Contemporary people, both men and women, have used to take pictures almost every day. They may do it on purpose, occasionally, for business and for relax. It is an ordinary thing actually. However, at the same time only some of them are ready to answer the question “When is World Photo Day in 2022?” The most part have never heard about the existence of this holiday in the modern calendar. We find this situation to be an unfair one. So today we are going to represent you this special occasion in details.


The matter concerning the direction what day Photo Day in 2022 is involves a lot of amazing pieces of information. And on the contrary to many others it has an amazing historical background.

The occasion is considered to be relatively young. It was established about 10 years ago, in 2009, to be more exact. The initiative of its creation belongs to an Australian photographer. One day Korske Ara decided that it would be a great thing to have a special date for his favorite activity.

The date was chosen not occasionally. It happened due to the fact that on this day, but in 1839, the wide world community was given a method for photo print creation. Initially, it was called a daguerreotype, being a very first prototype of a contemporary capture creation.

The invention itself belonged to Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre. Almost immediately the French authorities decided to buy a patent for such an amazing and at the same time promising innovation. The invention got a particular name a “gift to the planet.” Contemporary specialists found Daguerre’s invention, as the very first step towards modern photography. It helped to make this technology publicly available for people.

Photography, which today obtains a firm place in almost all areas of our life, has a long history. However, daguerreotype, as the process of getting an image on a metal plate, is thought to be the first practical method in this sphere. It was created in the early 1820s by Joseph Niepce, a careful scientist and inventor from France. However, the invention is called after Louis Daguerre, as it was he who managed to obtain the real image and then fix it on a copper plate covered with silver. Therefore, it is considered to be the ancestor of modern photography.

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What does Photo Day mean? Frankly speaking we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. In the modern world every person is free to decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any regrets or hesitations. We don’t know you personally, so we are not able even to predict your attitude to the holiday.

In general, we can’t but mention that photography is a unique phenomenon. In these pictures you can capture different events, various interesting moments, beautiful places, beloved faces. All in all, this activity is able to save the moments that will never be repeated.

Thanks to them, you can go back in time, because looking through photos, we remember many wonderful moments of life. In addition, for some, taking pictures is not just a hobby, but also a profession and even an art.


The question “What is the date of Photo Day in 2022?” involves a lot of amazing pieces of information. There are a lot of details which are quite unknown for the mass audience.

First of all we can’t but mention that after the invention many scientists tried to improve the process. There were a lot of experiments. They used quite different materials and reagents. Finally, in 1861, James Maxwell managed to reproduce color pictures. However, there were not the pictures we have already had today, of course.

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The world needed almost two centuries to invent the digital camera. At last in 1981 the specialists from Sony made it possible. They took photographs and abandoned traditional process of filming.

However, even among the representatives of the modern society there are a lot of those who prefer this first way. They are usually represented by professional photographs, who earn money with their pictures, as a set of required components and ingredients of the successful and high-quality pictures costs a lot.

And today, in the world of digital technologies, we can easily take photographs ourselves, which then will make us smile, feel sad or hold our breath.


When is Photo Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. And it won’t be a significant problem to memorize it. The special occasion has a fixed date of its celebration. It is held on August 19th annually. As you perhaps understand there are no special traditions devoted this event.

However, to our mind, this holiday is considered to be a festive day for every person, who loves to take pictures as well as to be photographed. It simultaneously means that the event may be turned into an incredibly bright and positive one.

Certainly, it would be quite silly to wait that the local authorities would organize any activities devoted to this holiday. As a rule, they do not even know about its existence in the modern calendar. But, despite it, there are no any reasons for being worried or upset because of it. Vice versa it is a great reason to feel free, take some gadgets in your hands and start catching unforgettable moments and views. We are almost sure that August 19th is the high time to go ahead!

Try to join the fascinating world of photography on this special day and involve your friends. We are almost sure that you will love it and the holiday celebration will become one of your family traditions. By the way, you can also visit photo exhibitions. Do you have any art centers, museums or even libraries in your place of living? – Call there and ask. As a rule, various photographers or photo studios usually organize something special for this holiday.

Under some lucky conditions you can even get the opportunity to take part in master classes given by professional photographers, or to participate in different seminars and flash mobs.

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World Photo Day Facts

The question “When is International Photo Day 2022?” involves a lot of facts. However, have you ever thought whether it is really possible to take this direction as an art? – Let’s discover together.

Due to the large number of means for photography, the passion for photography has become very accessible and too widespread. The average person takes pictures more often than, for example, copies of documents. Without special education, children and adults alike shoot with their own devices, more often than photographers with professional cameras.

Most likely, from the point of view of art, photography is like contemporary music. It all depends on the observer. The listener will appreciate music and no matter how this music will be performed, whether it is a digital piano or an antique grand piano. It’s the same with photography. Artistic photography should provoke associations, evoke feelings and cling to memory.

Photography is art in one case. Not when the one who photographs simply presses the trigger, in the desire to capture the perceived world. It usually happens  when the photographer, wanting to change and create a new world, interprets reality using photography as a means of artistic expression. Looking up our photo albums we like not the masterpieces, but the pictures which help us to feel or to recollect the emotions.


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