World Walk Day

On June 19 every year, an unofficial but very relevant holiday is celebrated – World Walk Day. The event was started by an American named U. T. Rabe in 1979. For the first time, the Day of the Walk was held in the USA, in the state of Michigan. Created in contrast to jogging.

How can walking help with stress?

Today, most people live at a fast pace, which negatively affects the state of the nervous system. A leisurely walk in the park has become a real luxury, but at the same time a necessity. Because life in the modern rhythm often causes stress and even depression. A leisurely walk in nature relaxes a person, gives an opportunity to put one’s thoughts in order, stimulates brain activity, improves appetite and sleep.

The purpose of World Walk Day

purpose World Walk Day there is the drawing of humanity’s attention to the importance of rest, finding time for a leisurely walk, union with nature; spreading the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle.

Where to go for a walk on World Walk Day?

June 19 is a good opportunity to distract yourself from everyday affairs and devote a few hours to a walk in the fresh air with friends or alone.

World Walk Day
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