World Letter Writing Day

Every year, September 1 is celebrated all over the world Day of writing letterswhich was introduced in 2014 by Richard Simpkin.

Correspondence history

The history of correspondence goes back not just centuries, but millennia. The origin of correspondence is caused by the need to exchange information. The first letters were written and sent only by the military and were popular in Egypt, Persia, and Assyria. Earlier, the transmission of letters “worked” thanks to messengers on foot and on horseback, which in modern times we call couriers. In Ancient Greece, “couriers” covered approximately 10 km per hour. The greatest achievements in the organization of correspondence were achieved by Julius Caesar. He managed to make transportation orderly thanks to the construction of postal stations.

With the advent of technology and the Internet, people communicate and transmit important information through mobile phones, messengers, and e-mail.

The purpose of World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day is an opportunity to take a break from social media and remember the wonders of the handwritten word. It is not necessary to use postal services. Addressees can be close people or friends. Digital media does not provide the same level of personal presence as a handwritten letter.

World Letter Writing Day
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