There aren’t a slew of movies that are perpetuated in the calendar with a specific day praising their enduring popularity and influential heritage: Star Wars, Hobbit, to name but a few. Moreover, there are almost none of TV series that are honored to be shown the same deal of deference. Obviously, these have to be remarkable and memorable, introducing something new to the large television audience. One of the bestowed with such honor is the Twilight Zone series known as a pioneer in the field of sci-fi genre on TV. When is Twilight Zone Day in 2022 and why does this show deserve that? Let’s sort it out from the very beginning!


In a nutshell, the Twilight Zone is a cult American television series that premiered on October 2, 1959, and continued for 5 seasons until June 19, 1964. An absolutely new format of the TV program was based on a science-fiction genre sometimes interweaving with horror, drama or thriller motives.

Twilight Zone Day 2017

Not only did it captivated viewers with unusual twists and inconceivable plots but also attracted many with a thought-provoking effect. Even the name itself may interest you a lot: Twilight Zone stood for another dimension beyond our minds and bounded by our imagination. Catchy enough to entice the people into watching a half-hour scene, isn’t it?

The origin seasons consisted of unrelated stories making up 156 episodes in the five-year course. All of them shared one similar aspect – the way of narration. Each show starts with a disturbing theme song accompanied by a voice-over that explains the term of the fifth dimension and thus prepares the viewer for a journey into the mystery. Then the same voice offers a short introduction to give the audience a taste of what’s to come. Getting deeper into the action, a twist ending brings you back into reality with an overwhelming aftertaste that intensifies due to the concluding commentary. These opening and closing remarks with a strong moral slant tie the episode together and leave you reconsidering what you’ve just seen.

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The Twilight Zone gained a huge success among the US TV audience and critics at first and then extended its mysterious waves over the whole world. The series stands high on the lists of 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time or 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and the like.

Asking, what is the date of Twilight Zone Day 2022, you’re probably expecting to hear a day that somehow relates to the show. However, this date – May 11 – has nothing to do both with the anthology and its creator. Speaking of whom…


The die-hard fans of the iconic series owe this celebration to a notable man whose name is Rod Serling. To give him his full title: a creator, producer, screenwriter and narrator of the Twilight Zone.

Renowned for the felicitous scripts for television programs, even at the start of the career he desperately struggled against the all-embracing censorship and hushing up of the vital themes like racism, war, political ignorance. Serling conceived his own show as a way to express his opinion on these controversial issues and bring it to the masses. In a push to evade the censors together with the authorities, he created a fictional universe of the Twilight Zone. Who would ever cavil at the TV fantasy when there are so many threads in the live dramas?

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Almost every episode of the Twilight Zone is generously supplied with various miraculous phenomena – aliens, mythic creatures, time traveling, supernatural powers. On one hand, Serling lets the viewers go into the infinite world of their own imagination that is able to wholly drag them into it and even scare to death. Such adrenalin is bound to bring them back for one more mystic tale. For example, we bet that if you watch the Opening Day episode, “when is Twilight Zone Day 2022” question will be the only thought on your mind!

On the other hand, delving deeply into the plot, the attentive ones will see the main idea beyond these parabolic decorations. Rod Serling tried to project the most burning defects of society onto the fictional creation. He ridiculed the ugliest vices of community through the fantasy as he wanted to us to understand that we are our own worst enemy.

Despite the fact that the Twilight Zone was shot more than 55 years ago, the series still stands up so well even now.

Twilight Zone Day


In case you are an advanced aficionado of the show, the most obvious way is to organize a day-long Twilight Zone marathon! So, on May 11 invite a couple of friends who are crazy about Serling’s brainchild, choose the favorite episodes and give them a watch together for the whole day. By the way, this day is also Eat What You Want Day and as long as you’re not on a diet, order the meal to your belly’s content.

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If you’re a newbie to the series’ universe and still haven’t memorized the day of celebration, then mark off in the calendar, when is Twilight Zone Day in 2022 and start the viewing from Examination Day fable. Or from any other episode, believe us, they are all excellent! After all, you may confine yourself to watching the Twilight Zone movie, produced by Steven Spielberg. It’s a good way to break the ice between you and the series as well.

A good rule of thumb for both of the sides: make the Twilight Zone beverages. How about Gremlin cocktail in honor of the terrifying character from the famous Nightmare at 20,000 Feet episode? Just a little portion of vodka, Blue Curacao, and rum mixed with orange juice and chilled with ice. Two glasses on, and you’ll sip yourself into the previously obscure state beyond your eyes and feelings. Who knows how many Serling’s creatures you may meet there? Still, be careful with your imagination.

Of course, despite what day Twilight Zone Day 2022 falls on, you can watch this creepy yet so engrossing series any time of the year. However, the atmosphere gets much more enigmatic and tense when the whole world unleashes its fantasy and comes closer to the verge of crossing over into the Fifth Dimension.


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