When is St.Nicholas Day in 2021? – Do you know the answer to this question? Frankly speaking, it will depend on the part of the world you live in. – Somewhere on the planet it is appreciated, but somewhere people even have never heard about it. But let’s start from the very beginning. Loved by many of us Christmas holiday would have been unthinkable without the special preceding atmosphere: the gift preparation, festive table, Christmas tree decoration bring a special charm, making it a favorite and long-awaited. And only day in this constant preparation chain of festive bustle, running children, anticipation and expectation. This is St. Nicholas Day, the day of the saint patron of all children and travelers.

When is St.Nicholas Day 2019?

As a rule Orthodox Christians celebrate this day on December 19, Catholics – on December 6. That is why there are no a single answer to the question “What is the day of St.Nicholas Day 2021?”

 St. Nicholas Day

On the holiday eve you can see a lot of the children’s shoes, exhibited at the doorway, or socks hung by the fireplace. They are waiting small gifts or sweets. It is believed that the gifts are given only to well-behaved children, and the others receive rods or just stones. But the kids usually wait for this holiday and, of course, for gifts, trying to behave well and stay calm as St. Nicholas should see only their good features.

In a number of countries St. Nicholas visit children with his retinue minutes.As a rule he is accompanied by two angels and two devils.The first should report to his patron of the good children, while the others inform about the guilty culprits. But everybody gets something, of course.

Who is St. Nicholas?

According to the legend, St. Nicholas was a real person who was born into a really wealthy family, but was orphaned early. The boy was bored because of wealth, and helped to needy as much as he could. Once Nicholas heard the sad story of two charming young sisters, whose poor father was going to send them to walk the streets in order to earn their dowry.

At night he came quietly to the house and filled the girls’ socks with gold coins, providing, in such a way not only the dowry, but saving the sisters’ reputation as well. Nowadays it is impossible to say what’s true in this story.

But according to the legend the tradition to share gifts at night went from that time. In the course of time it was changed, and now the presents are given only to the children. As a rule it is something small or just sweets or candies.

What you can and can not do

  • Of course, most importantly, what can not be forgotten is gifts to children.Traditionally, at night the children were given sweets, most likely. But according to the contemporary specialists point of view, this custom occurred due to global poverty, where the sweet was are inaccessible to, and was a precious gift indeed. Nowadays, sweets and snacks are still suitable, but you should try and pack them as interesting and funny as you can.
  • Besides sweets St. Nicholas “brings” the kids small toys. Mind that this day global gifts are not shared. As a rule, these items are placed under the pillows or near the bed. The kid should see them in the very morning.However, according to the European tradition, Saint Nicholas hides the presents in special bags in the form of boots, which are hung in the house.
  • As Nicholas is accompanied by a small donkey, it has been decided to leave some carrots on the table in order to please the tired animal.
  • Saint Nicholas Day is a religious festival, that is why the believers should go to church for the festive service, and only after that the table is set. It will be easy to understand what day St. Nicholas Day in 2021 Usually it falls on the middle of Advent. That is why it is recommended to cook only the fasting dishes, but you can cook fish and drink a little wine.
  • This day there are no any serious restrictions, except for lean food, but there is an important recommendation: in St. Nicholas Day is not necessary to do anything for themselves, but as much as possible for others. For example, feed the dogs or even birds or take unwanted clothing to the needy.These things should be done regularly, of course, but on the Day of St. Nicholas it is especially important.

 St. Nicholas Day

Some special traditions

Nowadays there is a good tradition in this day. Many people take care of orphans and disadvantaged children, giving them gifts.

It is believed that this is the last day of the year when you can pay the money back, as this saint regularly shared things with those, who were in need.

This very day people used to brew beer, to welcome guests, to walk and to have a lot of fun. And after the delicious dinner, they took the best horses and rode them around the village, singing special songs. Old-timers believe that all the evil would disappear in the case the people would brew the beer again.

St. Nicholas takes care of soldiers, drivers and travelers. He also helped the poor in difficulties. This character is the patron saint of children and students, sailors, and merchants.

In the folk legends Saint Nicholas protects people in the case of a disaster, and above all in the water ones. That is why many contemporary fishermen have his image in their homes. Going out into the sea to fish, the fishermen always take with them the image. That is why they know for sure when is St.Nicholas Day in 2021, calendar in this situation is really unnecessary.

It is said that “if it rain in St.Nicholas Day, it will be a good harvest in the winter.” And if there is frost, you will have a great amount of vegetables.


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