serious account the existing this date historical.

To tell you the truth, we havenโ€™t been able to find our any information available as to the principal establishers as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on December 4th annually.

However, at the dawn of the dress code, the leading position in the formal wardrobe was occupied exclusively by the black color. It was present everywhere – in opera, office, at solemn events, private parties, weddings and funerals.

brown shoes

Coffee color footwear had absolutely no place in the city, where the highest light of that time with all the scrupulousness was directed to the observance of the decency rules. Therefore, shoes of this coloring became an important attribute of informal events, as well as country trips to the bosom of nature (hunting, visits to family farmsteads in the countryside and picnics). So it was for many centuries, but life is a changeable thing.

The softening of the “verdict” for brown footwear occurred only to the 30th years of the 20th century. The innovation belonged to Prince of Wales Edward, the future King of Great Britain Edward VIII. He was a fan of cinnamon color shoes in general and introduced some changes in the rules of wearing men’s clothing.

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By 1950, all the most authoritative fashion magazines were talking about brown footwear. A huge contribution to its promotion was also made by the informals of that time. During this period it became obvious that the black color was shifted from its throne to evening formal events, where the dress code required the presence of a classic costume and a strict white shirt with a tie.

Later interest in the coffee color coloring of shoes repeatedly appeared. And in the 2000s we became the witnesses of this process.


What does Wear Brown Shoes Day mean? It’s up to you to find out indeed. There’re so many people all over the planet, who neither know about this memorable occasion, nor celebrate it correspondingly.

All in all this color is still not an unrivaled leader, but it takes a worthy place in casual informal wardrobes.

In Europe it’s very popular, especially in the southern countries. A vivid example can be Italy, where the favorite companion of cinnamon shade footwear is traditionally a blue suit. But black shoes here are much less-known and are found only at solemn events.

France is in second place in terms of goodwill towards the non-strict brown color. Coffee shade footwear is happily worn by students, employees of various kinds of companies, in which the casual style is not something out of the ordinary.

And in England, the odds are still on the black side, but a brown shade of shoes is also often found in the streets on the day, in a cafe, outside the city.

In the US the strictness of the dress code remains virtually unshakable. The reason for this is a lot of the richest corporations with their frantic rhythm and unshakeable demands for finding employees at work exclusively in a business suit. But even in America, brown footwear is relevant for those who are not in a hurry to work during the day or can afford to lead a fairly light-hearted life at night. Among them are the stars of the podium, cinematography, variety art known to the whole world, as well as ordinary citizens, who are distinguished by their individual style of dress. In these shoes you can see them on a walk, in a shopping center, a cafe or a nightclub.

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Nowadays trying to get the cute reply to โ€œWhen is International Wear Brown Shoes Day 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but discuss now this matter in strict details.

To the present date, coffee shade footwear are very famous on Earth. It looks organic with a double suit, as well as with torn jeans. The main thing is to understand where, when and with what to wear it!

Let’s define the basis of the color solutions. It’s no secret that in the warm season and for the clothes of light colors, you should choose a beige or medium cinnamon shade shoe coloring.

But in the kit for a black suit and other things of dark colors, it’s optimal to add footwear with a saturated chocolate shade.

Of course, sometimes there are extremely effective variations, where this canon is only partially observed. But these are, rather, exceptions.


When is Wear Brown Shoes Day 2022, calendar will always tell you. This isn’t a problem, certainly.

It’s a pity, there’re no special complicated customs and sophisticated rules for this special occasion celebration. However, it isn’t a problem for those people, who want to be involved.

The simplest thing you can do is to wear coffee hint footwear everywhere on December 4th: to work, to guests or for a walk.

Man wearing fancy brown shoes.

World Wear Brown Shoes Day Facts

Giving the reply to โ€œWhat is the date of Wear Brown Shoes Day 2022?โ€ we also would like to investigate the very actual matter concerning the image, which can be created by these types of footwear.

The fashion designers give the following recommendations, especially for ladies. Just be creative as much as you can.

  • Blue shabby jeans, a white shirt, a mustard-colored jacket, a light coffee bag. Ideal for shopping and walking with friends!
  • Light brown footwear with a low stable heel, jeans sarafan dark blue, leather narrow belt in the tone of shoes and sunglasses. In any rule there’re exceptions. The image is perfect for brunettes with short hair.
  • Cinnamon footwear, satin creamy breeches with high waist and wide belt, black top, dressed in breeches, short green cardigan, light bag with brown handles and light imitation jewelry.
  • Light-blue skinny jeans, coffee hint high-heeled shoes or a wedge, a leather handbag “over the shoulder” in the tone of the footwear, a white blouse with ruffles, a short leather jacket with shoes and a handbag.
  • Splashed dark blue jeans with scuffs, brown high-heeled footwear, white top, dark leather jacket, scarf of a rusty hue.
  • Beige shorts with a narrow strap, a light top with orange splashes, a redish slightly elongated jacket, a creamy leather handbag. An interesting image for gray everyday life!
  • Straight gray trousers, brown shoes with a steady heel, turquoise top, dark bolero, brown beads of medium length, a same color bag with a turquoise insert.
  • Suede brown footwear, a yellow midi skirt with a leather dark coffee color belt, a suede light coffee jacket.
  • Light brown ballet shoes, red-coffee leather bag, gray denim or fabric sarafan with rivets in front, golden accessories.
  • Red-cinnamon footwear with heels, red shorts or a skirt with a red belt with a large buckle, a denim shirt.
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As you can see, there are a lot of images that you can decorate yourself in tandem with brown shoes. Competently combine colors and textures of fabrics, and then success will be guaranteed to you both at work and at a social event.


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